Lord Khonshu



Code Name:  Lord Khonshu.
Real Name:  Eshakhin Ra.
Aliases:  Chons (God of the Moon), Monthu (God of Retribution & Vengeance).
Nicknames:  Eshakh, Lunatic.
Relatives:  Lady Amunet (biological mother), Nasakhma (biological father), Lady Reto (wife), Hayrekh (son), Lord Ahramoz (adopted father), Lady Itharis (adopted mother), Aton (adopted brother), Serqet (adopted sister), Anuket (adopted sister), Bastet (adopted sister), Mayet (adopted sister).
Affiliations The Xantroan Empire.
Base of Operations Heliopolis, Earth.
Universe:  Vine Prime.


Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
Identity:  Mythical.
Citizenship:  Citizen of the Xantroan Empire.
Marital Status:  Married.
Occupation:  Astronomer.
Religion:  Zagrieyan Adirochanism (a Xantroan monotheistic religion).


Nature:  Illuminated Nitari/Human Hybrid.
Place of Birth:  Khemet, Earth.
Age:  approx. 5 000 (7 000 BCE - 2 000 BCE, ± 100 years).
Height:  6'1" (185.4 cm).
Weight:  200 lbs (90.7 kg).
Hair:  Black.
Eyes:  Azure.
Unusual Features:  'Wadjet' (blue, glowing facial markings manifesting when Hekai, or powers, are active), semi-corporeal falcon animal spirit.


Born in pre-dynastic Khemet (Egypt) to the Xantroan Lady Amunet and human Nasakhma, Eshakin was orphaned at a young age as his biological parents were murdered.  He would have been killed as well if not for the timely intervention of Anubis, prompting the unidentified killer to escape.  Eshakin was thus adopted by the King of Heliopolis, Ahramoz, and his wife, Queen Itharis.  At age 15, he undertook the Rite of Illumination, becoming the Illuminated Lord Khonshu ('The Wanderer'), gifted with the power of the moon.  In secret, he put a lot of effort into finding his parents' murderer, who had still not been identified or captured.  Khonshu's investigation led to a Xantroan, a self-proclaimed 'god of purity' who fanatically believed in the intrinsic supremacy of the Nitari race, and had been appalled by the existence of hybrid Human/Nitari children.  While Khonshu had contemplated killing the supremacist in revenge, he accepted that having him sentenced exile in Duat was a more appropriate form of retribution. 
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Abilities & Weaknesses

Inherent Powers

  • Regeneration:  Triggered at severe injury, Khonshu (like everyone else of Nitari descent) could lapse into a death-like comatose state, preparing his body for a complete (or mostly complete) regeneration which will often occur hours, or even weeks after the event.  Common side effects of such a regeneration is the development of a new 'Persona', which entails that his appearance, Hekai and animal spirit would have been slightly altered.
  • Telepathy:  All Nitari are capable of low-level telepathy, transmitting (but not broadcasting) messages across a large city, and reading a person's mind with their consent.

Additional Powers

Hekai are the powers gained by Xantroans in their Rite of Illumination.  Khonshu's Hekai were triggered/guided by symbolism and visualization.
  • Tachyokinesis:  Khonshu's primary Heka is the manipulation of tachyons, particles that travel faster than light.  This allows him alter the flow of time, as well as travelling back and forward through it, on various conditions.  He can also teleport.
  • Lunar Magic:  A secondary Heka, Khonshu had a natural aptitude for the Advanced Arts, however the strength of the effects he could manifest (advanced or not) depended on the phase of the moon.  (If he were to visit a planet with multiple moons, he might have become more powerful.)
  • Hydrokinesis:  Ability to telekinetically manipulate water, including heating and freezing.  The magnitude of this ability may be increased when combined with Lunar Magic (mostly for manifesting tide effects) or Tachyokinesis.
  • Animal Spirit:  Khonshu's semi-corporeal animal spirit most commonly assumed the shape of a falcon.


  • Khonshu's power level would decrease in the absence of light and/or water, as well as decrease to the approximate power level of whatever opponent he faced (with exceptions).


  • Silvery armor.
  • A trident through which Khonshu's powers could be channeled/focused.
  • Xantroan Sigil Ring.


Useful Notes:  The picture at the top is not meant to represent the exact likeness of the character, as there is an unfortunate lack of accurate pictures in that regard.
Theme Song:  [Unknown.]
Quotes:  [Unknown.]
Random Facts:  As mentioned in the biography section, 'Khonshu' means 'The Wanderer'.
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