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@judasnixon: Love and Rockets is an interesting one I've never heard of it before.

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I'm looking for some classics to read up on but I find sometimes that either the concept, the art or just the slang or language used can be really jarring at times and hard to get into.


-It has to be AT LEAST 14 years old.

-Try not to let nostalgia cloud your judgement.

-Try to give a reason why.

For me the best choice is The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

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@4donkeyjohnson: The list was always going to be debatable but in my opinion between Mary's looks and multiple personalities she can get people to trust her quicker than Bullseye which sucks for the target. Also her telekinesis, pyrokinesis and mind control allow her to have a much better chance at mass killing then Bullseye.

Not saying I'm right, just how things are written, also there's some funny storytelling to be told with Bullseye being extremely irritated at being number 4.

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@4donkeyjohnson: I get what you're saying, with the opening 2 I was kind of trying to throw the reader around the place to create a sense of urgency and confusion, it should be less choppy on the remaining three chapters since things will be getting resolved and tying back together if that makes sense so hopefully you'll stick around until then...

Yup, batkev will be working on the next chapter, it'll be out in the next couple of days.

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Previous Chapter Here:

For More Mayhem Go Here:


Fisk Industries, Hell's Kitchen

Two men drove up to the glowing tower in New York City that contained a building full of assassins with a red carpet of blood leading into the entrance.

"Home sweet home."


I.T Department, S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters

A man with dark rimmed glasses typed exhaustedly on his computer, he hadn't moved from his chair for eight hours and the code he was typing started to seem like a blurb of nothing more than the 1s and 0s hidden underneath the words he was typing.

"Hey" a voice from behind said affirmatively.

A man in S.H.I.E.L.D's typical black sunglasses, black tie and white shirt presented himself to the programmer.

"I can wrap up for you tonight Weasel" the man suggested.

Weasel continued to tip tap at his keyboard as if he weren't there and let out a slight grunt "No Coulson it's my job and I'm gonna finish it, the new security protocol should be up in five minutes."

"Very well" Coulson replied as he removed his black sunglasses to reveal a yellow glow in his eyes.

Weasel abruptly stopped typing as his eyes shook from left to right in shock as Coulson's face withered into a blue complexion.

The shape-shifter Mystique presented her gun with the compliment of a wink "I'll have plenty of time to kill you then".


Fisk Industries, Hell's Kitchen

Assassin List Ranking: #173

Blacklash whipped the ground "How much longer do we have to stand guard?"

Assassin List Ranking: #164

Skullbuster bemoaned Blacklashes whining "Not much longer, the Baron will be arriving shortly to take the Kingpin's position we shouldn't have too much trouble."

"HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP" a voice shouted from afar.

"You were saying?" Blacklash commented as the two ran down the corridor.

The two peered down the hallway but there was nothing to be seen.

"It must have been someone from outside" Skullbuster suggested.

Blacklash acknowledged "We should return to...wait did that shadow just move?"

The two aimed their guns at the unknown entity that was indecipherable due to the darkness of the room.

"WHO GOES THERE?" Blacklash demanded to know.

"I am a pool of death".


The radio frequencies emitted across New York City with a sense of urgency "T-this zzzt is Mercy Liddle from the Daily Bugle, I...I've stepped outside and seen bodies of people. Some of them looked dressed up for the occasion in guns zzzt and knives but others....others just wanted to go home. Szzztay home, don't even let them get a clear shot through your window zzzt. I know I'm meant to have a positive spin on things but I need to make myself clear. Things zzzt will only get worse before they get better. We're only in the first hour. Do not panic. If you do you will die. Good luck, ladies and gentlemen we are in hell, lets hope it doesn't last long."


Fisk Industries, Hell's Kitchen

Blacklash and Skullbuster stared directly at one another as if the other knew what they were thinking.

Blacklash walked closer with his glowing whips as Skullbuster covered "BWAHAHAHA I commend you for being lucky enough to make it so high up but if you think you can scare us off when we have an army downstairs then you are mistaken you stupid child."

"This army?" the shadow figure rolled a head out one at a time that stopped Blacklash in his tracks.

Blacklash started to creep backwards as he counted the grand total of sixteen heads that slowly rolled towards him, all of which were assassins that had nigh unmissable accuracy.

"SHOOT IT NOW" Blacklash yelled as Skullbuster shot a blaze of bullets.

The figure absorbed them and he produced a third hand that held a dart.

"WHAT IS THAT THING?" Skullbuster asked.

The dart flew at Blacklash who broke it with his whip.

"RUN" Blacklash commanded as they ran down the hall.

Another dart flung at Blacklash's back knocking him on to the ground.

Skullbuster looked back to see Blacklash dragged into the shadows.


Weisman Institute

"You're going WHERE?" Theresa shouted over the phone to Jamie Madrox.

