My Thoughts on the New 52 Teen Titans

Hello, I dropped the New 52 Titans a few issues in so I'm not fully sure if the book has improved or not. However considering the previews I've seen I'd go with not. I am well aware the New 52 Teen Titans has it's fans, and that's great. I'm just here to give my opinion on the book, so you can agree or disagree. The Titans have always been favorites of mine. I was introduce to them like many by the cartoon, and soon after picked up many trades and started collecting comics. However like many I agree Dc has definitley been not giving them the good stories, or credit they deserve. With the New 52, I finally thought we'd see some new interesting stories about some of my favorite characters. Of course as I earlier referenced, I didn't exactly think that's what we got.

I felt the book(As well as a majority of the Young Justice line) suffered from feeling far to close to 90's era of comics. To be more specific the X-Men. A bunch teen outcasts on the run from the goverment, their costumes screamed 90's(with the exception of Kid Flash who got an awesome new costume), and the diologue. If I wish to read about the X-Men, I go to Marvel to do it, not Dc. Also the characters(with the exception again of Kid Flash who is same as before) have all been downgraded in terms of personality. Connor has absolutley no personality whatsoever, Cassie is all "Don't call me Wonder Girl" fine lets bring Donna Troy back then, Tim gets angry because Bart borrows his old costume(Seriously), and from what I've heard about Rose in Superboy, is once again evil(Great). I feel like Lobdell either A) knows nothing about the characters(Very unlikely), or B) just doesn't care about their past portrayals.

Another problem I've noticed recently with all of the new Teen Titans creative teams is they never want to use old enemies. Which either great and you make a really cool new villain, or how it seems to have been working for awhile the enemy is bland and forgettable. One thing which also bothers me is, Dc's current editorial for the YJ line seem to have no idea on what's going on. One minute the previous teams existed(As mentioned in Batwoman, and Teen Titans) then they don't, and one of the most laughable is Tim Drake was never Robin.

Teen Titans Cover

Excuse me this has been mentioned in not only Batman, Batman & Robin, but also by Teen Titans( Issue No. 1 has him state he was Robin, and there is a picture of him as Robin). On the other hand the new logo for the book is better than before, I think the idea of their new tower is cool, and Kid Flashes costume are pretty cool. I'm not going to bring up the(possible) retconning of my favorite characters(completely different topic). Honestly I think Dc should have Fabian Nicieza and Marcus To take over. Nicieza did a great job with the characters in Red Robin(Fantastic book by the way) and Marcus To draws the characters perfectly. Overall this is all my opinion, if I'm wrong and the book has gotten better I'd like to know, or if you agree with me please comment. Thanks for reading. ---Ironhawk22 PS: Sorry about the format of the post my computer is fairley old and it doesn't support the text editor.

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Posted by hyperman

i feel i'm not the only one who wants donna back as Wonder girl =D

Posted by Ironhawk22

@hyperman: No, you definitley aren't the only one. Ever since Felicia Hendersons run Cassie has gotten on my nerves. Donna needs to come back weather it be as Wonder Girl, Troia, Fury etc. DC's excuses for why Wally and Donna aren't around are really stupid; "these are younger versions of the characters". Yeah but Green Arrows like what 23 and Roy is still around and Batmans had atleast five sidekicks(Cass and Steph aren't confirmed yet) so there is no real excuse.

Posted by Sinestro2828

What ticks me off is that they completely undid the Wolfman and Perez era of the Titans so that they never existed or at least were never the team we knew them as or faced the same threats they're best known for. That's just STUPID. Why would you unravel the histories of the most popular incarnation of the Titans? The ones that got people into the stories in the first place? I can understand the Titans growing up and moving on to new things, but not that they were NEVER the titans to begin with >_<

heck, DC is even making another Teen Titan cartoon that uses the Wolfman's roster of the Titans, sure, its gonna be a chibi parody, but still, why advertise to the public a version of the Titans that no longer exists in their comic continuity? people will pick up the books expecting to see Kory or Raven and instead see...Skitter and the Bunker >_<

I really think DC shot itself in the foot with this reboot, I'd rather they had de-aged Starfire, BB, Cy, Grayson, Raven, Wally, & Donna & made them the New Titans again rather than bring in the rather unlikable and forgettable roster they have now.

Posted by Ironhawk22

@Sinestro2828: I believe they should have gone with how Young Justice did it. Start five years ago with the NTT then flashforward to present day with the Tim, Connor, Bart, Cassie, Miss Martian etc as the Titans. I've heard about the new Teen Titans Go show and I agree if someone decides "Hey I'm gonna go read TT" they'll be very, very letdown(Although same goes for someone who watches YJ, except it'd be because the quality of the current TT books are nowhere near as good as the show is). Not sure what to think about TTG, I've enjoyed the shorts. Yet if we're going to get the show back I'd rather get the actual show back, still I'm just happy there'll be more episodes(sort of).

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

brett Booth's art sucks -_-