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GoT! Why would anyone choose The Walking Dead?

Because you are more likely to die in GOT. Probably by the second day.

How is this...? Does not compute..??.. on what planet would anyone rather live in a zombie apocalypse? Battling hunger, disease, human raiders, human cannibals and oh yeah... zombies!

Make me a noble in Game of Thrones with ambition or a decent amount of power. I'd ally with the Bank of Westeros and Dorn.

In GOT you get human raiders, human cannibals, zombies plus... dire wolves, giants, and dragons. Not too mention anyone you "ally" with is most likely planning to have you killed and soon.

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For those picking Red Sonja, don't forget in order to get the most out of your one night stand you'll have to defeat her in battle.

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TWD - I feel like other than the Zombies and struggle for food it wouldn't be that bad. Back to the basics can in many ways be a good thing. In GOT I'd probably be stabbed in the back and executed within a week....

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Elektra cover was definitely my favorite of the week.

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@z3ro180: Sure. He was featured in the Uncanny X-Men storyline Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire and a couple others. Here is a listing of the issues from the Uncanny series that (according to CV) he appeared in.... Warpath comics.

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@deadgod: I think it's pretty good for sure. I'm going to start reading God is Dead soon as well.

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@wolverine08: Ah, I know mate. I was just giving ya a little sh*t for being young still.

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@witchboyofboston: Cool to see people who are going to the Boston Con. I'm pretty excited as it'll be my first big con.

@kgb725: It depends on how big the Con is really. A smaller local show like where I live can cost $5-10 while a larger show like NYCC can cost $60 per day. The bigger cost is when you are purchasing art, toys, collectibles, and all that stuff. It can become an expensive event even at those smaller shows.

From what I've seen the average cost to get a "Entertainment Star" autograph is about $40-50 up to $100 in some cases. These are tv and movie actors like the cast of The Walking Dead or William Shatner. Getting a commission from artists can vary greatly. You can get a nice sketch done by someone less known for $25-$50 but if you want one done by Alex Maleev you might have to save up for some time before going. Although I got one done for free last year by Tom Raney so you never know you could always get lucky.