Amazing Spider-Man 519-524 / Ultimate Spider-Man 1-7

I wanted to read some more Spider-Man and so I did, with different results.

Amazing Spider-Man 519-524

I had a similar feeling here than with the first part of the Dark Reign-storyline "American Son". It's okay, but nothing more. It's not as funny as (remember, I don't know many Spider-Man comics yet) "Spider-Men" or "Avenging Spider-Man" or his appearances in the New Avengers. Sometimes, I found the jokes rather silly and embarrassing. Also, the idea of having some HYDRA versions of the Avengers is actually very good, but the execution is quite lame, especially because their real-life counterparts can beat without a problem. And the allusions to Bucky and Captain America with the rocket were just stupid, in my opinion. All in all, my respect/interest for JMS comics is not high after having only read this and "BW: Nite Owl". But I'll read more anyway.

Ultimate Spider-Man 1-7

This is also part of my plan to read all Ultimate Comics chronologically and since these were the first, it fit well into my Spider-Man urge. I liked these issues and their origin story a lot. They were fun, exciting and still interesting. I don't like the art very much but could enjoy it nevertheless (and I have to get used to it anyway for the next 100+ issues). One minor bit that bothered me was how fast Peter became the joke-cracking guy especially since his transition to a crimefighter comes from a tragic and traumatic event. "I'll make right for you, Uncle Ben, and I'll do so while starting to find good punchlines." Anyway, I'm looking forward to read more of this. Bendis, in my opinion, rarely writes an uninteresting comic.

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