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You'll probably also want to check out Artifacts.

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Dr. Manhattan had some pretty impressive feats.

  • Size alteration
  • Ability to create duplicates
  • Teleportation (To Mars)
  • Telekinesis
  • Atomic Control
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Some parents don't give a **** at all. Pay no attention to their children and let them get into gangs, drugs, etc.. or worse they abuse their kids. The way I see it just be thankful the problem is your parents wanting you to have success.
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@strafe_prower: Ok, I get that you were only interested in pre 52 detectives. What does that have to do with Rorschach though? Do you think he only got introduced after the New 52? What Dr. Cheese was saying is that he doesn't think he counts because he's not in the same universe with Batman and such.

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@strafe_prower: What does pre-52 or or new 52 have anything to do with Rorschach?

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This got me thinking about what if Star Wars crossed with Guardians of the Galaxy. The interaction between Rocket and Han Solo would be funny as well as Groot and Chewbacca...

Groot: I am groot

Chewy: aaaagggoooowwwwrrr

Groot: I am groot

Chewy: uuugggggaaarrrtttt

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Mark Waid has created some cool badguys for Daredevil in the last five years...


Purple Children
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@ms-lola: Hey sometimes those smaller shows can be better because there's a more personal experience. The Fan Expo in Toronto has been one I looked at as well. Lot's and lot's of really awesome guests. It's pretty much as big as San Diego or New York for sure. I'd have to get everyone passports though. Might be too big also as I see it can get upwards of 140,000 attendees.

Oh, I understand completely what you are saying and I love the real homemade costumes that people make sometimes. As long as you enjoy what you do and it doesn't hurt anyone else it's all good though.

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@rbt said:

Not as overrated as GoTG though.

Really? Because I've actually seen people say TDK is one of the greatest movies ever. Not just one of the greatest comic movies but one of the greatest in any genre. Considering I also think Begins is better I'd say putting TDK that high is overrating it quite a bit. Guardians on the other hand just happen to have a lot of people who thought it was a fun enjoyable movie from what I've seen. Nobody claiming it to be a cinematic masterpiece. As the OP says though it's all just opinions anyway.