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Will you people just chill, jeez! every time you turn around, its, "i dont like this" and "i dont like that". how bout you guys let the people WHO GET PAID TO DO THE THINGS THEY ARE DOING just do them and WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT BEFORE YOU SPEW OUT RETARDED ASS NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!

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i think so, but his cabinet wud be all superheroes too, tony, reed, hank pym, professor x....all the great minds of the marvel universe

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What it do pimpin!!! lol!

-First question: what do you think about Djimon Honsou playing Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

-Question number two: if there were a justice league movie greenlit, assuming that this new superman will do a good job, what actors wud you like to see play these other JLA iconic figures?:

1. Batman

2. Flash

3. Hawk Man

4. Jon Stewart Green Lantern

5. Martain Manhunter

6. Wonder Woman

7. Aquaman

-Third question: do you think we will see The X-men, Spider Man, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer or Ghost Rider(not Nick Cage) make crossovers in the MCU since The Avengers did so well?

-Last and final question: Since Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are both single, billionare, geniuses with endless amounts of "toys", could it be safe to say that they'd be almost unstoppable if they were a tag team?

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@Twentyfive: AMEN BRUTHA!!! AMEN!!!!