I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!! CAN U???? I love how ppl can't tell the difference just because he puts glasses on LOL!!!

More, More, More!!!

I think they should have " The Battle of the Supermen!!!" with all these people battiling each opther in a huge, climatic, and awsome battle

All vs. each other in a great story that has each of their universes being destroyed and they think that each other is causing it and they all fight each other in a great battle


Think that Moon Knight will have a good year because of the showdown with Bullseye and stuff it could be just what he needs to get a little more respect in the world

Also I think that the JLA will have a great year with the new team and all maybe DC could come up with some great storys

Lastly, I think that the Teen Titans will have a great year i don't know why i can just feel it maybe its more like I think Red Devil will have a good year I don't know

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I think the Joker would throw a funny ass party of course u would die at the end but at least u partied hard!

Also I think that Aquaman or Namor would throw the best party ever because hello ATLANTIS, HOT MERMAIDS, and with Aquaman u would Party forever!!!!

I also think that S.H.I.E.L.D. would throw a great ass party on the Helicarrier. BOOOOYAAAA!!! Hot shield agents for ur partiying pleasure

Lastly I think that Wonder Woman and the Amazons would throw the sexiest and wildest party uve ever seen and i don't think i need to say why but i will SEXIEST SEX U HAVE EVER HAD IN UR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!

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I don't know if it will work with all powerful chracters like Superman, Captain Atom, and Captain Marvel but it will certainly work for people like Batman, Green Arrow, Flash, and Deathstroke but like i said not with all powerful characters so i say yes.

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