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The second act is coming soon...

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Hi everybody,

Some of you know, I'm doing a DC fancomic; and I found out these great redesigns by a comicvine user that goes by Satansunday; I'd love to have this designs making cameos in the comic, but he hasn't been active lately and didn't reply to a PM I sent him a couple of months ago. Does anyone know another way to reach him?

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Guys, just updated with our new version of the cover, this time in a great vintage DC style!

Also changed the pages to large size for easier reding.

id love t join

Where can I see some of your work?

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@bumpyboo said:

@iskander: You're very welcome! Hope you do post some more, will be looking forward to that :D

Thanks again! And don't worry, I've posted the first act of 6 pages already, but we are in the middle of the inking/coloring for the next one, so it shouldn't be so long until we have more pages.

@iskander: Hey that's some really neat stuff, are you the writer? An artist?

I'm the writer and do some other stuff like adding the titles and building the credits page, so I guess I'm the editor too :)

This is why I love fan comics: they know what the fans want XD

You know how it is, if they don't give you what you want, then it's up to you to make it happen =D

@xwraith said:

This is a fancomic? I've seen official comics that don't look as good as this!


Thanks a lot guys, that's one of the best compliments we could get :)

By the way, we are looking for artists that would like to join us for the coming acts, so if aybody is interested, just send me a PM ;)

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@bumpyboo: Oh, that's great, thanks! And I'm really glad to get your comment too, I was starting to think nobody had liked this here ^^

Anyway, I'll add the rest of the pages right away!

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Hi everybody, I'm pretty much new around here, but wanted to share a fancomic I've been doing with a group of great artists; I'm not sure if this should go here or at fanfiction, so feel free to move it if that's the case.

I'm putting the first act (6 pages) online this week, one page a day, and today was the turn of page 3, so here is what's online already:

Story - Juan Pablo Osorio

Line art - Alvaro Murga

Colors pages 1-2 - Ponyraptor

Colors pages 3-6 - Henrique Cordeiro

Letters - Franco Villa

Batman pin-up - Grigory Kosenko & Henrique Cordeiro

Cover - Jovi Neri & Henrique Cordeiro

Variant vintage cover - Jovi Neri

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Hi, my name is Juan Pablo Osorio, I'm new to the forums, and I'm looking for artists interested in working on a fancomic project I'm writing; this is totally fanbased and not a paid project by the way, but may interest some of you guys:

Whatever Happened to New Earth? will be set during the final days of the pre-reboot DC universe, and feature several characters from the old continuity, including lost fan favorites like Wally West and Donna Troy. My goal is to give a proper ending to the old DCU, and maybe something more; I'm looking for pencillers, inkers and colorists that would like to collab on it. If you are interested, or want more details about this, just send me a PM with a link to samples of your art.

In the meantime check out the first two pieces developed for the project, the redesigns for Donna Troy by Mic Magtanong ( ) and the mysterious Starman by Alvaro Murga ( )

Note: if this isn't the right forum to post this, please let me know.