The Freds

These are ordinary citizens from numerous countries, particularly European and African countries. With his virtually peerless technology and mastery of the subconscious, nefarious Impero has managed to secretly creep into the internal reality of an individual's consciousness and established some of his actual headquarters there, storing some of his most valuable pieces of technology, information and equipment in one of the most unorthodox locations. With this mysterious ability to flawlessly invade an ordinary citizen's subconscious, Impero has employed them as the most unlikely sleeper agents for countless purposes. With the technology secretly implanted into their subconscious, The Genius has rendered them ridiculously resistant to telepathy from even the most powerful of mind manipulators. Effortlessly capable of usurping absolute command over the minds of these ordinary people with but a simple alphanumerical code, enigmatic Impero claims to have well over forty million Freds who are unaware that they are in his elusive service. These "Freds" are largely comprised of ordinary citizens such as pizza boys, mailmen, waiters etc. usually people of no importance, however, the cryptic enigma has implied that he might have perhaps one or two figures of great importance in the ranks of his Freds, one of them possibly a powerful European politician. The Freds are used for what Impero has described as "perfect terrorism" which renders it impossible to fault him with these events. He employs the services of the most untalented and ordinary members of society as hardly anyone is ever suspicious of them. A memorable feat of his was using one of his Freds to manipulate a group of targeted witches into a position that ended up benefiting him.

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