Lady Isis


Code Name:  Lady Isis.
Real Name:  Nataliel Adorwen.
Aliases:  Sephayet, Isis (Aset; Goddess of Magic, Life & Motherhood), Persephone, Demeter.
Nicknames:  [Unknown.]
Relatives Lord Osiris (husband), Lord Kebros (father in law), Lady Erneuth (mother in law), Lady Nebetet (twin sister), Lord Horus (son), Lord Anubis (nephew/stepson), Lord Ophois (nephew).
Affiliations The Xantroan Empire.
Base of Operations Heliopolis, Earth.
Universe:  Vine Prime.


Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
Identity:  Public (to the Xantroan Empire), Mythical (to Earth).
Citizenship:  Queen of Heliopolis.
Marital Status:  Married.
Occupation:  Co-regent.
Religion:  Monolatristic Azurianist.


Nature:  Nitari / Illumination.
Place of Birth:  Xantro I.
Age:  approx. 12 000.
Height:  5' 11" (180 cm).
Weight:  164 lbs (73 kg).
Hair:  Variable.
Eyes:  Lilac.
Unusual Features:  Shifting hair color; 'Wadjet' (glowing facial markings manifesting when one's Hekai, or powers, are active).
Description:  Isis is tall, has lilac eyes and is tanned but otherwise relatively light-skinned.  She is regarded as conventionally beautiful.  As noted above, her hair color shifts, frequently between various shades of green, blue and gold.  Isis's power aura glows purple, and her clothes (frequently varying between Xantroan regal garb, or winged suit of armor) tend to follow a color scheme of predominantly white, purple, blue and gold.  Her signature weapon is a spear with blades on both ends, which can also be used to channel magic or project energy blasts fueled by her own power.


  Born into the Noble House of Adorwen in the Xantroan Empire many millennia ago, Nataliel (or Lady Isis as she preferred to be called) grew up to be talented in the Aetheric Arts, as was her twin sister, Dunarwei (or Lady Nebetet).  As was common between the noble houses, Isis had an engagement arranged for her; it was her family's wish for her to marry Aluquarron of the House of Arizeph, or Lord Osiris.  While initially unimpressed by the situation her family put her in, Isis did grow to accept the arrangement in time.
  At the Xantroan Imperator's suggestion, Isis volunteered to travel to Earth, one of many worlds meant to be settled by the Empire.  On Earth, Isis was present at the construction of the Golden City, Heliopolis, and fought alongside her fellow Xantroans against the attempted invasion by the Arzacians.  After the Arzacians were driven off, Heliopolis was at peace.  For now.

  Centuries after the initial settlement on Earth, Osiris was betrayed by his own brother, Setekh, who had locked the former into a sarcophagus and conspired to seize Heliopolis.  Isis found Osiris's sarcophagus in Byblos, but before she could open its seal, Setekh discovered them and murdered Osiris with a blade of mystical properties.  The body was then incinerated, the bones scattered across the North of the African continent.  However, having previously learned Osiris's 'spirit name' (the secret name of one's soul, essentially the soul's password), she was able to sense that his soul had not left the mortal existence, which gave her hope that he might be resurrected.  Using the Advanced Arts of the Aether, Isis, Nebetet and Zehuti managed to track the remains of Osiris's skeleton, steal the blade Setekh had used to murder him, and conduct a ritual to resurrect Osiris.  It worked well enough, Osiris's flesh was regenerated, and his soul re-anchored to his body.  Over the next 16 years, Isis and Osiris raised their son, Horus, to fight against the tyranny of Setekh.  Isis also taught Horus the advanced art of using another person's Hekai if their spirit name is known (but also that it is a power one must use very carefully), specifically, Lord Ahramoz (who was otherwise incapacitated at the time), the most powerful Xantroan to ever walk the Earth.  In the end, Setekh was defeated by Horus, and exiled into Duat (an extradimensional space used by the Xantroan Empire as a prison for criminal Illuminateds), and Heliopolis was once again free..for a time.

  After yet another couple of centuries, the Xantroan Aton, son of Ahramoz and Itharis, was exiled into Duat as well.  But somehow, he escaped and took possession of the then current Pharaoh of Khemet, Amenhotep IV, or as he would henceforth be known, Ikhnaton.  From there, he assaulted and imprisoned most of the Xantroans still in Heliopolis, but was unable to take Heliopolis itself.  Isis was one of those who were taken by Ikhnaton, imprisoned into sarcophagi, meant to induce a comatose state on its prisoners.  Isis, with her power over dreams, was able to call for help through time, dragging a potentially capable, if unwilling, young time traveller to their age.  The edge provided by this time traveller, Izaac, proved to be enough to secure the defeat of Ikhnaton by the remaining Heliopolitans, leading to the rest of the prisoners held by the rogue Pharaoh to be freed, Isis included.  Izaac disappeared shortly after he had killed Ikhnaton, using the same weapon that once had been used to kill Osiris.
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In the present, Osiris and Isis have both ascended to the Heliopolitan throne.

Abilities & Weaknesses

Inherent Powers

  • Regeneration:  Triggered at severe injury, Isis (like all Nitari) can lapse into a death-like comatose state, preparing her body for a complete (or mostly complete) regeneration which will often occur hours, or days after the event.  Common side effects of such a regeneration is the development of a new 'Persona', which entails that her appearance, Hekai and animal spirit will be slightly altered.
  • Telepathy:  All Nitari are naturally capable of low-level telepathy, transmitting (but not broadcasting) messages across a large city, and reading a person's mind with their consent. 


Hekai are the powers gained by Xantroans in their Rite of Illumination.  Isis's Hekai are triggered/guided by song, incantations and mantras (the incantations/mantras do not necessarily have effect on their own, they just help her focus her abilities).
  • Advanced Arts:  The Lady of Life's foremost Heka is the power to natural aptitude for the Advanced Arts of the Aether, allowing her to cast spells and conduct rituals for various effects.  Her preferred magical effects include the manipulation of light, fire, water, and vegetative matter.  She also knows how to use powerful and slightly taboo techniques that can let her use someone else's power if she knows their 'spirit name', or even resurrect a person whose soul is still anchored to mortal existence (as it happened with Osiris).
    Her preferred method of casting is the 'Vancian Discipline', which is the art of reserving a set amount (or percentage) of energy (mana, if you will) for a specific effect or type of effects.  These effects, when cast, tend to be extremely difficult to counter since Isis has had the time to properly 'charge' and visualize exactly how the effect is meant to be cast.
  • Semicorporeal Time Travel:  A limited ability, and scarcely used.  She was, however, able to amplify and trigger the time travel abilities of Izaiah, dragging him to her time.
  • Dream Manipulation:  Isis has the ability to enter the dreams of a person, even when they don't exist in the same time as her.  This also grants her a limited ability to trigger and/or amplify others' powers, or otherwise communicate with them in a way that sidesteps conventional telepathy.
  • Animal Spirit:  Isis's semi-corporeal animal spirit most commonly assumes the shape of a kite, which she can also shapeshift into.


  • Intoxication:  Isis's personal standards forbid her from using her powers if she is intoxicated, or otherwise not in total control of herself.


  • Purple, blue and golden kite-themed armor with metallic, feathery wings; alternately dragon-like wings.
  • A double-bladed spear which can also be used to fire energy bolts, fueled by the wielder's own powers.
  • Xantroan Sigil Ring.


Useful Notes:  [Unknown.]
Theme Song:  [Unknown.]
Quotes:  [Unknown.]
Random Facts:  
  • 'Isis' (or 'Aset' in the Egyptian language) means 'throne'.
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