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A lifetime observation from the former Impero discerned the 23rd Strigidae's competent approach regarding her flaunted defensive blood-bending. Quickly however, Ishin's analytical efforts were halted, a pulverizing force blasting into his liver, vehemently rupturing the organ. Hunching over in immediate pain, his body dropping, balance maintained only by knees braced against the grassy landscape. Combating the natural instinct to panic, the Martial Messiah remained collected, struggling to resist the impairing pain as he diverts the bulk of his biophysical energy, his chi into his abdominal region, infusing an engrossed quantity into his liver. And though not healed, the momentary ethereal fortification would enable him to continue.

Lamely rising to both feet, his features still ceaselessly expressionless, his previous winces and gritting teeth replaced by his usual emotionless visage. Thrusting one his open left palm forward, curling his fingers, the Keijijo Prophet seeks to lower the temperature of his pupil's blood, intent on rendering her movements sluggish, somewhat stripping her off her optimum reaction time, disabling her from performing fortifying blood-bending hand gestures, and weakening her defensive technique. Chaining the subtle attack with a rigid twist of his right wrist, his hand clawed as he seeks to contort and twist Ivana by the limbs and by the joints. Relying on a non-lethal approach to test her defensive technique against a sequential blood-bending assault.

Impaired by his ruptured liver, chi-based fortifications failing with every passing second, Ishin pants, dropping again to a single knee before calmly declaring, "I concede". Pain once again viciously stinging his internally damaged midsection.

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Quickly, the former Impero hunches forward in evident agony, the fluids and blood around his esophagus threatening to crush the muscular tube with offensive blood-bending fervor. Clenching both hands and jerking his lead one forward, while pulling his rear hand back two inches, he seizes control over his internal fluids, assuming a defensive stance, eyes meeting Ivana's before pulling with his fingers, as if manipulating immaterial strings.

Rigidly moving his hands as he does so, abrupt explosiveness governing their performance, Ishin seeks to weakly disturb the blood supply to the 23rd Strigidae's brain, intent on inducing a mild stroke, but not more so than to assess her defensive blood-bending. For now, he assaults with no follow-up, defending against compound attacks were among the final of blood-bending lessons.

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'I'm ready'. The 23rd Strigidae's bold words resonated in the cool air without interruption, drawing a subtle, almost nonexistent upwards curl of the mouth on Ishin's sharp, poised features, in three-hundred sixty seven years he had not been blood-bent. Tamely removing his conical straw hat, resting it over his sheathed uchigatana atop a gargantuan rock, the former Impero calmly positions himself four feet from the Arcani Mamba. Taciturnly meeting her eyes with collected earnestness, the Keijijo Prophet tamely inhales, internally gathering his chi to the center, accumulating it prior to exhaling, and dispersing an invigorating charge of his biophysical energy across every corner of his body, readying himself to be blood-bent.

"Begin", he instructed, calmly raising both arms, positioning them not unlike a puppeteer does when controlling a marionette. Ready not only to defend against Ivana's impending blood-bending assault, but to subsequently assess his temporary pupil's defensive blood-bending.

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Quietly observing Ivana's progress, Ishin's eyes remained transfixed on the radical Strigidae's hand movements, taking note of the lack of refinement in her form. And as she was now being tasked with practicing on larger and stronger animals, an appropriate blood-bending form would be required. "Stop", the former Impero instructed, tamely tossing his uchigatana atop an elevated patch of vegetation. "You'll now be tasked with blood-bending larger animals. Without a good form, you will fail", he bluntly pointed out. Demonstrating, the Keijijo Prophet seized control over a peregrinating jaguar-bear amalgamation's bodily fluids.

Performing abrupt, rigid hand movements, not unlike those of a puppeteer controlling a marionette, he levitates and contorts the mammal's body prior to relinquishing it from his control as it fled. "Use your hands. Move them in a dynamic but rigid and focused manner. You are the puppet-master, and your victims are your puppets. Picture your chi manipulating theirs as the strings you use to move your puppets. Practice on three creatures, make sure each is larger than the last and use those hand movements. They will fortify your technique. Do not stop until you feel like you are ready to practice on me".

