Is Countdown based off Kingdom Hearts?

If you're wondering what Kingdom Hearts is it's really awesome videogamee and Countdown is a comic featuring Donna Troy, Jason Todd, & Kyle Rayner. So first I'll give the story of both the game and book. Kingdom Heart: Sora travels across the Disney Multiverse with Donal & Goofy and in some cases Riku and Kairi not in the first one but the second one Kairi went to the Castle that Never Was and Riku went there too I'm pretty sure. Countdown: Donna Troy, Jason Todd, & Kyle Rayner travel across the DC universe with Bob and in a few issues Ryan Choi. So similarities Three Main Characters, One of which in one case(Sora) and the other(Kyle Rayner) have rare weapons that only a select  few have. The both feature traveling to several alternate earths to many to count for both. I put something like this on the Dc Message Boards Once. There are alot of differences too I'm just saying their alot alike in my opinion.
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If so, then I'm glad it failed compared to '52' - writers should be original.
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I doubt it.  The main core themes of Kingdom Hearts can be found in many other series.  For instance, in the first game worlds were disappearing so it was up to Sora & his companions to save the worlds & therefore return what looked like stars from other worlds.  A few years later, the stars are disappearing in Doctor Who and it was up to the Doctor, Donna Noble & the other Companions to rescue those stolen worlds from the Daleks... and restore what looked like stars from the view of other planets.
But I do love Kingdom Hearts and find it funny when other genre use similar themes :)

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I see the similarities between Kingdom Hearts and Countdown sure but no I don't think the latter was based on the former.

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Well atleast there are no similarities to RE:COM Ughhh I'm a  KH fan but RE:COM is probablly my least favorite video game ever. I wish I could lose the memory I ever played that game:)
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No idea who posted the info on Kairi at the top of this page, but this bothers me... Kairi ORIGINALLY appeared in Kingdom Hearts for the PS2, which was released in both the US and Japan months before Disney Global #1's release. Correct your information please, or let the people with the proper information edit your mistakes.

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Oh, the wiki page, that's her first appearence in comics/manga/magazine(Not entirley sure never read Disney Global) there are no video game pages on the website(That I know of) so whoever did credit her first appearence couldn't have credited her for first appearing in KH so they credited her first appearence in comics/Manga/magazine.