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Hey Rogue fans, I just want to know your reactions regarding to what Singer did to our favorite character in the upcoming X-Men Movie. Take note! she did not only change Rogue's power but also deleted her scenes in the movie. So what can you say about that?

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@evilvegeta74: yah.. i know right.... especially in one of the episodes of x-men evolution where she go berserk and use other mutant's appearances and powers.... she almost lost her identity and sanity in that episode... but good thing.... professor x is there to help her....

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@AskaniSon295 said:

I would do it like this a part of the movie takes place after The Last Stand X-men movie X-Men being Wolverine,Shadowcat,Rouge,Storm,Iceman,Collossus this configuration or a smaller one (depending on the availabilty of the actors) are in days of future past world and travel back in time to change the future kinda like StarTrek 11. Fight with the First Class shut down sentinnel program before inntiation kill Magneto. Oh and you can also do that thing where they time traveling changed the future but it doesn't change the X-men's memories and than at they end have a combination squad of X-Men to take on apocalypse.

i kinda agree with you on that... i think it will be better if at least 3 or 4 members of the x-men will go back to the past to stop the assassination thingy... coz it will be like the old x-men meets the new x-men... and i like wolverine, with not to much occupying the screen, shadowcat, rogue, which is more sassy and more of a fighter and not the one that we used to see in the first trilogy, storm and colossus will make up the team... or if they really want only one mutant to time travel back to the past... i will like it to be Rogue.... because for me, as a Rogue fan since childhood, i hadn't seen enough Rogue in the first trilogy, because she was treated as a minor or rather, a background character. Yeah, she is the main character in the first x-men movie and I may give exemption to it because it is her starting point of being a mutant. But with the next two films, instead of seeing her grow as a mature mutant who is now able to accept herself and her powers, we see how the creators "murdered" her character and treat as something that is not worthy to be develop. Especially in the X-3 where they cured her instead of letting her join the final battle and kick some mutant butt. I think it is now time for the "Real" Rogue to step up into the big screen. I think it is now time for her to shine and let the moviegoers see the Rogue that we used to know and love. So, why not give Rogue a chance to give justice to her character and let her be the mutant who will time travel back to the past? Since she and shadowcat are at the same level in the X-3. Plus, Anna Paquin also wants to regain her role as Rogue and experience the butt-kicking Rogue that we know. So why not give her a chance? I will be happy to see Anna playing the Rogue in the comics and see her fighting villains and killing evil mutants on the big screen.

I think for me, its kinda early to adopt a storyline like The Days of the Future Past because if we base on the ending of the First Class which I admit was really a good film, there is just too much information that we, the movie goers wants to know. I think they should focus first on that information so that there will be no holes that will left empty.

I prefer the other rumor of the sequel of the First Class which is X-Men: The Brotherhood. So that we will know how did Magneto started the Brotherhood, how did he adopt the name "Brotherhood" and it will really connect to the ending of the First Class where he started to divert from the principles of Charles and started to establish his own group. Also, we can include here who are the first members of the Brotherhood, some emphasis on the development of Mystique and her relationship with Azazel, the slowly acceptance of Beast in his new appearance, the development of Charles to the Charles that we know and how did he accept the codename Professor X, how he cope with his paralyzed body and the official establishment of the Xavier Institute and the X-men. I also want to put Mr. Sinister as the main antagonist and maybe, a means to give way to the introduction of Cyclops in the movie since Mr. Sinister is running after the Summer's blood and also a way to introduce Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the movieverse of X-men.

I think they should prioritize this first before adopting the Days of the Future Past storyline in order to give us more information and more details to the characters of the X-men and how the two groups of mutants: Brotherhood and X-men exist. I think it's better if they would make Days of the Future Past as the third and final movie of the new X-Men trilogy in order to pave way to the new and rebooted x-men universe because they say it is "ambitious", so why not save the best for the last? And other thing, this will connect us to a new set of x-men movie or trilogy, if they are really planning to reboot it, giving the "time travel mutant" a great shock on seeing the great change that happened once he or she alter the past as a means of cliffhanger ending of the movie and also an entry to a new trilogy. Well, this is just my opinion.

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i am a Jean Grey fan too.... she is one of my favorite x-men characters.... the second is rogue...

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@TheWholeDamnShow: im sorry to tell you but Jean is the perfect host for the phoenix. Killing her and then bringing her to life then kill and then bringing her to life again does not say that she is not the perfect host for the Phoenix. Remember, when Jean was brought back again (the one where she now wears a black uniform i forgot what comics that is), the x-men had a doubt that Jean cannot control the Phoenix but as you can see, she handled the Phoenix perfectly well. Her death at the hand of Xorn who was posing as Magneto means that the Phoenix needs to kill Jean because she needs Jean to be reincarnated in the future whenever the world needs her help again. The first death of the Phoenix, as you know, is not the real Jean but rather, the Phoenix who is posing as the real Jean Grey. They found the body of Jean under the Jamaica Bay by the fantastic four. So, the one that the Hellfire Club seduced is not Jean but rather the Phoenix that has out of control because of being attach to darkness. Maybe, her resurrection is in a wrong time that is why she was killed and then live and then killed so many times. Remember, in the Phoenix endsong, Jean said that she is not yet ready to be reincarnated. The problem here is not Jean being not a perfect vessel for the Phoenix because if she is not too perfect for the Phoenix why did she became the White Phoenix of the Crown? The problem here is the Marvel and their writings towards Jean. They're just fooling her around and making her and her resurrection just for fun. Did you get what I mean?

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Well, all i can say is that let's just wait for the event to come and what will happen in the end to see what will be the fate of Hope and the Scarlet Witch, the X-MEN and the Avengers, what is the reason for the phoenix comeback, and will this be signify the comeback of Jean....but first.... there is one question that is left bugging in my mind when I saw the teaser....... why is scott too thin and old? i thought scott should be attractive because of Logan calling him "pretty boy" is it because of thinking too much problems? haha...

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wow!!! i cannot wait for the new teasers to come.....i hope the AvX arc will turn out to be good and interesting....i like how he draws Hope...As for Scott, well.....kinda ok but.....scott should be attractive right?

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@Charmix: ah ok..... w8, the first fallen? are you referring to angel?

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@GREGalicious: as I said to DarkMount1, I am not making a new character, i am just refreshing Jean Grey making all of her aspects as fresh as a new one, but she is still the jean grey that we love and know because of her attitude but only on a new environment, with a new set of origin that is not related to the X-Men and a new set of villains that will call her as her own enemy and not the x-men's enemy and also a new love interest. My ideas are all answered by what if's for example, what if Jean did not join and meet the X-Men and eventually her powers was manifested slowly. What if Jean will have her own solo series where her phoenix powers can be more emphasize and maybe, this new Jean Grey, will be revealed as the reincarnated Jean of the x-men. Did you get it?

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I think the Phoenix force will always be a "she" because look, when the Phoenix force merged with the dead body of Colossus, in an alternate reality, she really took the form of a girl and take note, her appearance really resembles Jean on a metallic form, so, I think, the Phoenix force is really a girl because she is Jean. But i really think Jean will be coming back and it will be sooner or later. I think this is the reason why they made the stories of the x-men worse like dividing the x-men and the decimation thingy so they will have enough reason for bringing her back.

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