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"Good". Though his voice was collected, audibly poised, tame, disinterested almost, Ishin's contentment with Ivana's progress was sincere. "Now we go seek out something bigger for you to practice on. Eventually, we will reach the point where you must practice on me, someone who can defend against such a technique". Certain that the 23rd Strigidae would follow as he leads, the Keijijo Messiah gathered his items, his conical Asian straw hat hanging over his chiseled back, his uchigatana's sheathed blade firmly held by his left hand's grip as he ventured deeper into the forest. Coolly leaning against a thick tree trunk, positioning his straw hat over his chest, the former Impero's scintillating eyes peered forward, transfixed on a neighboring amalgamation of a goat and boar.

These uncharted, metaphysically enriched regions of the world bore the strangest of creatures. The mythical beast was not startled, it fed on the encompassing vegetation with a nonchalant bravado in their presence. Gesturing towards the creature with his head, Ishin waited. "Constrict it's movements. Do so with every creature of a similar size that we will encounter until I tell you not to".

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Indulging in a succinct moment of atmospheric silence, his sharp, uniquely colored eyes recognizing the concentration and dedication with which Ivana governed herself, Ishin began. "For those of us gifted with the ability to manipulate water, we can use it to control our own bodily fluids, as well as the opponent's", he paused, "But for those who can't, we had to learn. To meditate and mold our chi into something malleable, into something that would allow us to replicate what the others can do. But not with water. But with blood, and all of our adversaries' bodily fluids". With the patient disposition of a spiritual hermit, Ishin held out his left palm, and inches above it's flesh, a sphere of azure translucence formed. "This is chi. Dwell deep into the pools of your consciousness and find that immaterial faculty that empowers your very being, your spirit".

"Upon doing so, harness it, control it and use it as a means to access the chi of others". Shooting a glance towards the small fish inhabiting the lake, he instructed, "Use your stronger chi to gain access to the chi of those fish. Once you have done so, through their chi you can control their bodily functions. Their bodily fluids. You are fairly intelligent, Ivana-san", he pointed out, "I know you know what you can do with blood-bending other than constricting the body of your foes. Practice on the fish first, then as you develop your skill, we will begin practicing on larger, and more powerful animals".

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Andres Knightfall? One of two Knightfall brothers to have come to Reisho seeking the former Impero's tutelage. Disinterested, though not ignorant of the present tensions developing between mutant-kind and humanity, Ishin had opted to remain largely isolated from the globe. Unconcerned with how or what Ivana intends to use a potential blood-bending skill-set for, the Martial Arts Prophet speaks as his steps continue, leading his amiable acquaintance to an outdoor training area of greater privacy within the monastery's walls. "Hm... I see". Words short, his voice temperate and composed, Ishin continued, venturing deeper into the monastery's more uncharted territories. The greenery and surrounding flora growing thicker and denser, the rustling of surrounding vegetation and leaves brushing against their frames permeated through the air.

Towering trees casting cooling shadows over them as fallen branches, plants, and grass were crushed under the force of his wooden geta. "Who destroyed your gauntlets?", he inquired prior to coming to a gradual halt before an expansive lake several feet from them. The water's ethereal properties designed to spiritually enlighten and facilitate one's comprehension and aptitude in learning and subsequently mastering the art of blood-bending. "Get your feet into the water", he instructed, seating himself atop a neighboring rock of elephantine physical dimensions. Setting his uchigatana on his right, the former Impero tamely removes his conical Asian straw hat, resting it inches from the uchigatana's right. "These waters will help you better reach the metaphysical pool within you to learn blood-bending".

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It had been a long time. My second climb was no climb at all. The shadows carried me in the arms of eidolon kings. Khaba was my guide.

Fog billowed away and revealed me, kneeling, one fist pressed into the snow. I rose and strode toward the gates.

The cold had nearly slain me my last visit. Now it barely bothered me, though my old suit was gone and my new suit was nothing but fabric. Times changed and so did I.

Roaming the archaic monastery's interior, his tall, impeccably sculpted frame garnished with a midnight-blue men's kimono festooned by a black lining on the sleeves, his traditional attire's outer edge bound together by a bedecking dark blue sash, feet adorned in thick, beige geta that crush the soft, cut grass beneath them. His sheathed uchigatana securely dangling from the left side of his waist, the sheathe's stylistic artistry and aesthetic Japanese kanji drawing the wonderment of the encompassing clansmen as they practiced their techniques, read their scrolls, or rested atop the florally-embellished greenery. A conically shaped, Asian straw hat casting an enigmatic shadow over his upper facial features, ambient sunlight rendering only the tip of his nose and mouth visible, further endorsing the Martial Arts Prophet's inherent mystique.

