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Okay I'm thinking I will cut Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk.

Cutting Thor because lady Thor... don't really care. Seems like too much of a pr stunt. Cutting Captain America because... if I wanted to read Sam Wilson then I would be buy a Falcon book. I want to read Steve Rogers or someone who at least didn't have their own superhero identity before becoming Cap. The Hulk because... the Hulk never really interested me. And Iron Man... no reason really. I'll probably cave if it ends up being really good. I figure since I won't pick up the rest of these guys I might as well exclude him too... but we'll see. I'll at least see them in the Avengers books anyways. I will read Hawkeye and Black Widow because I enjoy them. Probably my favorite Avengers after Scarlet Witch?

How is Secret Avengers under Ales Kot? If I can cut it I want to but if it is really good then I won't.

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I think what could be really helpful is if someone could break down the main members for each of the Avengers comics I listed above. That would be great!

@itsdaveyj: Have you read much with them?

Not with She-Hulk. I've read a bit of Ms. Marvel.. erm... Captain Marvel... and she always seemed bland and boring to me. The new Ms. Marvel seems fine but her powers are boring and I already have too many titles I'm already interested in over that one.

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From your list, I'd recommend Avengers World and Elektra.

Not from your list, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk.

I actually don't find Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel interesting... at all xD I might be willing to give She-Hulk a try. She never stood out to me though.

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So is Superior Foes a good stand-alone Spiderman comic to read? Will I be knowing the general going-ons for the Spiderman stuff?

And yeah I heard Daredevil was really good... that's the main reason it's on the list.

I will look into the two others as well! Thanks!

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Just a general note since most people are bringing it up: Being exclusively Marvel is a temporary situation only. The plan is to start with Marvel and eventually whittle things down to where I'm following maybe... 10 series? From there I will branch out and start incorporating comics from other companies. I just didn't want to overwhelm myself with all these different potentially interesting series.

I'll look into Moon Knight as he has always intrigued me. I love his design. But I'll probably wait until the creative team changes and check and see if it is still worth getting.

As for Spiderman... I'm mainly looking for just one title to read. Just to know what is going on with the character and whatnot. I like to stay on top of what's going on at least.

I was hoping to be able to cut down on some titles but you all are adding to my list!! xD There's so many good titles out now O_O

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Hey all! So I had been reading comics steadily for a while but for the past year once I graduated school and was working odd jobs with low pay I had to put comic books on hold. But now I've got a decent job and am looking to start reading again! I was hoping to get some opinions on the comics I'm interested in (Should I pass on it or is it worth it?) and suggestions for any comics I may have overlooked.

For the moment I am planning on only reading Marvel. My list already seems too big with just one company as it is. I do currently read Wonder Woman but I figure a good stopping point (for now) will be the end of Azzarello's run. I may come back to it eventually when I cut down my pull list even more and/or budget for DC titles. Anyways, here's my list! And yes I know how influenced by the movies I am xD

Avengers - Jonathan Hickman: Seems like the flagship title to go with. I enjoyed the initial titles enough to give it another shot.
New Avengers - Jonathan Hickman: Seems like a good companion for the other Avengers titles.
Avengers World - Jonathan Hickman: Rounds out the Hickman trifecta.
Secret Avengers - Ales Kot: Apparently the series started over at #1 recently... is it any good?
Superior Iron Man - Tom Taylor: Hasn't come out yet but I figured this would be a better starting place than trying to catch up with Gillen's run. Besides, the reviews I've seen haven't been to ecstatic about Gillen's run. Plus I wasn't crazy about his Young Avengers run.
Captain America - Rick Remender: I'm really unsure about this. I tried reading Uncanny Avengers and HATED it. It's written by the same guy so I'm thinking of giving this a pass until a new writer takes over?
Thor - Jason Aaron: Not sure if I would be better off reading the older issues with Thor or waiting for lady Thor and starting there. Also not totally sure about Aaron... I didn't enjoy his Wolverine and the X-men run. It wasn't the worst I ever read but... I thought it was pretty bad. But I thought his short-lived Amazing X-men run was decent.
Hulk - Mark Waid: Never been too into the Hulk but I figured I might give him a try? Plus Mark Waid writes that Daredevil series and from what I hear it is really good.
Hawkeye - Matt Fraction: I think I'm 90% sure I'll try this out. It seems to be getting rave reviews.
Black Widow - Nathan Edmondson: I'm really interested but I've never heard of the writer before. Thoughts?

