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Pattinson "bring a little sparkle to the role of Negan"..... ha ha. That's a good one.

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No. I'd say my collection is worth about 5k and it means more to me personally anyway.

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When is Shadowland coming to Secret Wars?

Good question.

House of M.... another title added to the list.

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Ray was 70 years old throwing his leg up on the piano like it was the 1960's again. He didn't care that it was just another of the thousands of shows he's done. He rocked like it was the performance of a lifetime. That's just the kind of true passion the man had for music and entertaining. I had him sign his book My Life with the Doors. Great read if you ever get the chance.

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Ray Manzarek / The Doors

I met Ray about two years before his passing. The Doors are my favorite band of all time and I was lucky enough to see him and Robbie perform then go backstage and meet the two.

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Guess I'll just always see Steve Rogers as "Cap" and I knew he'd still have a role in the comic. It took me a while to really warm up to Bucky even wearing the uniform and taking on the role. I don't think just anyone can be "Captain America." Nothing against Falcon (I hope this helps bring him popularity and respect) but Steve Rogers is suppose to be a one of a kind person and his character shouldn't be dismissed in the importance of being "Cap." I'm sure Falcon will have some good showings coming up and I think he's got something going with the Mighty Avengers too but Steve Rogers is the man that Thor follows into battle and that's who I follow as well.

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Red - I'm more likely to gain superpowers in the fictional world rather than my own.

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@g_man: @longbowhunter: Franco is suppose to be at a convention I'm going to in a couple weeks the East Coast Comic Con (formerly Asbury Park Con). Both me and one of my daughters are looking forward to seeing him. She is familiar with him from Itty Bitty Hellboy. Hopefully we'll get a commission.

I have never seen the Tinman look so awesome. Freddie Williams II really nailed that one. Also really like Joel Gomez's Moon Knight.

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This is the best I've ever seen Green Arrow look and this is the beard he should have...