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@farkam: Good luck with that. I've said and done nothing worthy of being flagged. Congrats, it's the first time (that I know of) in over 4 years in my time on CV.

@jaken7: I said exactly what I meant. Just because you don't feel you are an a****** doesn't mean you aren't. What you wrote is basically gibberish that makes no sense.

I don't think context matters as the term "white tears" is offensive no matter how it's being used. I said that in my first post.

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@jeanralphio: I have Irish and Native American ancestry. Is that "white"?

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@jaken7: I didn't say you were racist. You being white has nothing to do with you being whatever you want to fill those blanks in with.

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@jaken7 said:

@jeanralphio: That's right. It's really awesome! LOL

Something just tickles me about young black dudes jubilantly celebrating like funny mofos while some white chick looks really pouty and cries a bit.

That "something" is you being an _ _ _ _ _ _ _. This thread is a complete joke. The only real purpose it serves it to point out which users here are racist (half of which don't think they are).

@sc You gotta be kidding with the whole "white tears" thing. I can't see how it can be used in any way that isn't offensive.

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@k4tzm4n: Props for giving Mike Deodato Jr. respect man! He's my favorite comic artist.

I've been in contact with Deodato's manager/agency about getting a commission done. We talked slightly about prices and time but I told him I was looking for something similar to the cover of Wolverine Orgins 28. Hopefully I'll hear back soon about it.

I plan on getting a commission done by Adam Kubert later this year and the impossible commission's that I'll never be able to get done because I don't think they do them are.... Jae Lee & Mike Mignola.

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@shonen3: Maybe it's similar to how Taskmaster is. He can copy the moves that Spider-Man does but he'll never be able to perform them with the same agility or flexibility.

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It picks up where the movie left off and is continuing the adventures of Jack Burton. That is just what I was wondering about when it first got announced. Awesome news.

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Read it. Not impressed.

While I really enjoyed The Immortal Iron Fist I definitely feel it gets a bit too much praise. Steel Serpent is great though and I would put him on my fantasy Thunderbolts team.