Devata Chi

Not unlike ordinary chi, Devata Chi functions as a powerful metaphysical, binding force of near-limitless potential. Characteristically different from ordinary chi, as well as Yin-Yang Chi, Devata Chi is by nature, impossible to be harnessed by those naturally inhabiting the physical plane of existence. Incapable of manifesting in the physical dimension, it adheres to the fundamental laws of higher metaphysical realms where it is found. Originating from a mysterious metaphysical entity named "Deva Bhavana", Devata Chi possesses properties that appropriately differentiate it from all other types of chi. Unlike ordinary chi, it is not virtually omnipresent due to its natural inability to exist in the physical world. The stark difference between Devata Chi and other types of chi comes in the form of its ability to fully spiritually enlighten an individual in its presence, as well as render them immortal at the cost of stripping their ability to exist in the physical world. Interestingly enough, Devata Chi, due to its unique properties, is capable of spawning things from nothingness and it serves as the binding maintainer of the spiritual and existential balance between all metaphysical planes of existences and dimensions. As a result, Devata Chi is fundamental to the existence of all metaphysical dimensions. It is a very poorly understood type of chi, even more-so than Ying-Yang Chi. Instantaneously upon manifesting in the physical world, it transitions into ordinary chi. Along with Yin-Yang Chi, and ordinary chi, it makes up the Universal Chi that is ambient in all of existence.

History of Devata Chi

The Deva Bhavana

Deva Bhavana: A seemingly benevolent metaphysical entity of shrouded origins, it is believed that it was created much in the same manner that the Zenku was. A spontaneous event in the form of a natural response to the metaphysical imbalance long ago, Deva Bhavana was manifested from the ambient Universal Chi. Much like the Zenku, it is a living mass of chi that has taken corporeal form. An anomaly by nature, it functions as the source of all Devata Chi and is therefore, absolutely fundamental to the existence of all metaphysical realms. Due to being entirely composed of Devata Chi, the Deva Bhavana cannot exist in the physical world without having to manifest itself in the form of that which can exist in the physical world e.g an animal, human etc. Entirely powerless when roaming the physical world, the Deva Bhavana is said to spend the majority of its time in motionless meditation in a particular metaphysical plane of existence. Unlike the Zenku, it possesses a complex consciousness, often adopting neutral stances in the events of the physical world. Omniscient in its knowledge of Devata Chi, the Deva Bhavana is the active source of all things Devata Chi-related. An immortal, genderless being of unknown age, it is fabled by many misguided enlightened beings as being a deity of some sort. Often confused by the unknowing for a god, it has served as the basis for forgotten religions and mythologies. While very nearly all powerful in its home realm, the Deva Bhavana has assigned a variety of powerful guardians to serve as its protectors, for should it somehow be destroyed or tampered with, then the metaphysical balance of existence will crumble and lead to cataclysmic universal events. The Deva Bhavana is also responsible for the creation of new metaphysical realms.

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