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@pyrogram: I remember something about both his mother and sister being very ill (not in the hip hop way ;)) at the time so naturally, he took offense. LMAO Suarez is a social degenerate.

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@pyrogram: LOL neither can I. I'll wait a couple of minutes before I try reposting to see if it's another issue.

Something about his mother or sister or both.

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@impero: @myrmidon_:

The tangible tension between both Myrmidon and Shiho was not beyond Ishin's perception. He simply chose not to acknowledge. It was not a priority. And therefore warranted none of his attention. Avenging Alianette, and being one of the three architects behind Milo's death was now his greatest priority. The theatrical manner in which Myrmidon agreed to partake in their collective attempt on Milo's life garnered a taciturn nod from the White Lotus. A daughter of a former Impero, the sister of the clan's current Impero, and one of the most extraordinarily gifted individuals to ever learn the martial doctrine of the Keijijo, Alianette would be awarded a proper funeral and burial in accordance to the clan's customs. With a quiet gesture of the head, Ishin instructed both his daughter and their unlikely comrade to follow behind.

Transferring responsibility of Alianette's corpse to one of the less martially skilled, and more spiritually inclined Elders until the commencement of her funeral, the Keijijo Dragon paused his steps, turning to meet the mute gazes of the gathered clansmen. "My daughter", his deep, resolute voice began, addressing all encompassing him, "One of your own, Ali-chan, has been taken from us", there was an uncanny composure with which he conducted himself, his self-control, even for one so grief-stricken was without peer. The younger generations as do the elder statesmen of the clan, will know never to question Ishin's mastery of self, his fortitude, and his strength, his was a disposition that could never be broken. "Her honor was violated just as she herself had been violated", he need not elaborate beyond necessity, and so, a declaration was made, one that they were all to follow, his word was law, the lion's roar was never to be questioned by the deer.

"Milo Archer is the culprit", Ishin paused, the enigmatic shadow over his upper features cast by his conical Asian straw hat concealed the indignation in his eyes, and despite his audible composure, his refusal to address his former disciple's name with honorifics was the ultimate disrespect, his 'controlled' manner of publicly expressing his disgust and hatred for the boy. "He perverts our teachings. Pretends to be as we are. And dons an Impero Mask as inauthentic as his status as a Keijijo. He is not one of us", he paused. "From this day, he is not to set foot inside this monastery. He is to be killed on sight. He is not welcome here. That boy is not Keijijo. He will never be Keijijo". Again gesturing towards Shiho and Myrmidon, he led the way to his own personal quarters where tactics for the upcoming confrontation were to be discussed.

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@myrmidon_: @impero: (Of course not, you're my number one pick to help me burn this place ;) Also, I'm linking these two posts together cause I don't feel like writing two)

The second of Shiho's incandescent, energy-based illustration, an encounter between her and her estranged sister, Alianette, served it's purpose in enlightening the White Lotus with respect to his missing daughter's psychological disposition. She seemed... broken, no longer the host to the stubborn willpower and audaciousness that had once piqued even his irritation. The continuing mention of Milo and the revelation of his culpability in Alianette's present mental and emotional stability had finally awarded something his former disciple something the boy had once so laboriously sought to achieve. Relevance in the eyes of the Grandmaster. "Hmm". Shifting his gaze and meeting Shiho's eyes, Ishin found her aura of infantile haughtiness not to be a source of annoying, but found it strangely adorable.

His countenance however, would reveal no such sentiment. His stoic visage would remain, and remain it did, even in the unanticipated event of a received telepathic message from the Arcani Exile himself, Myrmidon. "He is here. Myrmidon". This was an opportune moment for Shiho to rectify her missed chance to bring about her nemesis' death. "Come". Stepping outside, the sun's warm rays would soon give way to the pelting snow and frigid climate of the monastery's outskirts as the archaic complex's grandiloquent gates parted open. Stepping into the snow-kissed domain of the esoteric abode's external encompassment, the Death Dealing Deva's sharp, predatory eyes set on Myrmidon's towering figure prior to lowering to the stiffened, pallid body of his dearest Yin-Yang Prodigy, Alianette. Having intercepted the Vespa Vanguard's entrance into the monastery, the White Lotus harbored no other intention but to slay he who had attacked Shiho.

