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The Enigma says:

"Peter David said that the Secret Invasion would have no major effects on either She-Hulk or X-Factor."

I hope not. I was hoping there wouldn't even be a tie-in issue.

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Why shouldn't Jarvis?

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I just realised that someone getting off the ship said "is this it?"

That could kind of indicate that he didn't recognise it..

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Does Jamie Madrox count as a minor charcter?

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I agree with you though btw.

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Mr. Fahrenheit says:

"I am going to Agree/Disagree. I like the way they did certin Earth-1610 characters better: -Northstar and Collosus I like much better. -The Shiar and Hellfire club are way cooler. -Jean is better because she doesn't keep resurecting. -Dazzler is not in DISCO!!! -Calisto is finaly interesting again. The people they ****** up: -Nightcrawler is LAME! -Cable sucks. -Cyclops still sucks -Rouge is lame. "

Edit that post and censor it dude.

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I really enjoy reading first class, you've just got to get in the right mind-set to read it. It's not meant to be action-orientated, it's more of an easy read.

I think young X-Men will be good, it's got some cool characters. Prefer the title to 'New'.

Astonishing is basicly just alt universe, if you don't like it just don't read it.

X-Factor has been the best comic out there for a long time, not sure about the addition of longshot but we'll see what happens.

I'd like to see where Uncanny and Legacy (don't like the name) are going, I like Enigma's idea of having the prof X recovery as a mini series. They should both have different teams which only occasionly cross over.

I've been reading Wolverine for a long time, but it's only been any good since Messiah CompleX.

Cable has looked really promising, but the art is really really horrible.

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Post the links to both pages and someone should take care of it.

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obi wan kenobi! says:

"iwan says:
"I wish Bendis would just leave the X teams out of it, they never work well in crossovers. Plus they've got all kinds of stuff going on right now of their own."
well they do have alot of tihngs going on but the thing is they're an integral part of the Marvel U i mean wouldn't it be stupid if mutants don't do crap to prevent the Invasion..I'm sure the X-Men and all X-teams will be important..they will only have one tie-in but they'll be mentioed in the main Secret Invasion book I'm sure"

Looking at the list of issues, there's an X-Factor tie in which I'm gutted about. X-Factor should exist in their own little corner of the Marvel U, I wanted to see them fight Arcade and more of the X-Men's former enemies. Also, where exactly would Wolverine fit in? Because let's face it they won't do it without him. In continuity is he chasing Mystique across the world, or is he leading X-Force? Or is he helping Spiderman in BND?

It wouldn't even be that difficult to make an excuse for keeping them out of it. At the moment, the general public doesn't know about it and noone has any reason to tell the X-Men; as far as Iron Man and the others know the X-Men have disbanded. And X-Force and X-Factor aren't important enough for anyone to let in to the loop.