Supernatural Martial Arts

Zuzhi (One of his non ch-based martial arts) on display

A martial arts grandmaster who takes great pride in his combat prowess, cunning Impero takes numerous measures to ensure that he reveal as little as possible regarding his more exotic combat styles, some of which are mastered self-taught martial arts. And while he is indeed a master of every major fighting system in the world, the masked enigma's true martial skill lies in his mastery of his own personalized hand to hand combat styles. A degree of these fighting styles are chi-based while the others however, are not. This is a collection of some of the darkest and most exotic martial arts to ever exist. The martial arts will be described as follows:

Non Chi-Based Martial Arts

These are the several martial arts that do not rely on the use of chi to be effective and are solely reliant on Impero's knowledge of biology (specifically anatomy) and his unquestionable combat skill. His less prominent non chi-based martial arts come in the form of hybrid fighting styles combining attacks from several different martial arts, however, they are not as prized as his main self-taught techniques.

  • Letale Tactus (Translation "Lethal Touch"): This is enigmatic Impero's primary and deadliest non chi-based martial art. It is one of his most prized hand to hand combat styles, focusing on the exploitation of the various pressure points located in the body of every physical living thing, particularly humanoid beings. While the martial art does contain the basic pressure points that enable the user to paralyze etc. the martial art is distinct from other pressure point-based fighting styles due to it's pursuit of the far more exotic pressure points in the body. An absolute master of this self-taught martial art, Impero can manipulate certain vital points in the body through distinct strikes in order to achieve any number of effects such as inducing blindness (temporary or permanent), the eruption of blood vessels and or organs, the breaking of bones, as well as other effects. His most well-known strikes are ones that enable him to cause any body part to explode, particularly the head, as well as other strikes that enable him to render the central nervous system hypersensitive, making the lightest touch excruciatingly painful. The Genius himself has stated that there are several other vital points in the body that he can exploit for purposes such as the self-destruction of an opponent's muscles, contraction of muscles, inflation and burst of certain body parts, instant death upon movement, softening the body, induce pleasure before death, halt breathing and many other effects. Impero has stated that the most treasured pressure points are those that allow him to cause the entire body to explode upon successfully striking any selection of ten pressure points in rapid succession, and the ones that grant him limited healing powers. By properly touching certain pressure points, Impero can heal blindness and minor wounds. His two most secretly kept pressure point techniques are one that temporarily increases his overall physical strength and speed to three times their original limit and the other is a less practical one that extends the user's lifespan at the risk of constantly experiencing unbearable pain until their death. One of the less offensive pressure points is one that renders Impero temporarily immune to the effects of pressure point strikes, the effect lasts for approximately five minutes. While Impero himself can strike these pressure points with ordinary attacks such as jabs, he has stated that the most effective manner to do so is with fast and precise strikes, preferably in a stabbing-like motion. As a result of his mastery of Letale Tactus, Impero has virtually full control over his nervous system, rendering him immune to the effects of pressure point-induced paralysation. This fighting style puts heavy emphasis on precision, overwhelming speed and dynamic footwork.
