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@razzatazz: Thank you and thanks for checking it out as well.

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@wundagoreborn: Sweet. Definitely message me if you post anything. Baltimore really does look like an awesome show.

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@bumpyboo: Thanks. It really was a great time. Whenever we go to a con or any vacation we always say that your experience is what you make it so we try to enjoy ourselves even when things don't always go our way.

@nickthedevil: I'm only going by prices I've seen on the internet. Seems like his commissioned sketches are like a thousand or more. I was very excited to meet Esad Ribic as well and found out he was similarly out of my range.

How 'bout them costumes eh? I love the Iron Throne one. Unbelievable job making that and having to squat down everytime someone asks for a picture is quite the commitment. I keep saying Mickey Mouse with Light Saber would have been better if Mickey also had a Jedi robe with it.

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@nickthedevil: Have anything in mind to get signed by him? His style really suited Spawn.

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@nickthedevil: That's awesome mate. Baltimore is the other Con we are considering for '15 actually. It gets some really great artists and I like that there is a focus on the comic side of things. I know he's out of my price range but Alex Maleev will be there and it would be very cool to see him anyway. He'd be at the top of my list personally. Finch would be a must see as well and someone I'd really like to get a sketch from someday. Capullo is so popular right now and had a huge line in Boston.

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@nickthedevil: @rev_sulphur:

Not every artist does sketches. There can be a variety of reasons for that but I will say it never hurts to ask. I went to the con actually hoping to get a sketch done by Adam Kubert but ended up finding it he was only even at his table for short hour to hour and half signing periods so that can be the case as well.

You can stand at the artists table and watch them draw but most of the time they will ask you to give them an hour or more and then come back. If it's late in the Con's day and you and the artist will both be there the next day they can do the art at night in their hotel. If need be you can always have it mailed to you by the artist as well. I've seen people set up camera's and actually film it as well though so I guess it's really up to you.

Most of the artists are real people and are flexible as well. I'd say it's pretty casual speaking with them as long as you are familiar with their work. Some have price signs telling stating a price like $50 Head Sketch $75 Inked Head Sketch $100 Color or $40 Head Sketch $80 Bust (Waist up) $120 Full body. I happen to have a smaller sketch book which is 8x5 so the artists are willing to give me a bit of a discounted price sometimes.

The artists really seem to enjoy taking on different requests and there isn't a problem doing any character that I've seen so far. Keron Grant really threw me actually because when I asked him to do Hellboy he responded with..."I'm never done Hellboy" followed by a pause and just when I was gonna offer a different choice he said... "Let's do it!". Years ago people had to bring reference material with them to cons but now all of these artists can easily look up references of the character on their phones and such.

Nick which Con are you going to?

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Figured I'd give this one more chance to be seen.

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Magneto kneeling down....

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Mike Mignola is my favorite writer and although I don't collect all his series I do get most.

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