A Day at the local Comic Con

So yesterday was the local Comic Con in my area. It's pretty small but it gets some good creators such as Ron Marz and Joe Sinnott. Took the family and had fun seeing plenty of cosplayers and some good art.  
Got a print of a character / book not out yet (maybe never will be) but the creator said to look for it on Moonstone.  

Also got a book called War of the Woods. Cool little book about animals during an alien invasion. I was lucky enough to get the creator Matthew Petz to do a Hellboy sketch for me in the back of the book as well. 
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Looks like you had a good time =)

Posted by The Poet

cool sketch! it sounds fun...

Posted by feebadger

That Captain Midnight cover looks amazing. One to look out for?