East Coast Comic Con: Best Court of Owls Cosplay ever!

My family and I just attended the East Coast Comic Con (formerly called the Asbury Park Con) in NJ this past weekend. It's a show that prides itself on focusing on comic books and less on the pop/hollywood side of things. They had a good guest list including Jim Steranko, Neal Adams, Whilce Portacio, and Arthur Adams.

I got some wonderful sketches from artists Simon Bisley, Mark Texeira, Ian Dorian, Eric Talbot, Jacob Chabot, and Amy Reeder. Larry Hama signed my issue of G.I. Joe #21 which is Storm Shadows first appearance and also the famous "silent" issue. Wolverine is my favorite character and more exciting than anything was having the opportunity to get one of his co-creators, Herb Trimpe, to sign my copy of Incredible Hulk #181 (Logan's first appearance). Sadly Mr. Trimpe passed away on Monday and I feel blessed that I was able to meet him. R.I.P Herb.

Cosplay is something we also like to do in my family and this year for the first time we did a cosplay together as a family. The Court of Owls came to take over the ECCC. The second day my daughters also cosplayed as Elektra & Rukia (Bleach). We were also lucky enough to meet up with some other DC cosplayers and do a photoshoot with them which was a ton of fun. Here are some pictures from the shoot and other cosplay from around the con. I hope you enjoy!


Three Days at the Boston Comic Con

A couple weeks ago my family and I attended the Boston Comic Con. It was our first big con drawing an estimated forty thousand fans. The big names there were Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Adam Kubert, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mark Waid, Eric Powell, Tim Bradstreet, Jeff Smith, Clay Mann as well as celebrity guests Jason Momoa, Sean Astin, Jewel Staite, and James Marsters. There were many more great guests but I can't go listing everyone.

This year my daughters and I decided to start sketchbook collections. The first picture I got in my book was by artist Mike Lilly who I asked to draw a picture of Khal Drogo from the show Game of Thrones. I thought it would be cool to have a sketch done and then get Jason Momoa to sign it. Well Jason thought the art was awesome and asked if he could take a picture of it himself. My family are all big Goonies fans and it was also really huge for us to get Sean Astin to sign a replica map we have as well.

Along with the Mike Lilly Drogo I also got a few more sketches in my book. Tim Bradstreet said he didn't commission sketches but he would sketch me something on the down low and I slipped him my book. Later I picked it up from him with an awesome Constantine sketch. I love seeing different artists takes on one of my very favorites Hellboy so I got some really sick sketches done by Keron Grant and Atomic Robo artist Scott Wegener.

I was lucky enough to get Adam Kubert to sign my copy of Wolverine 300 which is just one of my all-time favorite covers. Funny how I struggled with which one thing to bring to have him sign and then I end up in line by someone who had him sign literally hundreds of items. Eric Powell signed my Goon 10th anniversary sketch variant and even did a quick little Goon Head sketch on the cover as well. I also got a commission done by Clay Mann to do a $25 head sketch but he never showed up on Sunday. I'm probably going to have to just take that loss. (Update: I received the sketch done by Clay Mann in the mail. Thanks for the wonderful Wolverine head sketch Clay!)

We enjoy cosplaying and I was planning on attending as Moon Knight but there were costume malfunctions and I was only able to cosplay as him for a couple hours on the first day. I did Rorschach again like at our local con last year. My daughters went in new costumes as Android 18 from Dragonball Z and Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass. They also went as the Raven and Dark Phoenix costumes they had from our local con. There were some really great costumes all over and you could see a lot of work was put into some of them. Check out the gallery...

Boston Comic Con 2014 was really fun and we are definitely thinking about going again. I'll keep improving on the MK costume but I'm also planning a steampunk Daredevil thing after so hopefully that will work out. The girls have mentioned Harley and Ravager for their next costumes. Thanks for checking out our trip. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe we'll see you there next year!


A Day at the local Comic Con 2: Books, Babes, and Bad-@ss Cosplay

This is the second year my family and I attended our local comic book convention. The top creators there were Joe Sinnott, Tom Raney, and Rodney Ramos. We decided to cosplay for the first time and we really had a great day taking many photos and being asked to be in a lot of them. I went as Rorschach and my daughters went as Raven & Dark Phoenix. We also picked up some art and met some cool people as well.

We mean business!

Here's the whole team getting ready to enter the Con....

Cosplay is serious stuff.

Here is the main floor and pictures of some of the many other cosplayers in attendance...

Guess who won the costume contest...

Jean Grey (aka Dark Phoenix) Winner!

We also picked up some art as well...

You may hear sometimes that artists don't really like doing sketches or that the prices they charge can be high and in no small part because people will get them done and have them up on Ebay the next day, or that they just might not be all that friendly to the fans. I say this because Tom Raney was nothing but a down to earth cool person who actually did a wonderful Logan sketch for me completely free. This will be framed, hung on my wall, and will always be appreciated.

Thanks Tom!

Nikkol Jelenic is a beautiful and talented artist who we got a couple prints from...

Also got these really cool art pieces by artist Ryan Browne from ZombiePetz.com

Well I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and thanks for checking it out.


A Day at the local Comic Con

So yesterday was the local Comic Con in my area. It's pretty small but it gets some good creators such as Ron Marz and Joe Sinnott. Took the family and had fun seeing plenty of cosplayers and some good art.  
Got a print of a character / book not out yet (maybe never will be) but the creator said to look for it on Moonstone.  

Also got a book called War of the Woods. Cool little book about animals during an alien invasion. I was lucky enough to get the creator Matthew Petz to do a Hellboy sketch for me in the back of the book as well. 

Ode to Wolverine (IrishX's Top 50 Covers)

I've been wanting to make a Top 50 Cover list for Wolverine for a long time and so I finally got around to doing so.  Remember this is just some of my favorites... of course everyone would have different choices but hopefully all the Wolvie fans out there enjoy anyway.  
Note: List only includes Self-Titled covers (No X-Men, X-Force, etc...). You can click on the smaller images to see the bigger versions of them.