Batgirl (Vol.2)

Reading something without context can sometimes be worse than you'd think. The 6-issue miniseries about Batgirl, seen as Vol.2, doesn't do anything for me. I haven't read anything yet from the same era and that must be one problem. This series feels completely like a bridge between stuff that happened before and stuff that will happen later (I mean, the last panel with the RIP shadow... not subtle). So, one the one hand I felt really lost. On the other hand, the creators seemed to be aware of this, so the first two issues are basically nothing else but background information. They tell the reader everything that happened to Cassandra Cain before. This must be annoying for longtime readers and is not really helping new readers because it's simply too much information that is just given in dialogue, so it's hard to really imagine it without having actually read it. And the story itself is not really appealing anyway. Lots of killer girls, bickering between Batpeople, lots of fights and a showdown. Nothing seemed really exciting or relevant. The art made things worse because it's not nice to look at, no interesting facial expressions, boring colors.

This obviously was not something for me. Strangely, this happens much more with DC comics than with Marvel comics. DC, to me at least, more often seems to be a bit sloppy with their comics, not trying to put too much effort in them. But maybe I just got a wrong impression by picking the wrong comics.

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