  • Jishu (Translation "Technique"): This fighting style consists of the abusing of the hidden weak points in objects. While the effects are similar to those associated with pressure points in the sense that the weak points affect the opponent drastically, their are far more simple. This fighting technique applies to both living and non-living things. With this martial art, cunning Impero can simulate blows of sheer superhuman strength by targeting the weak points in anything's structure, resulting in the destruction of said objects. For example, should he strike an object such as a building, he is capable of shattering it by striking its structural weak point. When the same strike is applied to weak points in humanoids, superhuman attacks are still simulated as striking the weak points result in great pain. This martial art like Letale Tactus, emphasizes quite an amount of control and a calmness of mind in order to successfully strike said weak points, especially due to the difficulty in striking them. The weak points can be manipulated through others means such as grabbing etc. which enables him to bend such objects like titanium bars without the use of his superhuman strength, he simply bends them by locating their structural weak points and precisely pressing his thumb against it, the same can be applied to his opponents when he locks them in a sleeper hold or triangle choke, he may press a specific weak point to induce great pain and physical weakness in his opponent, essentially allowing him to simulate superhuman strength as opposed to actually relying on his own superhuman physiology. This is one of his less commonly used combat arts.
  • Zuzhi (Translation "To Block"): A martial art that is dedicated entirely to counter those who rely solely on the manipulation of chi in order for their abilities to be effective, Zuzhi teaches the user how to successfully block the various chi-points in the body in order to temporarily disrupt the flow of chi in the body which not only results in the temporary loss of chi for the opponent to abuse but it also briefly paralyzes the opponent. The sudden and abrupt loss of chi from one's body renders it in a brief state of shock which induces temporary paralysation. The method for employing this martial art is done with very quick jabs, punches and kicks done in rapid succession, usually giving little time for the opponent to react. While the martial art is indeed used mainly to counter those who rely on chi-based fighting styles, the deadly Zuzhi strikes enable Impero to temporarily disable an opponent's powers by severing their connection to their respective metahuman abilities, this is specifically deadly against mutants as the severing is done not to their innate connection to their powers, but to their X-Gene. The Genius has stated that while these chi-points may be hit with any form of striking, he prefers to hit them with light jabs, often using his fingers and or knuckles for maximum efficiency. This fighting style emphasizes the use of speed, precision, and agility. The full effects of Zuzhi are the disruption or end of the victim's chi flow, reduction in their muscular strength, and depending on the amount of strikes delivered, paralysation. The reduction of muscular strength is apparently substantial as victims of Impero's deadly martial art are usually barely capable of moving after being struck, save for a few fruitless nudges, and claim that pain is felt during the recovery process. While the art itself emphasizes temporarily blocking the opponent's chi flow, Impero being a flawless master in the martial art has discovered one chi-point located in the forehead that enables him to permanently block an opponent's flow of chi, rendering the opponent incapable of accessing their chi-based abilities and a permanent reduction in their muscular strength. Aside from being able to block one's chi flow, Impero is also capable of unlocking a person's innate chi by pressing both his fingers against the two chi-points located on the temple, this has no effect on an individual who has learned to unlock chi as a form of energy. In addition to this, Impero can briefly render himself immune to the effects of having his own chi flow blocked by simultaneously pressing his thumbs against two unknown chi-points that render him immune to the art for five minutes, this fighting style is characterized by swift, agile, evasive, and high-speed maneuvers.

