Lady Serqet


Code Name:  Lady Serqet.
Real Name:  Keshakh Rekhae.
Aliases:  Rakiya Ra, Serqet (Goddess of Scorpions & Healing).
Nicknames:  [Unknown.]
Rakiya Ra:  Lord Ahramoz (father), Lady Itharis (mother), Aton (brother), Khonshu (adopted brother), Bastet (sister), Mayet (sister), Anuket (sister).
Keshakh Rekhae:  Unnamed parents and siblings.
Affiliations The Xantroan Empire, unofficial ally of We Are Legend.
Base of Operations Heliopolis, Earth.
Universe:  Vine Prime.


Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
Identity:  Public (to the Xantroan Empire), Mythical (to Earth).
Citizenship:  Citizen of the Xantroan Empire.
Marital Status:  Single.
Occupation:  Doctor, martial arts teacher.
Religion:  Zagrieyan Adirochanism (a Xantroan monotheistic religion).


Nature:  Nitari/Illumination.
Place of Birth:  Heliopolis, Earth (as Rekiya Ra); New Alarna (as Keshakh Rekhae).
Age:  approx. 5500 (as Rekiya Ra), 28 (as Keshakh Rekhae).
Height:  5' 11" (180 cm).
Weight:  155 lbs (70.3 kg).
Hair:  Dark Brown.
Eyes:  Gold.
Unusual Features:  'Wadjet' (glowing facial markings manifesting when Hekai, or powers, are active).


Rekiya Ra was born in Heliopolis, the Xantroan colony on Earth, to King Ahramoz and Queen Itharis.  At age 15, she passed the Rite of Illumination, giving her power over biological matter.  The Khemites (citizen of the Ancient Egyptian Kingdom) worshiped her as Serqet, the goddess of scorpions and healing. 
  At around 2000 B.C.E., a deadly plague spread on Earth, claiming countless lives in the process.  Serqet, using all power she had at her disposal, managed to purge the world from the plague, but died in the process.
Nearly 5000 years later, Keshakh Rekhae of New Alarna was born, and likewise passed the Rite of Illumination at age 15.  She studied the arts of regaining memories and powers from past lives/reincarnations, ultimately developing the power to transform into them.  Discovering her previous life as Rekiya Ra, or Lady Serqet of Heliopolis, she officially reclaimed her ancient title and station with the recognition of the Emperor and Empress, her parents from her previous life.  As the city of Heliopolis was restored on Earth, she began taking an interest in human affairs.
  Recently, she released Izaiah from suspended animation, and cured him from the ancient plague he had been infected with.  Believing he had been punished unjustly by Xantroan authorities (he had been deprived of his ability to use Hekai, for having killed Aton after the latter had surrendered in 1336 BCE), Serqet altered Izaiah's DNA and biological makeup to give him spider-themed powers, so he could continue fight the good fight without Hekai.  She has also suggested to him that she used to know at least one of his past lives, but has refrained from telling him (rather encouraging him to find out himself).

Abilities & Weaknesses

Inherent Powers

  • Regeneration:  Triggered at severe injury, Serqet (like all Nitari) can lapse into a death-like comatose state, preparing her body for a complete (or mostly complete) regeneration which will often occur hours, or days after the event.  Common side effects of such a regeneration is the development of a new 'Persona', which entails that her appearance, Hekai and animal spirit will be slightly altered.
  • Telepathy:  All Nitari are capable of low-level telepathy, transmitting (but not broadcasting) messages across a large city, and reading a person's mind with their consent.


Hekai are the powers gained by Xantroans in the Rite of Illumination, they typically draw their power from the Aether (a universe-spanning energy field).
  • Biokinesis (Life Manipulation):  Serqet has the ability to manipulate biological matter of any sort for a variety of effects; she can alter the genetic and biological makeup of any living thing, most frequently used for healing others' injuries, or to control invertebrates (mostly scorpions).  She cannot produce new lifeforms from nothing, but from the right components (such as the seed of a plant, for instance; which she can also manifest by teleporting it from elsewhere) she can accelerate their growth.
    She has also the ability to supply, alter or remove DNA-based powers and abilities from others, but not spiritual ones (such as Hekai or learned magic).
  • Aerokinesis (Air Manipulation):  Ability to telekinetically bend the element of air (and its components) to her will, for a variety of effects.
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes:  Ability to channel Aether energy throughout her body, increasing her strength, speed, durability and agility, potentially to 400%.  However, this requires conscious effort to maintain.
  • Persona Shifting:  As mentioned above, Nitari Regeneration phases are completed when the person manifests a new 'Persona' (physically, their appearance and DNA are slightly altered; spiritually, their animal spirit and Hekai may be altered; all of these according to the present circumstances).  Serqet has, with intensive training, developed the ability to revert back to previous Personas at will (although a complete shift can not be achieved until she reaches REM sleep).  She has developed the ability further as well, being able to revert back to Personas 'used' by previous Reincarnations/Lifecycles altogether, along with retaining those Lifecycles' memories, allowing Keshakh Rhekhae to transform into her previous life, Rakiya Ra, even though the latter is physically long dead.
  • Animal Spirit:  Serqet's semi-corporeal animal spirit usually assumes the shape of a scorpion.


  • Diseases:  While diseases (bacteria, viruses, etc) tend to fall under the category of the biological matter Serqet is usually able to bend to her will, she is slightly bacteria/germaphobic, rendering her control over such things unstable.  For her to properly cure someone from a disease, she has to be prepared and maintain concentration, otherwise the process can backfire horribly on her.
  • Intoxication:  Inhalation or ingestion of drugs, toxins or other things she knows to negatively affect her state of mind, renders her Hekai useless.


  • Black and golden scorpion-themed armor with metallic, insectoid/dragon-like wings.
  • A double-bladed spear which can also be used to fire energy bolts, fueled by the wielder's own powers.
  • Xantroan Sigil Ring.


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