Marvel Mayhem Character List

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Posted by Rabbitearsblog

This is awesome!!! Now we can keep up with which characters are being used!

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Nice listing

Posted by JJ62

Hey man, can you add Mysterio and Kingpin to mine. I'm going to be using them as villains through out the stories.

Posted by YoungJustice

Can you add Jeremy Briggs for me, he's going to be a main villain on AA

Posted by ImpurestCheese

Hey can somebody put Victoria Hand on the list for the Thunderbolts please.

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May somebody add Dragunov to list?

Posted by ImpurestCheese

Wow didn't even realise the J11 guys had been added. Thanks Irishlad.

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Could you add my name to Hank Pym? YoungJustice and I are sort of sharing him.

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Awesome !!!!

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I am currently debating a character to add to my lineup. Irishlad, send me an PM since I want to discuss something about her with you.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Please add Dragon Man, Ultron, Vernon van Dyne and also Wasp for future dibs if possible. Also please add Hank Pym as I am sharing him with YoungJustice.