Whats your take on Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum GREAT OR HATE

Come on most people out there can agree that Jeph Loeb did a next to crap job on ultimates3 and most of (but not the last issue) of ultimatum.  
First of in Ultimates 3 he got the characters all wrong(including the artist), like Thor who in ultimate marvel had a hippy feeling to him was made into his normal god like self and venom who is NEVER!!! called venom EVER!!! in ultimate Spider-man he is only ever called Eddie or the Suit and what was the mess that was Captain America is the Black Panther. The only good thing Loeb wrote was the Ultimate Captain America Annual which explains this mess.and what the F@!K was Doctor Doom doing there when he was supposed to be stuck in the zombie universe (and what about his goat feet).  
But Ultimatum was a different story. He just doesn't get it on an emotional level,the heroes just seem to let everything that happens  go right by themselves and ony seem to be sad about the deaths for a panel or 2 I don't think he should have used Dormammu to kill Doctor Strange and didn't say what happened to him in ultimatum. If I were him I would have used Nightmare like Bendis did in Ultimate Spider-Man 
Do you think Loeb did wrong? 
Do you think someone like Bendis or Mark Miller should rewrite them? 
Or do you think he did a good job? 

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Posted by Gennadius

Im still busy reading ultimate FF/X-men but from what ive seen the art is the best ive seen (dont know about the story )

Posted by hdorman1

ultimates 3 was aweful
but apart from that i loved the ultimate universe