Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Seven Episode 1 "Lessons"

"Back to the Beginning"-The Master

That line right there is a pretty good description of the feel of this episode. To start the review I must start by saying that after Season Three I felt Buffy jumped the shark a bit. Season Four is in my opinion the worst season of Buffy. Five was fantastic, while depressing it gave us a definitive ending for Buffy. Six took it all back, and gave us poor characterization(Outside of Giles, Anya, Dawn, and Tara I hated all of the main characters). Grave was a solid episode.

Plot: Buffy's worst enemy returns; Sunnydale High School!

The Good!

The threat isn't the most imaginative but it a very interesting and extremely creepy group of enemies. They remind me of the Gentlemen. Okay now I'm going to bring up the elephant in the room; SUNNYDALE HIGH SCHOOL IS BACK!! Okay I honestly can't express how happy about that I am.

This episode has a very back to the basics feel. I love it! The characters are likable again(except Xander, I still don't forgive you for messing with Anya). Oh and Spike...

Is the most interesting he's been since Season Four. Season Six ruined Spike, by watering him down into a jerky version of Angel. I'll admit it, I like Buffy, I like Spike, but I hate, hate, hate SPUFFY! It's weird and forced. Now I wasn't always like this, I kind of thought they would make a good couple at the end of Season Two but when they got together I hated it.

The dialogue is great, the story is great, the episode all around is fantastic and the cliffhanger.....AWESOME!

Bad: None


AWESOME EPISODE! One of the best episodes since S-3.

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