Why You(Yes You) Should Read Axe-Cop!

Right when summer started I ventured into the realm of web-comics I read a couple different ones like Really Bad Koalas(by Nicholas Brendon better known as Xander of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame)the few I read like Really Bad Koalas were good but none captured my attention like Axe-Cop did. Axe-Cop is a mix of many genres but it's mostly an adventure book. It is written by an eight year old and his thirty year old brother. Sounds crazy right, well it's crazy but it's also amazing too! So why should you read AXE COP? *SPOILERS*

1)CRAZY CONCEPTS: The current arc of Axe-Cop, the Dogs is in my opinion the best arc yet and the concepts are crazy awesome. There are a group of Witch Doctor Cats who eventually turn into mummies, Dog-Cat-Mummy monster hybrids, and the awesome that is the machine which affects like everything except worms(they stay worms). Now don't find that crazy there is a baby with a unicorn horn,Unicorn Horns grant wishes, there is even space werewolf ninjas.

2) IT'S FREE!: Really what more is there to say!

3) SUPRISE!: Similar to the Walking Dead, no character is safe(Except Axe Cop). Like one minute you meet a cool character and you're like "Wow! Awesome character, hope they stick around!" then a week later "BOOM!" it's crazy. The "DOGS" arc especially shocked me a couple times. Especially the last chapter it ends on a cliffhanger and you're like "Wait, What?" and you just sit there and question how you never guessed the insane plot twist.

4) THE ART: Ethan Nicolle's art is really nice and the backgrounds are amazing. Reminds me a bit of Rob Guillory of Chew.

5) AWESOME CHARACTERS: Well other then Axe Cop, we have his brother Dinosaur Soldier(oh if that doesn't sell you on the book I don't know what will. Then theres Sockarang, Uni-Man, Uni-Baby, and oh yeah there is a character who cameos in the Dogs who is like a chicken and Hell-Boy combined!

So yeah, if this didn't convince you to read Axe-Cop it means one thing; You HATE FUN! So yeah if you hate fun then this isn't the book for you.

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Posted by 7DEADPOOL7

All very good points keep it up people need to know Axe Cop is awesome.

Posted by Ironhawk22

I know right? Did you read today's chapter? I'm thinking of doing a review of THE DOGS once it finishes up, it's my favorite Axe Cop story yet(Still haven't gotten President of the World yet).