My first month at CV -retrospective

Hmm well looking back at the few posts Ive made this year & I do seem to be moaning a lot..overly negative but its only when I see things I love dumped on..Im stoked about the new Trek movie this year..another season ofTrue Blood Ancient Aliens season..Loved Avengers..Whedon is great! death to the Singer & the No'lan..

I guess im that fussy I didnt watch Tintin cos Capt.Haddock's nose was wrong lol

I still have Avengers vs X-Men to read & some JLA so Im good..

I havent read the latest ABC Warriors,gunna wait for the collection..& um..Im pretty intrigued by this H'El dude

Oh yeah I would like to reccommend a great (adult) comic for my American comic buddies (well Ive not actually met any yet but)..anyone who's reading this-you NEED to check out Pat Mills & Oliver LeDroits Requiem (Vampire Knight)..its so cool & its Pat (2000ad creator/Dredd/ABC Warriors/Slaine/Finn/Flesh creator..also he's written Batman etc)Mills & awesome Froggie artist LeDroit..This book is SICK

PS..Love this site think Im gonna stay & go premium in due course (paid yearly so Im brassic)

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