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I've got two copies of Princess Leia, one's a variant and the other is a standard issue signed by both Mark Waid and Carrie Fisher. I'm so happy :)

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So, I haven't picked this up and probably won't until the graphic novel form comes out. But who is the new Thor? Or do we still not know yet?

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I just love the point where they are looking at the computer and the frog designs and one of them is a drawing of Mikey from the 2014 movie:

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Yeah, I'm confused.

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I was hoping Civil War would be the focus of Avengers 3, just cause it's so big and has so many characters involved. What I wanted for Cap 3 was: Captain America: Capital Punishment, which would in fact star the Punisher as the main antagonist of sorts. But the Russo brothers did an amazing job, no doubt they'll do it again.

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I loved the Star Wars Clone Wars by the end of its run (5th season, 6th season was meh) and I had high expectations for this show. It's not what I've expected it to be, it's better. I can't wait for this show to have a long run of its own and the characters are great. Glad to see characters like Kanan getting some real recognition so early on in his debut. One of the main protagonists in the first of novel of the new EU and now getting his own comic by Marvel.

Cannot wait to see how this show progresses.

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That Turtles cover is amazing.

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This was a great episode, loved how they aren't holding back as much on the fighting scenes. I've noticed that's a trend with some cartoons, the first couple of seasons are more kiddish, but then they start dealing with some very adult ideals in later episodes (Star Wars: Clone Wars for example).

Anyways, I missed the part where they addressed Leonardo's voice sounding different.

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Not that this is canon at all, but, we can't forget the time in Superman II when Superman and Zod are in the Fortress of Solitude, Superman takes away Zod's Kryptonian power, making him like humans, crushes his hand, throws him in the deep pits between the glacier flooring, and then has the Fortress blown up. Also, Zod's two henchmen were in there as well and suffered the same fate.

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First off, this video doesn't show the explosion of the Fortress, but it does happen. Secondly, assumptions are being made by some youtubers that Superman may have found a way to send Zod and his possy back to the Phantom Zone, but the movie obviously didn't feel that that was important in any way to share with the audience so we have no way of knowing that would happen and in my opinion are just wishful thinking on the part of the fans.

But if you ask me, this was more of a heartless killing then what occurred in the Man of Steel movie. In Man of Steel, Zod was causing mayhem (Superman could have done more to lessen that, sure), was responsible for the deaths of thousands in Metropolis when using the World Engine, and was on the brink of slaying an entire family with his heat vision (would have been a gruesome death to watch) and Superman PLEADED with Zod not to do it because he didn't want to have to make that hard choice that he did.

Here in Superman II, Superman has them completely helpless and doesn't even think twice before crushing Zod's hand and tossing the dude like garbage to be disposed of. Perhaps death and killing is made easier to swallow for the audience when the hero smiles and the music's inflection rises to one of heroic triumph.

But I assume the original question of this forum was asked because of the ending of the Man of Steel movie. Therefore, I had to share.