Who Knew?

things I would have never come across with out comicvine!

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Posted by Decept-O

This is one of the reasons why I like this site. Finding characters and stories you may not have heard of before or had read but forgotten. Plenty of ones here I am not familiar with myself. Awesome.

Posted by Deadknight

Nice list, and true enough; there are tons of things I would never have found without Comicvine, but I don't think I could ever make a list comprehensive enough to list them all. It's interesting that a few of the things in your list are actually some of the things I have Comicvine to thank for as well.

Posted by tamabone

I am a huge fan of forgotten characters. love this list.

Posted by Iron Apollo

@tamabone: thank you very much, I am too!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I didn`t know Karlo either.

Posted by Tolliver_Trask

Great list, I'm a big fan of Blue Diamond. I also love finding obscure characters on here, this site is wonderful for that.

Posted by Iron Apollo

@toliver_trask thanks man!

Posted by name_already_chosen

Nice idea, but I would much have preferred that you had listed what surprised you next to each character. It's needlessly difficult to guess sometimes what you personally found surprising enough to merit inclusion in your list.

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

nice to see you have learnt so much form a great site