The Apparent Retconning of Cassandra Cain

On the DC Comics blog they announced that a two part arc focusing on Lady Shiva vs Nightwing. The thing is new Lady Shiva is in her early twenties(21 I believe same age as Nightwing). Ruling out Cassandra Cain(Or at least for several years that is) appearing in Batman Inc like it was RUMORED(I don't recall seeing it confirmed). This is yet again another apparent retcon of one of my favorite characters. Cass is my favorite Batgirl, and yet again she has been given the back seat. I don't get why DC continues to make these unpopular decisions every convention someone asks "Wheres Wally?" "Where's Donna?" "Where's Stephanie?" and "Where's Cass". Every time DC replies "No plans right now." It's another slap in the face for Cass Cain fans.

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It's as if DC just wants to give me more excuses to drop their books. Also Kyle Higgins isn't even writing the arc. Also I tried out the New 52 Batgirl and despite being a huge Gail Simone fan(I really hope Leaving Megaopolis happens) I found it dull, and it just watered Barbara down. All my opinion -Ironhawk22

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Well, frankly, I don't think Shiva NEEDS to be Cassandra's mother. It might appear like a retcon, but bear in mind that Shiva being Cassandra's mother wasn't confirmed until one of the very, very last issues of Cass' Batgirl title. The mother was always the least important part of the puzzle when it came to Cass Cain; I always thought the training her father put her through - deliberately holding back her ability to develop a language or the ability to talk - was more important. The skills Cass had, after all, weren't hereditary, they were forced on her. And as such, the removal of Shiva from the equation doesn't bother me.

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They don't like Cass because she can kick Bruce's you know what...

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Yep. One day Cassandra will return......One day.