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Posted by Liberty

Good list.  I haven't seen one like it.

Posted by Bencif

Thanks for the list. Nice to see that there are some with tattoos that aren't directly related to their powers and abilities.

Posted by Leliel

Very unique list I think have to give you props of searching the characters

Posted by papad1992

Thanks... my question was more towards the X-men (which u got Loa and Gentle) but thanks, really cool list!! U should add Madrox and Layla Miller (they got the "M" tattos on their face just like Bishop)!!
Posted by jakeeboi17

Good list! 
Willow (From a future X-Men timeline also has a tattoo!) As well as Githany and Darth Talon!

Posted by Cervantes

Great list, didn't know characters like Gentle...

Posted by B'Town

Awwwwesome. :D

Posted by Ruvik_

this was great.

Posted by Malhavok

Nice list. How about Blink?

Posted by Jya666

Cool list :)

Posted by oldnightcrawler

this list is great!

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Great list. Mr X is an underrated guy.