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It's a good lineup. Thanks for the info as well!
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The X-Men are the best.

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Daredevil #508 
X-Men Second Coming #2 
X-Men: Hellbound #3 

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Villains also?  



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@MikeEL said:

"Its okay to publish so many--because they SELL?  No they don't.
X-men sold 800,000 copies per month in the 80s. Today it sells around 80,000. So, instead of  making one good X-men comic, and marketing it to a bigger audience, they take their tiny audience of fan-boys, and milk them for all their worth. Same goes for Batman, Superman, Spider-man and now Avengers. They are NOT selling. If they were, they wouldn't need to make so many spin-offs. "

Interesting first post. I'd love it if you could post a source for those numbers. Otherwise your entire post seems to be wrong.
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I tend to like "street level" characters which probably goes along with me not being a fan of Thor. So I understand OP.

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I would say based on when the first came out the second issue should be August 11th. That's just a guess though. 
I bought it Thu. but haven't read it yet as I'm waiting 'till Second Coming actually finishes this Wed. Still don't understand why it would come out before that....



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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
He's a hairy, smelly midget who likes to hit on married women and growl a lot. Yeah, I'm surprised women aren't breaking down the door to get to him too. "

Just stop with your Wolverine hatin'. I swear do you go one day without posting something negative about him? 
I always find it funny when people hate a character yet keep posting about them all the time.
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Not particularly a fan of his comedic side but I do like it when he turns on his bad ass side. I also like that he breaks the 4th wall.

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@blackcanaryguy said:

Is that a joke?  DC has more iconic characters than Marvel, certainly in popular culture at large. "

I bet the average person could name more X-Men let alone Marvel characters than they could DC characters. 
On the subject.... 
It can be extremely confusing to a new reader with the amount of titles out there.  After you've figured out what is what then you can just pick and choose which comics to prioritize. I think it's a good thing to have more choices for the most part and it should mean more opportunities for more characters to get some face time.