All-New X-men - Brian Michael Bendis: I enjoyed the initial titles well enough. Although Bendis can be hit or miss...
Uncanny X-men - Brian Michael Bendis: Same as above.
X-men - Marc Guggenheim: Was really disappointed by Wood's run. Hoping this will be better? I think I'll give it 2 or 3 issues as a trial and then decide from there.
Storm - Greg Pak: 100% getting this. Thought the first issue was great!
Magneto - Cullen Bunn: 100% getting this. I've been enjoying it immensely so far.

Amazing Spiderman - Dan Slott: Haven't read a Spiderman title in a while. Is it worth it?
Daredevil - Mark Waid: I've heard good things but I've never read a Daredevil title before. Thoughts?
Elektra - Haden Blackman: Never read Elektra stuff before but she has always intrigued me. Plus the art is amazing! Thoughts?

I did recently try Amazing X-men and I thought the first 6 issues by Aaron were enjoyable but once the writers changed I hated it and dropped it. Nightcrawler's solo just read too... old-timey for me. I respect what Claremont has done but I'm just not that into that sort of writing... at least for now. I figured I'd pass on anything Wolverine since he is dying soon. Also passing on all the X-force and X-factor titles... although I do like Psylocke. Overall I think I might have too many Avengers titles and I'm unsure about the last 3. X-men has always been my wheelhouse so I think I'm fine getting all those titles.

So please let me know your thoughts! I appreciate any help.

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Straight. And this is coming from a gay man so no I'm not a homophobe xD

I've talked about it a lot before and I'm too lazy to type it all up again so I'm just going to repost something I posted on CBR on this issue.

"Anyways, I would prefer Yukio and Storm to remain friends. But if they decide they want to explore that relationship more, then they should be friends who's relationship is always... eyebrow raising. An example of the sort of vibe that would work is that 2 female friends of mine were considering a threesome with this guy (no I'm not saying Storm should be having threesomes lol). One of the girls identifies as bisexual, but the other girl identified as straight. But the type of friendship she has with the bisexual girl made it so she was comfortable enough to consider the idea. I think that sort of dynamic of "Well she identifies as straight but it's not quite that simple." would be more interesting. I wouldn't mind Storm being open to the idea of being with a woman, but ultimately she knows that if she is looking for a lifelong commitment with a fulfilling sex life then she would need to be with a man. I think that would be a more interesting angle that isn't explored as much since we tend to like to simplify people's sexuality as gay, straight, or bi sometimes. I think it could be interesting to have the two characters acknowledge that there is some sort of chemistry there but ultimately coming to the conclusion that Storm would have a more fulfilling relationship with a man. That's how I would like to see it unfold IF they decide to go that route.

But like I've said before... part of me really hates how women in leadership positions always have their sexuality questioned. I think it would be equally as valid and powerful for a strong feminist leader character like Storm to affirm her heterosexuality without having to put down anybody who is a lesbian or is bisexual and is a woman in a position of leadership. Sort of like when some ignorant person asks a feminist, "Does that mean you're a lesbian?" and the response is "No. Not that there would be anything wrong with it if I was."

Plus even beyond that... we keep talking from Storm's perspective. If I was to be proven wrong and she is bisexual then that still doesn't mean she and Yukio would last. Yukio herself doesn't seem like the type who would want to work at a long-term monogamous relationship. That's more of Storm's wheelhouse. She's willing to put in the work if she believes it is worth working for. So while Storm may be interesting in developing a romantic relationship with Yukio... I feel like Yukio would be more of "Let's enjoy it while it lasts but no promises. If I meet someone else who piques my interest then I'm going to go be with them. I'm not going to chain myself down to one person for the rest of my life. Relationships should be fun, not hard work.""

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Ouch. I think Lupita would make a great Storm actually. I still would prefer someone a bit more like Angela Bassett and Kerry Washington could also be acceptable.

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I don't think I would have selected it as the BEST comic book of 2013 but I'm certainly glad it is getting that recognition. I have issues with some of the pacing of the book and for me that warrants not earning 1st place but as a Wonder Woman fan I am ecstatic she is getting critical praise.