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Comics much of the time reflect current society and with things heading in a darker direction (imo) it's fitting. That said there is a great variety of comics out there and if you look around it's not too hard to find lighter or even humorous comics.

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@irishx: All quest are being locked

I wasn't talking about the CV staff making official quests again. I was talking about any individual could come up with a list of quests and make a game of it.

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They were really popular and helped a lot of new readers by introducing them more to the wiki and things they otherwise might not have seen.

I'm actually a little surprised someone hasn't taken the initiative to make their own Quest game. It is some work and def. wouldn't be easy so I understand.

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Well the difference between my post and yours is that you said the site has never been pro-DC "ever". Speaking on the history of the site. My post is implied that I'm giving my opinion based on my time here. I thought that was pretty clear and obvious especially after I just pointed out your error. I did have a feeling you would respond with that though.

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And despite what folks say..this site has never been pro-DC..ever.

How do you know that? According to your profile you joined in '12. Comicvine has been around since '06. I guess what you mean is that despite what other people say your opinion (which holds no more weight than any of those other folks) is that the site has never been pro-DC... in the time you've been here.

I joined in '09 and in my opinion this site has always been pro-DC.

I also think comments like "Marvel comics are more for kids" are quite ridiculous and make me take anything you say much less seriously. Just sayin'

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That's what I figured but just wanted to be sure. Agree with that also btw.

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Hope Summers. She is a plot device character that is a crappy and annoying character in of itself, led to a crappy event, and now that her reason for being created is done and passed, Marvel has no idea what to do with her.

Agree with Hope but which "crappy event" are you refering to?

I used to always say Daken should have never been created but I've backed off that somewhat.

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Batman easy.

Daredevil will beat you to a bloody pulp and show much less mercy.

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  • Gambit - He is better as a solo character in his own series rather than backround on a random X-team. His last series felt like it barely started when it ended as well. There are so many stories that could be explored around him and I would love to see more in a great place like New Orleans.
  • Warpath - Even if it's just a mini-series I would really like to see it done and have been waiting a while for it.


  • The Rogues - I am really only a Flash reader for DC and a big part of that is The Rogues. Would love for them to have their own ongoing series.

I also think the Kingpin idea is interesting and would definitely consider getting it depending on who the creative team was.

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Wolverine #1 (1988) & Deathblow #1 were the first two comics I bought and got me into the world of comics.

Hellboy: The Island is my favorite story of his and really made me a die-hard fan.

Cobra #12 is a comic that will easily go unnoticed by most comic readers. Sadly they will have missed out on one of the best single issues ever. To fully appreciate it you need to read the previous Cobra series with Chuckles going undercover in the organization.