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i am hoping that peters psyche is still there and will gradually come back it might be fun to watch the doc ock persona wrestle with the parker persona for control

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1) blue beetle is ending but right after he will appear in threshold while static ended so long ago and we have not seen him anywhere

2 )i hated cyborgs old look, his new look is much better but i feel like hes too bulky do you think that they will find a way to make him more streamlined

3) was roy harper intelligent pre new 52 i mean i know he was above average but now he is like a super genius

4) and whats going on with hellion why does it feel like they are destroying his character from the bottom up

5) what do you think of the luther strode series? i just read "the strange talent" and have moved on to the "legend of luther strode" and i can say for a fact i am a hardcore fan i think it would be an amazing movie if ever adapted

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@umi212 said:

I have always wondered why doesn't Hellion talk to Wolverine about getting IronMan to make him some better hands? It never makes sense to me that guys have all these resources and do not use them. He could have went to Mr. Fantastic to help him design better more functional hands. He has access to these great minds even the Beast could help develop better looking hands that look human and functions with his mind. I mean really no one has never thought of this? He is still a teenage boy I thought the adults could have looked out better for him. Just my thoughts.

eff the robitic hands elixer regrew david's heart HIS HEART why cant he fix julians hands

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1)do you think 616 kitty pride will gain the additional powers that ultimate kitty pride and if she already as them how come a 16 year old version of her was able to figure it out while her adult self is clueless

2)if they really do remove peter parker as spider man do you think he will end up wearing the tights again and if so how long do you think it would take

3)i really liked the last two episodes of ultimate spider-man,what do you think and if you enjoyed them do you think they made up for the mediocrity of the series as a whole

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fact is they're all superheroes they should all have the qualities to lead but its more how they gel and work together as team that matters

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i was reading the spidermen series using logic shouldnt mysterio know 616 spidermans identity

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robin v2, tim drake as robin, oooh the runaways, maybe nova and blue beetle would be awesome shows

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its gonna be bulletproof lol