Yin-Yang Chi

History of Yin-Yang Chi

The complete Zenku
A very poorly documented type of metaphysical energy, unknown to the majority of even the chi-sensitive Keijijo Clan, Yin-Yang Chis is by far the most inaccessible of energies, virtually nonexistent in the mortal plane by natural means. All Yin-Yang Chi originates from the primordial metaphysical manifestation known as the Zenku. Both demonic and divine by nature, the Zenku entity predates creation itself and is the undeniable progenitor of all existing metaphysical energies in the world. The primordial source of all chi, its spiritual existent was necessary for the creation of chi in the infant world. While largely known for being the bottomless origin of all chi, the Zenku is the existential source of the excessively esoteric Yin-Yang Chi. Absent in both the physical world and the majority of the known metaphysical planes of existence, Yin-Yang Chi is characterized by peerless exclusivity. A continuous natural generator of Yin-Yang Chi, the Zenku monster lacks the appropriate intellect and consciousness required for masterful harnessing of the exotic metaphysical energy. Absolutely fundamental for the continued existence of the rare Yin-Yang Chi, the Zenku entity, as frighteningly powerful as it may be, was seen as a key to ultimate power by those aware of Ying-Yang Chi. Thought of as a mere conduit, a medium with which omnipotent might can be obtained, several attempts have been made to capture the monstrous entity. While largely unsuccessful, those who have succeeded, sought the power of Yin-Yang Chi by binding the Zenku entity to their chi, effectively sealing it within themselves, at the risk of eventual soul corruption and annihilation. Inevitably destroying all who chose to steal its power, the Zenku was eventually targeted by the dynasty of divine swordsmen known as the Espadas. Sealed within one of the Espadas, the Zenku granted him a wealth of abilities, and in particular, immortality. Upon the Espada's impending defeat as his soul was continually corrupted by the demonic entity's presence, it was intricately sealed within a specifically constructed urn, designed for the sole purpose of containing the monster. This led to the effective termination of all Yin-Yang Chi. While a recent, incomplete revival by a sect of rogue Keijijo Elders was conducted, it was only Yin Chi that found itself generated by the incomplete Zenku, its remaining entirety, utterly fundamental for the complete creation of Yin-Yang Chi.

Nature of Yin-Yang Chi

With no natural source other than the Zenku beast, Yin-Yang Chi's rarity is indefinitely extreme. Generated solely from the Zenku, it is the most exotic of metaphysical energies, possessing unique properties. Unlike ordinary chi, it is not produced by chakra-points. It is the energy that is fundamental to the Zenku's existence, generated and invisibly radiated from the entirety of the entity's physical form. Yin-Yang Chi is encompassed of complimentary (not opposite) forces of nature, one cannot exist without the other. The following is further elaboration on Yin-Yang Chi:
  • Yin Chi: White in color, Yin Chi when properly harnessed, grants the wielder total mastery over the fundamental forces of life, enabling them to achieve any number of effects ranging from imbuing inanimate objects with a life-force (chi), reviving the deceased, creating souls, to extending lives and a variety of life-based effects. While still capable of destructive capacity much like most forms of energy, Yin Chi requires an intimate knowledge of the workings of metaphysics to wield masterfully.
  • Yang Chi: As opposed to Yin Chi, it is black in color, symbolizing the darkness of what it represents. Granting the wielder total mastery over the fundamental forces of death, it typically enables the user to manipulate the souls of the disembodied, communicate with restless spirits, offer guidance to the afterlife, cause death, decompose souls, absorb souls and far more.
  • Yin-Yang Chi: When combined, Yin-Yang Chi not only grants the wielder, true immortality, but enables the user to bestow the gift of immortality on others as well. It also enables the wielder to will life-forces into existence. Harnessing Yin-Yang Chi without some sort of metaphysical connection to the Zenku leads to rapid corruption of one's soul and metaphysical essence. Without the required expertise in the field of chi etc. Yin-Yang Chi is no more effective than ordinary forms of energy.
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