The Atarxian Sphere

The official index of my characters and concepts.

Character template can be found here.


Main Characters

  • Izaiah • Caelum Atarxia, the Lord of Light.

Locations & Civilizations

  • Luna Island • The Vine Titans' Island.
  • Heliopolis & the Eternals • The Legends of Ancient Egypt.
  • The Xantroa • The Golden Empire of the Nitari.
  • Gods & Magic • The Deities and Etheric Arts of the Xantroa (awaiting construction).
  • The Arzacia • The Shadow Worlds of Apophis (awaiting construction).

The Eternals of Heliopolis

  • (Awaiting reconstruction).

Vine Prime

Locations & Civilizations

Main Characters


A work in progress.

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