Teen Titans Go(!) Premiere Review

As I've mentioned many times before the original Teen Titans Cartoon is one of the main reasons I started reading comics. It was funny, suspenseful, and action-packed. I loved it. I personally prefer to Young Justice because how well it balanced humor and action. I was somewhat cautious about TTG. Mostly new team of writers, bad animation, and focused mainly on humor. However I was really optimistic about it. Did I like it?


Spectacular voice work which will come as no surprise to fans of the original series. The humor is similar in vein to that of shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. Which is a good thing. It's got some dark humor mixed in. I was especially surprised by the "secret ingredient" in the pies.

There are some gif-worthy scenes in the episode such as Robin the super market, or Raven shutting the computer. I really like the Tuesday time slot. I always had to watch YJ on "On Demand" since I usually slept through the episodes. The MLP:FIM parody was hilarious. Tara Strong(Raven) absolutely knocked it out of the park in this episode. We get to see a somewhat more human side of Raven which is nice. Also SILKIE!!!!

The Bad

Animation is pretty bad, I'm not going to lie. There is a continuity error, Beast Boy eats meat in the episode. Which is a contradiction to the original series. The show can get a bit to zany at times.


Really fun premiere. Definitely going to keep watching.

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