Jamie cringed with the shriek of the woman who lived up to her superheroic name of Banshee "An might lead me to what's going on tonight."

Banshee commented "I'm pretty sure the Daily Bugle has said repeatedly to stay in doors".

"I am in doors" Jamie replied.

"Shut up you know what I mean." Banshee dismissed.

Jamie Madrox creaked open the door to the abandoned asylum.

Banshee continued "It's like you're married to danger."

"I'll be okay" Jamie simply stated realising the truth in Banshee's words.

"You better" Banshee insisted.

"Be safe".

Jamie hesitantly shuffled his way down the corridor and observed his surroundings of blood painted left and right.

He dabbed a piece of his glove on a piece of blood on the ground but it was so hardened he couldn't pick it up.

The blood was old, which means it must have been left here 15 years ago when the institution closed down.

The smell of gone off meat confirmed it.

What would be so scary that people didn't want to step foot in here again? Jamie thought as he moved forward slower and slower as his curiosity waned with the less and less secure he felt.

brshh brr

A sound from an external source came from down the hallway, Jamie was walking down.

Jamie removed his shoes and tossed them to the side as he maneuvered cautiously towards the end of the hallway.


What was that sound? Jamie pondered as he was halfway down the hallway.


Jamie reached the end of the hallway and leaned over.

His eyes shot outward and fizzled back as he noted it was a man with a brush.

"It's strange" the man commented as he noticed Jamie hiding behind the wall.

The man continued "I told myself I'd never come back here because I was terrified to death at even the sight of it, but now that I'm here and with what's going on out there I've never felt more at home."

Jamie observed the man's facial features "You're Dr. Weisman."

The man nodded.

Jamie moved as the man mopped the blood off the floor "That's great I think I know the man who's responsible for all of this and I think he was one of your patients."

A slight smile escaped Dr. Weisman "I've had many patients, you'd have to be more specific detective."

"Jeremy Stevens?" Jamie questioned "A woman named Matchmaker said she believes this was the earliest record of him."

Dr. Weisman's brush fell to the ground and he reached into his pocket to reveal a gun and began to shout profusely "No, we are not playing that game, not again. LEAVE ME ALONE!"


Fisk Industries, Hell's Kitchen

Skullbuster's back arced against the wall as the master marksman had run out of any other option other than accepting his fate "Please, before you kill me I must know...who are you?"

Skullbuster could hear the shadow's voice edging nearer and nearer "I am vengeance"

"I am the night"

"I AM..."

The lights flickered on.


Assassin List Ranking: #1

"And Bullseye" a second voice lamented holding darts.

Assassin List Ranking: #4

" two are no monsters" Skullbuster proclaimed.

"You won't kill me?" Skullbuster questioned.

Deadpool shook his head profusely "Oh no no no, we're not gonna kill you."

"We're not?" Bullseye stepped in.

Deadpool folded his arms "No, of course not."

A sign of relief was shown by Skullbuster as his neck became less tense.



I.T Department, S.H.I.E.L.D's Headquarters

Assassin List Ranking: #52

Mystique ordered Caliban a large brutish and pale creature to drag Weasel by the scruff of the neck into the elevator "Hmmm which one is the weaponry section? Ah here we go."

"W...what do you want?" Weasel nervously asked as the elevator ascended and Caliban's grip grew tighter.

"You'll see" Mystique smirked as the doors opened.

Mystique dragged Weasel to a number pad for the weaponry section.

"Open it" Mystique pointed her gun towards the door.

"I don't have clearance" Weasel protested.

Mystique chuckled "Tonight is a night with no rules Weasel, now open it before I shoot you in the head and get one of the other miserable louts to open it for me."

Caliban flung Weasel at the door cracking his glasses.

Weasel readjusted his vision and opened the door ", please don't kill me."

Mystique shrugged as she loaded on some of the weaponry and ammo she needed into a large cart for Caliban to carry "Very well but I have one more question, where is your friend Wade? Where is Deadpool?"

Weasel fell to the ground once more "I don't know".

Mystique's palm encroached her face "Oh well, there's always another way but I do hate drastic measures. Caliban fetch me the nearest phone. It's time for plan B."

Assassin List Ranking: #24


Deadpool placed his new cybernetic legs on the table as he checked to see what was on the television in Kingpin's extremely large white suit.

Bullseye walked into the room with a demented look.

Deadpool's cybernetic legs turned to Bullseye "There's something I've been meaning to ask you."

"Uh huh?" Bullseye half acknowledged as he continued to stare across the room.

"Why here exactly as our hideout from all the bad guys?" Deadpool wondered.

Bullseye picked up a newspaper and flicked through casually "I thought you'd have figured that out by now."