Chi-Based Martial Arts

A master of the art of manipulating chi, mysterious Impero through the course of his shadowy life has managed to develop a number of different chi-based martial arts, primarily relying on the use of the mystical life-force for combat-oriented purposes. Having learned to master and harness his inner spiritual energy/chi, Impero is capable of achieving the basic effects of physically augmenting both his physical and mental capabilities to levels beyond his already superhuman capabilities. However, his mastery over chi enables him to manipulate it for a variety of purposes such as the creation of chi-based constructs, shooting explosive blasts of chi energy, the detection of living things by searching for their life-force, the creation of chi-based copies, briefly turning intangible, the absorption of chi, the disruption of chi, the erection of chi-based barriers, as well as entering a brief meditative state that renders him immune to pain, and more. Impero's chi-based martial arts are as follows:

  • Waili (Translation "External Force"): One of his most prominently used chi-based martial arts, Waili focuses on the use of chi to emphasize explosive power, speed and ferocity in combat. This combat style is designed to cause maximum external damage and break bones by physically enhancing the body with massive amounts of chi energy, exponentially elevating their physical capabilities. When using this fighting style, Impero's physical capabilities are quadrupled. His mental capabilities can be enhanced as well, granting him a much greater level of mental concentration. What is particularly enhanced is his already great resistance to telepathic assaults, and he is granted the ability to detect nearby life by sensing their life-forces. Aside from relying mostly on the power granted to him by the harnessing of chi, Waili also emphasizes the use of mysterious Impero's muscular strength and his ability to call upon his explosive power. While Waili does indeed focus on using chi for the purpose of causing great external damage, the use of chi throughout the body is balanced between physical power and speed, each physical attribute receiving an equal portion of the chi being collectively used. However, Impero can focus his chi solely on a particular physical attribute such as his strength, durability, stamina or speed. Impero is capable of infusing all of the chi in his body purely into physical strength, multiplying his strength 9x it's ordinary levels as opposed to 4x, however, this can only be done temporarily as it physically exhausts the body as the chi is used, the technique can be used for roughly a minute which is why this is one of his rarely used techniques. He is also capable of solely enhancing his speed or durability respectively. When his speed is solely enhanced by his chi, the martial arts grandmaster employs his great combat speed and reflexes to overwhelm his opponents. However, this can only be used for a minute before the effects of the technique impair the muscles and bones on Impero's body. While the physical and mental augmentation of one's body is a substantial aspect of the martial art, The Genius can also project his chi in the form of combat-oriented blasts used in conjunction with his combat moves. Waili is distinct from Impero's other fighting styles due to it's intensive attacking style characterized by quick successive strikes that employ bursts of momentary explosive power.
  • Neili (Translation "Inner Force"): The polar opposite of Waili, Neili is a less physically dependent fighting style that is designed to inflict internal damage through attacking the body's chi-flow system. Somewhat similar to Zuzhi which grants Impero the ability to temporarily block an opponent's chi flow by targeting the various chi-points in the body, Neili by mostly mentally augmenting Impero enables the manipulative puppeteer to "see" the concealed chi-points in the body that can only be seen or detected through the use of chi or magically. This results in The Genius being capable of seeing the entire system that connects all chi-points together, granting Impero a greater plethora of chi-points to abuse. By intricately enhancing himself physically with a specific and fixed amount of chi, The Genius can injure certain organs that are closely linked with the chi-point system. Some of the deadlier Neili maneuvers involve using their strikes to surgically inject their own chi into the opponent's body to crush or destroy organs that are in close proximity to the chi-point system. The martial art is designed to inflict massive internal damage with as little physical effort as possible which enables even the lightest touch to inject chi into an opponent's body. With this martial art, Impero is capable of temporarily increasing an opponent's chi as well. The style is also somewhat defensive, automatically neutralizing and absorbing any chi directed his way, rendering chi-based attacks useless against him. Neili also grants the user the ability to heal certain psychological wounds, and even heal memory loss depending on the severity, all done by precisely manipulating the chi-points by surgically infusing chi into particular chi-points for specific effects. The fighting style of Neili is fluid and graceful, using the opponent's force against them, placing importance on the use of palm strikes and the flowing projection of chi offensively.
  • Huo Yuansu (Translation "The Element of Fire"): One of deadly Impero's most treasured chi-based martial arts, Huo Yuansu is one of the most advanced chi-based fighting styles in existence, available only to few who have ascended beyond the rank of a master and are recognized as grandmasters. This martial art unlike the others was not created and developed by cunning Impero, he was taught this elemental martial art during an unknown period in the past during which cunning Impero had become part of the legendary Yuansu Clan. Yuansu utilizes chi to establish a mystical connection between one of the four traditional elements to the martial art's practitioner. The element chosen is always the one most similar to the user's most prominent quality. Because of Impero's limitless ambition and desire for power, his element is fire which is the element of power, tempered by the will to accomplish tasks, which has resulted in the enigmatic strategist's placement under the Huo Yuansu Branch of the clan. This mystical connection enables the user to harness the power of their chosen element. With the power of fire at his command, Impero has developed and mastered a fire-based martial art that is characterized by an intensive attacking style and incredible fast-paced series of overwhelming explosive attacks, this exotic fighting style is called Huo Yuansu. The style optimizes a powerful and continuous offense. With a habit of overwhelming opponents with intense barrages of fire before the finishing move of the combo is delivered, Yuansu is one of Impero's most relentless and aggressive fighting styles. However, unlike past Huo Yuansu practitioners who harnessed the element of fire, Impero does not employ yellow or orange fire in combat. He has advanced so significantly in the art that he instead uses blue fire and more rarely, white fire which he describes as being more intense and potent than the other colors. While an explosive style of combat by nature, Impero uses a more precise method of the HuoYuansu martial art, preferring to battle using only two fingers rather than a closed fist or an open palm. Capable of even condensing his chi-enhanced flames, Impero can even cut through durable solid objects. Capable of controlling the temperature and intensity of his flames, The Genius like all HuoYuansu masters, is capable of generating lightning but can uniquely redirect lightning bolt directed towards him with a series of hand motions. Like his daughter Rubina, he has developed his own Huo Yuansu styles, however, his is based on finesse, speed, technical ability and precision with a touch of explosive power. For some unknown reason however, he has yet to share this unique style of his with the Huo Yuansu Branch.
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