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@wolverine08: You were suppose to watch Friday a week ago.

Just thinking about future Comic Conventions I'll be heading to this year. Outside of the many comic artists and creators it's a really great year for me as I'll be meeting a few celebrities that are on my very short list that I care to meet.

MassiveCon - A new con in Massachussetts that will have Richard Dreyfuss. My daughter and I are big fans of Jaws so that will be awesome. Also Dante Basco will be there. He was Rufio in the film Hook. Loved Hook.

Connecticut ComiCONN - Ke Huy Quan is the actor who played Data in the Goonies and he was also short round in the Indiana Jones films. Already got to meet Sean Astin last year so I'm psyched to meet my second goonie.

Rhode Island Comic Con - Ron Pearlman is Hellboy. I'm a big fan of Hellboy and Ron is right near the top of my list. This one will be sick. Doug Jones who played Abe Sapien will actually be there as well.

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@captain_batman_ftw: No. Daredevil Yellow is not "canon". It is a great mini and of course has beautiful art by Tim Sale but it's just another take on DD's origin. Frank Miller's Man Without Fear is considered the definitive or "canon" origin at this time.

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@uhypocrite: Well we did get House of M. I'm glad to see that at least.

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@penguindust: I'm actually hoping to do a mash-up and cosplay as the Legion of Sith. The wrestling duo Hawk and Animal as sith lords some time later this year.

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@ms-lola: Peter was very popular. He stole the show cracking everyone up at the costume contest. I won a prize at the costume contest actually because they also did some trivia and someone had to name three Reverse-Flashes and while Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon was named it seemed nobody there could name a third so I finally yelled out Danny West and I won a Marv action figure which is perfect 'cause I love Sin City and Marv.

Thank you so much. I was happy she went with Elektra but I was worried at first how to do it kid friendly. I think it worked out pretty good. Right now the little one is looking to be Miss Martian next and my oldest wants to be Black Canary (N52) but again gotta make it a bit more kid friendly.

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@irishx said:

I was just thinking last week about how I'm probably one of the very few comic collectors (especially with the size of my collection) who doesn't own any Batman or Superman.

Well, this is no longer true. I now own two Superman and six Batman tpb's.

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@ms-lola: So sad about Herb Trimpe. He looked good sketching and signing for people. He looked happy and I'm glad to have that memory of him. Also thank you for all the kind words.

I'm so happy to have someone else confirm for me that he looks like Tim Sale's version. Unfortunately Superman himself was unfamiliar with it.

I wish we got more photos because there was some more awesome cosplay I'd like to have shown. This one guy does the best penguin I've ever seen. He played it 100% in character too which always makes a difference.

We had a lot of fun doing the big photoshoot for the first time. The girls had seen pictures of cosplayers doing it before and always wanted to join in on one. Everyone was cool as well. Superman put Batgirl up on one shoulder and told Batman "this is how you do it" and Batman broke out a little vial of kryptonite. Lots of laughs and good times.

There was a professional photographer there and he got a good shot of the girls but I can't post the picture here. Check out this link here at JasonLaboyPhotography to see one more of Rukia and Elektra. Elektra actually made it onto a youtube video as well! (She's there at about 1:15)

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Snake-Eyes: Mute
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I have no idea why I still come to this site. I especially have no idea why I still post blogs about going to comic cons.

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@wolverine08: Check out my blog and see my family and I cosplay as The Court of Owls mate.

I was talking about a situation at work which led to me and my gf talking about "No Strings on Me." Which of course is getting famous for the new Avengers movie and the villain Ultron and the connection to Pinocchio. Anyway I found this image and thought it was pretty funny...