Myrmidon's aura however, exuded no discernible hostility. But it was the detected remnants of Milo's biophysical energies in Alianette that drew his left hand away from his uchigatana's hilt. An expression of taciturn alarm fell upon his stoic features as he approached, transposing his daughter's lifeless frame from Myrmidon's arms to his own. Cradling the body not unlike one would a newborn baby, there was only sorrow in the father's eyes as he gazed upon Alianette's motionless features. Steadily, a lump settled in his throat, and though he cried no external tears, his internal wailing would not cease. Guilt over his favoritism of Shiho overcame him, a fragment of himself had been torn from him. And his own words echoed in his mind with haunting cruelty, 'A father should never outlive his child'. He fell silent, not the silence that others have come to attribute to his quiet confidence, his arrogance in silence, the former Impero was truly at a loss for words.

Had this been Myrmidon's doing, the Keijijo Dragon would have imparted every ounce of energy of his being into attempting to cut the extraterrestrial down where he stood. But he didn't, because he knew. This was Milo's doing. Shiho's energy-based illustrations, and the ethereal remnants of Milo's biophysical essence, there need not be more evidence. Milo was the culprit behind Alianette's rape, and the cause, direct or indirect, of her death. Had Alianette not taken the life of her own child with her, Ishin would have surely eviscerated the infant, he would not have his family line violated by Milo's blood the way his daughter had been violated. And in that moment, he felt it. All of it. The impact of losing his own child, yet another betrayal from a former disciple, that Milo had the audacity to commit this rape, gradually Ishin's sorrow gave way to a scorching fury. He was angry, so angry that the carnage he intended to subject Milo to could not be humanized.

The snow around him halted it's descent. It was suspended in the gelid air by the invisible, but powerfully emanating metaphysical pressure from his frame as the snow-covered ground rippled all about him, and as his eyes flashed with a luminous blue, for a millisecond, Ishin had offered a glimpse of his once monstrous power. "Avenge her with me", he asked, addressing both Shiho and Myrmidon, "Help me kill that pathetic pretender", his words dripping with rage as his eyes saw only a mist of red.

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@pyrogram: I laughed my ass off at that ish ;)

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LMAO, we'd run out bronze and copper trying to build with a statue with the balls that this nino has.

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Internally, the White Lotus was pleased with Shiho's readiness to assist him in avenging his own death. Though a buried fragment of himself, one harboring the quiet fury he has long kept shackled spoke to him, reminding him that at one point he envisioned himself, alone plucking the eyes from his father's cranium. Perhaps in the minutes following his past resurrection, this was all that the Death Dealing Deva desired, to exact his vengeance on his own. Yet as he gazed back into his daughter's expectant eyes, his visage betraying no discernible emotion but mystifying calmness and iconic stoicism, he was awarded a perpetual reminder.

That his death left her just as indignant and irate as it had him, and it was because of this personal impact that the Arcani Apogee mutely expressed that Ishin dispelled all qualms he may have once had with embracing her assistance. And for a moment, as they agreed to unit as an unstoppable juggernaut craving vengeance, he experienced a genuine familial connection, and for a fleeting second, the corners of his mouth edged upwards into a subtle smile. One that yielded to the emergence of dismissive indifference at Shiho's mention of Milo. As far as Ishin was concerned, his former disciple was an irrelevant entity he couldn't care less for. Lions attribute no importance to the bothersome fly. And so, he did not even acknowledge his former pupil's name or existence.

Alianette's name however, and her apparent desire to die was what warranted his attention. "Why does she want to die?", he inquired, that he did not respond with a yes or no was indicative of his concern regarding the matter. He favored Shiho, but Alianette was still a child of his. Perhaps she was in need of guidance. "She should live. A father should never outlive his child", was not supportive of Ali's supposed choice.

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Finally done with this mof'n bio and I must say that I am pleased with myself ;P