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  1. Wolverine
  2. Nightcrawler
  3. Magneto
  4. Iceman
  5. Kitty Pryde
  6. Colossus
  7. Gambit
  8. X-23
  9. Magik
  10. Warpath
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A better comparison would have been Joker and Sabretooth.

Either way I dont see how a skinny pansy like the Joker instills fear in people. Yeah, I get that he's crazy but that doesn't necessarily equate to fear.

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'Merica f*ck yeah! Let's put that F back in freedom!

Oh look, another post by mandarinestro about " 'Merica ".... in a thread that has nothing to do with it. Guess I was wrong.

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Daredevil's DD logo and Superman's S.

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It really doesn't matter if he was distracted. 100% or otherwise (not sure how that's determined). It doesn't matter that he was monologuing either. The fact is Zoom getting killed in that way is silly and stupid. Think about how time is perceived by Zoom. He literally had to just stand there and let Batman kill him with the sword. I'm sorry but as soon as the sword touches him he would no longer be distracted. If you think this death makes sense I have some prime swampland in Florida to sell you.
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@koshi_waza88:  Why would a sword make more sense than a bullet? Also, even if Zoom was distracted I'm pretty sure he has a fast enough reaction time that as soon as the sword touched him he could move and/or phase his body. It's just a silly comic book death.
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I'm pretty lucky when it comes to this comic.....

Herb Trimpe signed my Hulk 181 the day before he passed away. It was slabbed prior to being signed and graded as a 9.0. Well it had to get re-graded after being signed and it came back today as a 9.2!!! I had always said that the wrap was perfect and that I thought the original grade was low.

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@mandarinestro:   All I can speak to is what I've seen. Maybe you post more often than those others mentioned? Of course you're not the only one hating on America. I've been on the internet since '03 and have come across many people on many sites and I can honestly say that you still stood out amongst all that. It's just that it becomes tiresome and since I wanted to say something many other times I thought I would get it over with and speak my two cents. Also, please don't think you can constantly insult Americans and then not expect someone to respond at all. You mention the others but it's important to take responsibility for your own words and actions. Does what they say make what you say any less insulting? In my personal opinion the use of "'Murica" is just dumb. I don't find it offensive or insulting but that the person using it is simple-minded whether they are an American saying it or otherwise.