Edison Rex #1 Review

The following Review Contains minor *SPOILERS* Edison Rex follows the title character, a villain and his adventures following his defeat of Valiant, Earth's mightiest hero. The Good. Well to start out the book is 16 pages for $0.99 which is a very nice reason enough to pick up the book. The story while short has alot of potential, and already I'm very excited to read the continuing adventures of Edison Rex. The art fits the story perfectly, it's very cartoony and reminds me of Superman the Animated Series.

The Bad. Valiant gives up to easily, hopefully we get more of an explanation for that later. The villain turning into the hero isn't exactly the most original concept. Overall. You should definitely try and buy Edison Rex. I'm very excited to see where this book is going, and definitely would recommend this book. 4/5

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Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am excited to see more from MonkeyBrain Comics. Great Review!!!