Rogue's Phoenix

I'm just wondering... since... Cyclops, Storm (in what if), Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor, Magik, Professor X (base on what i had read in the Phoenix force information here in comicvine), Stepford Cuckoos, Hope Summers, Rachel Summers and Jean Grey (the longest and the most recurring host of the phoenix)....all have already experience to be the host of the Phoenix.... I wonder what will happen if Rogue will also experience to become the next host of the Phoenix.... hmmmm...

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Posted by LoganRogue24

i would love to see that actualy.

Posted by Renegade_X

I would too.

Posted by evilvegeta74

She would go totally insane, no disrespect to the character but she already has a history of being a little bit shaky up stairs. Personally I wouldn't want her to suffer, the Phoenix entity would destroy her mind.

Posted by KDarkholme

I would like to see it in another reality.

Posted by AnnaMarieDarkholme

@KDarkholme said:

I would like to see it in another reality.

Totally :D

Posted by kid Apollo

Wolverine was also possessed by the PF in a story with Spiderman i think. If she could keep it together then it would be cool to see or Phoenixed out

Posted by X711

Hey if Rogue had the Phoenix force she would be AWESOME one yet... She's already use to adapting to other peoples mind and powers. In addition, she's well know in using others peoples powers better than the original host themselves. Honestly I think Rogue is meant for WAY more bigger things than being just one of the host of the Phoenix force. Theres a reason why she can hold other peoples mind and powers. :) She a legacy on her own.

Posted by Ivyphoenix17

@evilvegeta74: yah.. i know right.... especially in one of the episodes of x-men evolution where she go berserk and use other mutant's appearances and powers.... she almost lost her identity and sanity in that episode... but good thing.... professor x is there to help her....

Posted by curly82

I love Rogue, a definite fav of mine however she is not powerful enough to host the Phoenix. Only an Omega Level mutant can host the Phoenix. The White Queen isn't powerful enough either, she protested as much to Cyclops while possessed. Stating it was killing her and she was nothing but a shell.

Posted by BumpyBoo

It would be one of the greatest "What If" issues there ever was :D I would really love to see it, if only hypothetically.

Posted by RoguefanAM

When did it say only an omega mutant could host a Phoenix without it killing them? I don't remember that.

Posted by Blood1991

Got it. In a What If Phoenix Scott killed the Avengers and right before destroying the planet Rogue absorbed his powers leading to a burst of Phoenix Force energy destroying the earth and everyone except Rogue who now holds every memory of every life inside her.

Posted by boob
She had Jean/Phoenix in her mind. Why they never went into that aspect escapes me. 
Posted by EvilCook

If Rogue did host Phoenix force would she be strong enough to absorb Galactus's power?