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Does Marvel care about their fans? Yes. Do they do everything fans want? No. Marvel is a business, not a fan service. Some fans need to understand this and stop whining every time Marvel changes something or tries something new and different.

Agreed. To add to it I'd like to point out that fans don't always want the same things, so to do everything fans want is an impossible task.

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I collect about 6 Marvel titles and about 17 Independent titles.

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I haven't been keeping up with recent news. This is the first I heard the series was getting cancelled. That sucks. I was really hoping this would end up as his longest run.

There is just so much more they can do with him and so much more they can tell in a solo book. Fckkk.

I haven't seen anything to show that his respect has risen but that said, ever since New Son I would say it's pretty clear that Gambit is a "potential beast" for sure.

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My favorite vampires are the ones either getting sliced up by Blade or shot with holy bullets by Seth Gecko.

Never seen True Blood.

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Because I can actually remember you making the exact same post a long time ago at least two times previously when I was on the site more often. I mean did you copy it from one of those previous posts or what? Funny that after all this time it's just the same ol' same ol'.

I don't feel you understand the character (evidenced by your post) nor do you truly want to understand the character. Like I said it's all one version. What you pointed out were not different takes but actually just parts of a whole. It sure seems like you are someone that just likes to take the opportunity to degrade a character you don't care for. Basically, I don't understand why you post about Wolverine at all. You don't see me posting about Jason Todd for instance because I don't care about the character in the slightest.

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@fodigg said:

Which Wolverine we talking about here?

  • The anti-establishment loner
  • The savage beast
  • The mindless weapon X
  • The Canadian mountain man
  • The WWII vet
  • The black ops soldier
  • The international underworld operative (i.e., "Patch")
  • The Samurai
  • The unrepentant killer/hit man
  • The mentor (e.g., Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Armor, Oya)
  • The schoolmaster

Too many cooks and too many years of outrageous popularity has created a myriad of versions of the character.

It's all one version. I'm not going to argue with you about it either. I've seen you on CV for years now still posting the same ol' crap. In fact you know what the great thing about comic books is? You get to take what you want and count it. As in not everything written about Wolverine in every comic matters nor does it all need to line up in a perfect little row for you. Go post about spidey or tvtropes....

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@billy_batson: Everyone is a hypocrite. I like that he's a psychopath and I don't feel he's an all round horrible person. I feel at this time we are going off-topic and that I don't really need to defend why I like a particular comic character. It's stupid and silly so... I'm done.

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Mike Deodato Jr.

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@irishx said:

@billy_batson: I don't really care what Moore thinks to be honest. He wrote some brilliant stories but otherwise is just a crazy fool. You telling me I'm not suppose to like Rorschach makes me like him even more.....

Even though Rorschach is a misogynist, homophobe, hypocrite, psychopath and all around horrible person?


Of course I disagree with your assessment and nobody is perfect. Heck you've been doing the annoying "BB" and typing in big bold letters thing for a long time for instance. I still like ya though billy b.

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@havenless: Place is a lot bigger than it looks from the front. I like the name of the shop and everything. Pretty cool with the spidey/doc-oc set up.