Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Seven Episode Two "Beneath You"

Season Seven continues it's winning streak with "Beneath You".

Plot: Something is lurking beneath Sunnydale? Why is it here? What is it? Who made it? Spike is hiding a secret, but what is it?

*My reviews for Buffy will deal with three things they will deal with the Story and Script as well as the Threat(s) they face and how interesting, credible, and unique they are. I will also kind of review the title of the episode, how much meaning it has to the episode.

The Title: Beneath You

"Beneath You" refers to quite a few things. It refers to the words Buffy hears in her dream, were the episodes threat is working, and how Spike feels. He feels like he isn't good enough, ashamed, and feels BENEATH Buffy. Great episode title.

The Threat

The threat in this episode is not extremely interesting, but it's origin is. Another thing I must note is the dream sequence at the beginning seems to be hinting at this seasons "Big Bad" which appears to be coming from the ground(Earth's teeth? Hell Mouth?)

Story and Script

The episode has some great character interaction. Some of the best I've seen in a while. The humor is great as well, specifically the scene where Buffy, Xander, that one girl, and Spike head to the Bronze to meet Anya. It's pretty hilarious.

The plot is so so. I like that they seem to be going back to the "High school as a horror movie" approach and that the villains are metaphors for what their going through. This episode has a lot of suspense , and when the worm monster shows up you're like "Oh crap". The final scene with Buffy and Spike is really well done.


Very good episode, not as good as the last but very good none the less.

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