Best Arcs IMO

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Posted by mightiness

Good list.

Posted by Isaiah Bradley
@mightiness:  Thanks! I still need to add a few
Posted by Shoe

Agree with all of those except for Deadly Genesis...that storyline was HORRIBLE. It made the dichotomy of Magneto and Professor X no longer a matter of yin and yang so much as way too much Yang

Posted by Isaiah Bradley

@Shoe: Good point. I'll be honest it shouldn't have made my list but I just liked Vulcan as a new character so much, I put it on. Thanks for you feedback!

Posted by Shoe

Vulcan seemed a little forced to me...ANOTHER summers brother.

I did love the Earth X storyline....beautiful cover art, great story. Currently in the process of re-reading it.

I also REALLY enjoyed Civil War/The Initative. I wish all of the 50 teams got for each state. Think of how many titles/how much money marvel could have made from that if they were all written well!

Posted by Isaiah Bradley

@Shoe: X is definitely my number 1. There hasn't been a single alternate universe or crossover that even comes close.

I held out for like year thinking there was going to be 50 states books. Im still shocked they never did anything. To your point, soooo much money could have been made!