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So strictly speaking in a hand to hand fight Eiling would beat Galactus? Because that's the argument in a nutshell against Odin here in round 1.

Well that's cool and everything, but that's not the case here. We've seen skyfathers before, take Bor for example:

He's sporting the strength to kill Thor in single-strikes:

And skin harder than Mjolnir:

And that was Odin's father who was turned into a snowman by Loki thousands of years prior (?). Then there's Zeus, someone often called a peer to Odin (despite a laundry list of feats that Odin has that blows his out of the water). He was hitting the Hulk so hard he actually weakened him:

Then there's Thor showings of the ridiculous physical amp he gets on the Odin-power everything from shattering planets with fingers to restraining Mangog with a single hand. Namely why Thor keeps losing to Odin in fights, especially when it became physical as in Fear Itself. Odin is just a lot stronger than Thor.

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@jashro44 said:

@nighthunder said:

Narutoverse actualy wins. Nappa's only shown to be city level

though this is against the rules

Considering characters vastly weaker than him like piccolo (at the time he fought Nappa) and roshi were moon busters he is beyond city busting.

There only hope to win is through hax. Powerwise they are outclassed.

Unless they're on the Moon he has zero access to that potential moon destroying power. That's the issue with DBZ energy projection, the characters themselves don't have durability anywhere close to the level of what they can blow up (and hell, planet busting is basically the peak of how much damage they can do past Namek Saga). That's if the blast doesn't send them back in time. =P

And Nappa is dumb as dirt. And he's up against an assortment of characters completely able to hurt him and will probably fly face first to his death.

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I do not understand why that is difficult for you but just posting the feats from previous episodes, few others have already brought up that point anyway, the train, the skyscraper and many other feats we've seen The Flash do. Still, until QS does anything remotely close to that I'm not impressed by his feats compared to Flash's. Zoom was far faster than Flash yet at least Flash kept up with him somewhat, QS would be dusted by both of them easily if he fought them. I would bet anything on it.

The fastest trains in the world move much slower than bullets and Quicksilver was running on the walls in the movie. So all that's left is the 'many other feats' which tend to be a lot of the same feats. The only things QS hasn't shown is vibrating off tranquilizers, super-speed punch and a minor healing factor, while there seems to be a laundry list of low-ends that makes the Flash appear much slower than QS.

I dont know. I was only saying the guys got a point and happen to agree. I browse through most of these topics on the battle forums and it seems obvious that majority go by who they like more.

I get the 'It's a popularity contest' argument. A post history is telling, but that hardly defines this thread. Unlike comics, most users here have seen both the film and TV series - with QS having a total of five minutes of screen time to the Flash's 9 episodes. There is absolutely no reason for anyone, short of trolls, to have any bias towards QS because just about everyone here should have a significantly larger investment in the Flash.

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I'll stick with barely. The one time Thor lands a hit with Mjolnir he absolutely floors the Hulk - and even unarmed he was out-boxing the Hulk with ease. The only time he was at a disadvantage physically is when he attempted to wrestle the Hulk into submission. Even then Hulk couldn't break his hold and decides to start leaping through the floors just to shake him loose.

If the Hulk is at all stronger that fight implied that difference is marginal at best - while Thor is shown a lot faster and a much better fighter. Even while restraining himself compared to the Hulk who was out for blood against anything he ran into.

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ISAAC_CLARKE -The thing is they jobber Flash for plot purposes what people need to realize, it's not like he "can't do so" he can and your video further proves such. Flash recently can't be seen either all you see is literally a lightning bolt streak barely. You can't see his actual body, such as the streaks in the streets and the Christmas tree scene in the last episode. When he's fighting Zoom you can just see a lightning tornado.

It's hard to call it jobbering wen he's consistently tagged by everyone. And what they're seeing is his body, RF puts out red lightning, not the Flash. And everyone's seeing a 'red blur' rescuing them.

That totally surpasses anything QS has done, we can't see him because he's in such tiny rooms. The bomb feat was still very good be it Flash disarming them or collecting them or what he did transporting multiple people at the bomb across the city. I believe fighting Blackout was a mental issue, once he uped his game he overloaded Blackout killing him yet earlier he was fooled into thinking he lost his abilities when he really didn't.

That couldn't make any less sense if you tried.

Thanks it sure seems as such. ONe thing I've noticed from these forums, a lot of people tend to vote for who they enjoy more or who is more popular. I agree with this notion guys.

Difference being I couldn't care less about Quicksilver and I actually watch the Flash. Yet, look at this thread. I must be a closet Quicksilver fan and don't even know it.

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@thor_parker82: k

here's a fact: Hulk won, Thor lost

end of discussion

So a mindless Hulk can barely go one on one with a Thor whose holding back and trying to restrain him - and that's a loss for Thor?


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My reaction to the episode: "TRIP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The whole rebirth in death was a nice touch with the crystal and mist doing its inhuman mojo.

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@isaac_clarke: The fact the red streak being there means that Barry lost. That's what I found tragic.

Depends on the motivations of the Flash. For all we know he was there to stop himself from kick-starting Flashpoint or something zany like that.

I think Reverse Flash could have done the same thing Supes did in one of the comics where he interviewed himself as Clark Kent. He just changes his clothes and switches location at such a speed that it was perceived as two different people by the human eye.

If it's not that I have no clue.

Two possibilities come to mind:

  • He's that fast to pull the two places at once card.
  • A future iteration of the Reverse Flash was being attacked by the present day iteration or vice-versa.

Time Travel kinda makes option two possible without speed.

depends on whether barrys mother died before or after he was brought outside i would suppose. i didnt think of that, i interpreted it as barry went back to try and save his mother but couldnt do it because he was once again bested by his counterpart then he brought barry outside and continued going to town with prof zoom

either way though that was a crazy great end

I was kinda hoping the Flash would be mentoring himself, but it seems they're going a very different route.

@awesomeperson: That's because there is two RFs. I think it was proven with the end that Well's is one of the RFs.

Bingo. For all we know there isn't even a present day RF yet and Wells will create him too with that suit.

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What Cisco revealed at the end was f**king tragic, if how I interpreted it is correct.

How did you interpret it. All I got was - the Flash tried to save his mother and ends up saving himself instead - which didn't seem like too much of a shock. Though I'm wondering how our villain pulled that rouse or if there are actually two of him.