A back and forth between the two began with Deadpool beginning "I know it's well guarded and it is one of the highest places in New York so anyone who was coming we'd probably be able to see unless it was someone like Mystique who I highly doubt is a part of this story from a mile away. But wouldn't this really piss off your old boss Kingpin?"


"And wouldn't he send his assassins after us?"


"So what you're saying is, they're all coming for us right now as we speak?"



"High scorrrre"

"Oh well that makes sense."

"How many people do you need to kill to become number 1 without killing me again?"




Weisman Institute

"Please I-" Jamie attempted.

"NO" Weisman roared.

Weisman explained "YOU HAVE TAKEN ENOUGH FROM ME!"

"Who?" Jamie questioned.

"The man you work for...everything is a game, but not today".


Weisman's gun lodged a bullet into Jamie's shoulder presenting a duplicate of Jamie.

"" The man asked himself as he saw two Jamies.

"It's my power" Jamie explained as he duplicated fourteen times.

"NO NO NO" Weisman fired in a rapid circle but all he did was hit Jamie's dupes.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" Weisman demanded.

Jamie hid behind the pillar down the hallway "What did they do to you Weisman who did this to you? Tell me now and I promise I'll leave and try to help you stop them."

Weisman went into a crouching position waiting for Jamie to lunge at him at any moment "Gamesmaster, that's what Jeremy Stevens likes to call himself now. He killed everyone I've ever loved or worked with or even spoken to."

"Why not you?" Jamie inquired.

"He wants me to kill myself, to make me crazy. Any time someone promises to help it ends up being him giving me a false sense of hope. He wants me to feel alone like he felt he wants me to feel insane like he felt. It's okay though I'm going to kill every imposter he sends"

vvvt vvvt

"What is that noise?" Weisman pondered.

"Damn it Terry" Jamie whispered.

"Look just don't shoot me for like two minutes" Jamie pleaded as he answered the phone.

"JAMIE SOMEONE'S IN THE HOUSE!" Banshee screamed.

"What?" Jamie asked hurriedly before the sound of the phone flat-lined.

Jamie ran towards the door before finding Weisman standing in front of it.

Weisman's eyes turned into a ghostly white and blood thrickled down his nose, the Gamesmaster was speaking for Weisman now "No you can't leave yet Mr. Madrox, the game has only begun."

A syringe piereced Jamie's neck he attempted to move a few inches but his body eventually plunged to the ground.


Fisk Industries, Hell's Kitchen

"Are you freakin crazy?" Deadpool pulled out his katana and neared it towards Bullseye's throat.

Bullseye snarled "Me crazy? you're the one who talks to the voices in your head."

"I do not ta..." Deadpool attempted.

"HE HAS A POINT YOU KNOW" Wade's first schizophrenic voice commented.

"SHUT UP" Deadpool shouted back at his voice.

"See?" Bullseye pointed out.

Gunfire and explosives crashed through the windows.

An array of assassins belonging to Kingpin stood on top of the roofs surrounding Fisk Industries aiming their sights at Deadpool and Bullseye.

"Time to kill and become number one baby" a maniacal laugh from Bullseye made Wade cringe.


A reporter spoke on the news "This is Mercy Liddle reporting to you live outside the Daily Bugle, it would appear Daken, the Dark son of Wolverine has a woman by the name of Banshee on top of the building, it is unknown what he wants, but when officers reached out to him he simply said that who ever he is looking for will know what to do."

"TURN OFF THAT DAMN TV" Bullseye's playful and warm manner quickly turned into a serious and cold one.

"I can't" Wade replied.

Bullseye's face quickly turned back into a joyful one as he realised what had shut up the merc with a mouth "Waaaaaaait, that's the little Irish girl you have crush on isn't it? HAHAHAHA, this is gonna be one hell of a night."


Next Chapter Coming Soon....

Let Me Know What You Thought Down Below...

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@tommythehitman: Will do when I'm done reading the other series I need to catch up on, thanks for the comment!

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@tommythehitman: Not quite an X-Men lineup in fact Pixie will be the only one on the team that you could argue is an X-Man when everyone else is revealed.

Yup, he's my favourite character this is only the second time I've written him so it's about time I got around to writing him xD

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@batkevin74: It's definitely a much more different team to the original however the inspiration and the original team's ties should become apparent in the next couple of chapters.

Thanks for the comment!

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Chapter 1: Greetings Champion

A.N : I don't usually do these but in this case I'm going to make an exception.

This is the type of story that more or less scares away everyone on the opening so I probably shouldn't be posting it.

But since I wanted to try something new all I'll ask is you stick with it for a few chapters in order to get a glimpse at the full picture because it might not seem clear at first.



Jamie Madrox walked the quiet streets of New York with a reluctant stride.

