Ultimate X-Men 1-6

The second Ultimate series was entertaining with some little flaws. I didn't know that it was written by Mark Millar but it somehow made him look less appealing as an author to read for me. I loved "Civil War" but I already only liked "The Ultimates (Vol.1)" and it feels like Ultimate X-Men goes in a similar direction. Meaning there's lots of action, lots of coolness, lots of good action movie moments, but not much to think about and not much to feel but excitement and suspense. I liked the first arc, I really did, especially the evilness of Magneto in the last issues and some of the action moments were amazing. But it never captivated me the same way Bendis' first "Ultimate Spider-Man" arc did. The supposedly cool dialogue turned me off from the start but I got used to it. Some story elements seemed questionable to me, especially Wolverine's sudden change of mind which felt really forced. Maybe there will be some explanation later on (also for Charles Xavier's mysterious last words in the issue), but as it is, it didn't work for me.

Still, I like the concept and the changes. It's a very entertaining comic book but especially with the X-Men I wonder if it couldn't be more. Especially from a writer who showed with Civil War that comics can be more than just action poses.

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