Approaching the grandiloquent gates of his monastery, the traditionally designed points of entry yielded before Ishin's spiritual presence, every step of his commanding them to open, and open the gates did. Emerging, and exposing himself to the starkly different, wintry environment of Reisho's outskirts, the former Impero found himself pelted by feverish snowfall, the darkening grey skies above limiting visibility, the frigid precipitation worsening, foggy winds blowing across the hyperborean atmosphere. Yet he remained unmoved. Thousands of years of his life here, and Ishin had grown effortlessly accustomed to it's unwelcoming climate. He offered Ivana no words, no greeting. Though his features remained shadowed, his uniquely hued, predatory eyes met the 23rd Strigidae's. And as the silence settled, it was soon broken.

"Ivana-san", the deep, cool registers of his voice uttered, his breath visible in the unforgiving cold. Respectfully bowing before his friend and former ally, the Martial Messiah gestured that she follow behind him as his steps turn to lead them into the nurturing walls of the Reisho Monastery.

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Undisturbed in his profound slumber, and unaware of Lady Naamah's spiritual peregrination to the immaterial planes of esoteric fanaticism, Ishin's self-induced lucid dreaming alleviates his mental stress, readying the Keijijo Prophet for the impending battle come morning. With temporal gradualness came morning, but the sun did not shine, the encompassing geological encasement of mountainous rock shielded the monastery from the star's solar incandescence. It had never been a requirement for the Keijijo, their ethereal awareness, so intrinsically intimate with the energies of nature, alerted them of day, of night, of weather alterations and the like. Awakening, Ishin temperately erects his back, the corner of his sharp, uniquely flushed eyes catching sight of bed's other side, Naamah absent from it.

Coolly, he reaches for the handwritten note rested atop the Rubicund Goddess' pillow. With Naamah's absence explained by the note, the Martial Arts Messiah readies himself. Bathing prior to adorning himself in appropriate combat attire, arming himself with his enchanted silver uchigatana, and iconic broad and flat sword, Hansha, it's bandaged form hovering a mere inch from Ishin's back by the command of some unknown, archaic magnetic force, the influence of Keijijo Geijutsu symbols in truth. Gathering the collections of weapons, amulets and whatnot, Ishin presents the items before the valorous Keijijo Elite, awarding them their weapons based on individual specialization, all the while instructing the battle-tested warriors in their tactically issued tasks come battle. "Fire. Those creatures fear it. Use Fire Yoso to deter them from approaching and charging forward. And as they are flustered, capitalize on the opening and butcher them with these silver blades".

Subsequently awarding them their amulets and additional enchanted items while he too festoons himself with some, Ishin continues, "Do you understand? The strategy is simple. Do not rush in with reckless intent", he warned, the deep registers of his commanding yet cool voice echoing as they nod with expressed obedience. "Good. Let us go". He sought not to create any openings in the mountain for their emergence, the covered hole would remained to shield the less battle-worthy clansmen from their opposition. Instead, the Esoteric Elitist teleports his forces and himself above, to a concealed Keijijo Geijutsu Kunai buried in several inches of snow. The gelid winds bombard them, a violent snowstorm peppering them with frigid precipitation, the sky darkened by the hazardous climate. "There. Several meters ahead they lie".

Footslogging across the difficult, snowy landscape, the Keijijo pause, assuming their tactical positions as the Wendigos approach with an insatiable hunger and undeterred ferocity. "Now!", Ishin shouts, the Keijijo Elite complying, their palms thrusting forward, their metaphysical powers summoning a towering, looming wall of scorching azure flames, the conflagration halting the violently geared beasts. Unsheathing his silver uchigatana as his followers do the same with their weapons, Ishin darts forward, executing his stylistic brand of transitionally fluid, and pacey swordplay, speedily cutting down the enemy along with the Keijijo Elite as war commences.

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"Naamah-chan", Ishin began, voice still hushed, still conveying a comforting, loving tone, "I won't presume to understand how painful this must be for you", he admitted, his embrace still affectionate as his arms held her close, "I never knew any of my parents. Mother, no. And my father, well.. I met him once but that is a story for another day".

"But she will not be upset with you forever. Of that I know. Please don't cry", he smiled softly, intimately meeting her eyes, genteelly wiping the flooded tears from her eyes, warmheartedly pressing his lips against her forehead with an assuring, feather-light kiss. Complying with her suggestion regarding rest, he nodded prior to breaking their embrace, "Then let us rest. Soon we will have to fight the beasts off", guiding her back to their quarters for the strategically required period of rest prior to the impending battle.