You didn't have to be the most observant person in the world to realise that the noise of New York City screamed of money, power and crime every night between the blaring music, revving engines and gunfire.

Tonight however there was barely a screech of a tire.

Jamie thought it was both a pleasant and an unpleasant change of pace, he wasn't sure which way he more leaned towards but his hand started to jitter and flicker every now and then since he couldn't help but feel as though the quietness was the loudest scream of all.


A local telephone box disrupted Jamie's worrying train of thought.


His eyes quickly shot to an unusually coloured red telephone box that he had never seen before.


He entered the telephone box and spoke slowly into the phone "Hello?"

"GREETINGS CHAMPION: INTUITION" an unknown figure playfully announced across the phone.

"Who is this?" Jamie questioned.


"And how would you go about doing that?" Jamie asked in a mixed manner as he questioned why he was even entertaining the notion.


Jamie's palm was almost implanted into his forehead at the randomness of the conversation, he let out a slight chuckle as his hand eventually fell to his side.

"Fine, where I can find you?" Jamie questioned as he played along.


Jamie shook his head "Test? what test? and who are the five others?"

The phone Jamie was holding started to transform into a computer screen that started to morph down into a watch that latched itself across Jamie's wrist.

"G...get this off right now!" Jamie shouted.

The watch displayed a text.


"So what your saying is you want me to help you save the universe?" Pixie questioned.

"YES" the mysterious figure over the phone replied.

"And you decided to ask me this in a creepy phone box?" Pixie questioned.

"YES" the mysterious figure over the phone replied.

"Are you Dr. Who?" Pixie questioned.

"WHO?" the mysterious figure over the phone questioned in return.

"Doctor...ugh, we are not doing this, I'll help, I guess" Pixie replied.


The floor began to open underneath Pixie's feet and mechanical arms clamped on to her wings.

"HEY" Pixie shrieked as she was lifted up.

Pixie screamed as she was flung through the hole and down into a barren place at high velocity.

She attempted to fly upward but she was travelling at such a high speed that her wings were as useless as her screams.

"Ow" Pixie groaned as she eventually hit the ground.

She looked at her watch and questioned where she was.

Her lips started to tremble as she read what was on her watch and realised where she was.

"Oh I see...wait, WHY AM I BACK IN LIMBO?"


Thomas Shepard otherwise known as Speed felt a chilling breeze sweep across his face.

His eyes slowly opened and closed before darting into a wide eyed expression that resulted in him dashing in a panicked circle in order to find out why he was lying on a cold hard ground "WHERE AM I AND WHY AM I IN MY SUIT?"

"You are on an uncharted planet and you are here to learn old friend" a robotic voice responded.

"Jonas? you brought me here?" Speed enquired.

Vision shook his head "No, not I, it was another one like you. A Champion"

Speed scratched his head "Champion?"

Vision nodded "There is a Champion who is hacking a select groups phone calls, schedules and computer information in order to ask a request of them in what I believe is a phone box for some unorthodox reason. He tried hacking you, but I intervened. "

"What does this other Champion want?"

Vision's neck rigidly turned towards the horizon "This planet has seen something tragic happen to it, I have seen it and I could tell you what happened here but I do not know the full story. However the other Champion believes if you run at the speed of light, you will understand."

"I can't run at the speed of light and this whole thing seems completely bonkers anyway, take me home Jonas" Speed dismissed.

Vision hovered up in the air "True, you can't yet, but the other Champion would like to show you that he can disable those limitations through a demonstration."

The empty planet turned into a rainbow land where trees were made of cotton candy and the river flowed with chocolate.

"You have got to be kidding me" Speed insisted.

Vision pointed towards the other side of the planet "Now that your limitation of aggression has been combated through a projection of relaxing scenery you must run. If you can not see what it is he wishes for you to see you will be brought home."

Speed looked towards his endless destination and ran as fast as he could, he ran, tore and pushed against his boundary of speed as hard as he could and eventually he crashed through it.

"Oh my God how the hell am I doing this?" Speed looked down towards his feet that were indecipherable.

"What's that?"

A voice crept into Speed's head as he ran.

"NO" the voice shouted into his eardrum.

"What is that voice? It's not mine" Speed commented to himself as he attempted to push on and find more.

"What is it? Where are the children?"



Want to know what the heck is going on?

Tune in next week to find out!

Want to let me know you liked/disliked it

Comment below for much appreciation!

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@impurestcheese I wish I had more constructive criticism for you but I honestly do not see much wrong with this.

You continue to make B-Z List characters almost as or more interesting than the A-List ones :P

I'll have to wait and see for a few chapters to fully judge the story but I like where it's going so far.

Also the addition of the character's images and names at the beginning are a big help for those of us (i.e me) who are too lazy to google a character if we don't know them.

Give me a shoutout when the next one is up, thanks!