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Author's Note: The plan for this series is to be accessible to anyone that clicks and it will be completed in six chapters.

If you enjoy it, please comment below so I can see that you have actually read it.

If there is enough feedback whether bad or good I will continue to write and bring back Marvel Mayhem however if there is little to none I can't motivate myself to continue let alone start up a group again (it's just too much work for a hobby).

If you would like to read the series leading up to this (Deadpool and Bullseye or are just interested in any of the other series) Click hither


December 1st, 3:30 A.M, Daily Bugle

J. Jonah Jameson readied his tie as the camera flicked on.

Millions of televisions illuminated across the city as he spoke.

J. Jonah Jameson declared with resentment as he paused every few seconds in order to maintain his formal approach "Citizens of New York City, as Chief of the Daily Bugle it is my job to bring you the news."

"I'm afraid this news headline is simple, we are surrounded by killers and many of you will die."

"These men and these women are not some hooligans in the night who just learned how to pick up a baseball bat and swing, or a teenager who thinks he can dress up as a spider."

"These are trained killers, who aim for the fine corners and hit the fine corners."

"They have remained in the shadows lazily chipping away at specific targets for rewards that satisfied them, until now.

"Tonight, everyone is the target."

"What ever that reason is we do not know, but we do know you must hide, hide for as long as you can."

"The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D will try and help as much as they can but these people can kill up to sixteen each before they are captured."

"Don't be that number."

"This is a time for heroes, not the morgue."

"May God save us all."

Mercy Liddle turned off the camera "What now? We can't just stick around and do nothing can we?"

Jameson huffed and puffed "We wait for the heroes."


November 30th (Yesterday), Seagate Prison, Georgia

A new inmate at Seagate Prison's once well polished nails danced on the table as she awaited a visitor.

She understood the visitor had come all the way from New York City but the wait in the uncomfortable chair was no good for a woman of her stature.

Her head eventually plonked down with boredom until she heard the footsteps of someone eager to talk to her galloping down the corridor.

As her head raised, she maintained an emotionally drained look "And you would be?"

"Madrox, now tell me what the hell is going to happen on December 1st"


December 1st, Unknown Location, New York City

The car's revving engine halted as they stopped on a misty hill.

A man with glasses named Jim nervously looked at the man driving the car with a hint of wonder.

Jim knew why he was there, but he couldn't help but wonder what came next.

The other man in the car gave no indication of what could come next, yet Jim went anyway. Jim was used to being able to understand a person based on their looks but despite the other man's protruding mohawk that indicated a sense of rebellion that Jim liked, he couldn't help but feel he was something more or perhaps something different entirely.

"Cute" the other man simply stated.

Jim quickly snapped out of his daze "Wha..oh, sorry it's just I I've never"

"Considered?" the other man questioned.

Jim assured "No I have considered...a lot actually, it's just I literally just met you twenty minutes ago and I haven't, done this before."

The other man laughed, it was a genuine one but for some reason it sent a chill down Jim's spine.

The other man's head turned to the side as he explained "It takes a person two seconds to fall in love, five to be afraid and eight to die from excessive bleeding."

The other man's head turned back to Jim with a grin "So if I were you I'd kiss me now before you wait too long."

Jim lunged himself towards the other man and kissed with as much passion as he could gather.

The other man tasted of cognac but it felt good and it felt right, for the first time in his life he felt like he knew who he truly was.

After five minutes Jim released to gather some breath.

Jim was confused as he found the man meticulously gazing at his watch.

"What are you?" Jim reluctantly pondered.

The other man put his hand across Jim's throat "Fifteen seconds to midnight...apologies about this Jim"

The other man's claws sprung from his hands "But I had to go with a hint of romanticism for my first kill of the night for there will be many."

Jim could feel his muscles tightening with fear as his time ticked down to midnight, there was a million things he wanted to say and a million things he wanted to do at that moment but with seven seconds left he had only one meaningful question left that would fit the time.

"Who are you?" Jim spat out.

The man's claws carved open Jim's chest as the other man ripped out his heart both emotionally and physically.

The other man licked the blood from his lips as Jim shook "My name is Daken, nice to meet you".


November 30th (Yesterday), Seagate Prison, Georgia

"Mine's Anna, it took you a while Jamie" the elusive woman commented.

Jamie Madrox took his seat across the table from the mischievous woman "I didn't say anything about my first name."

Anna's arms danced on to her chin as she rested her elbow on the table "Did you really think a woman like me would not have heard of a man who likes to play detective and make duplicates of himself in my favourite colour?"

"Fine then, do you mind telling me what these mean?" Jamie inquired as he slid images in front of Anna.

She observed the scattered images and asked "What do you think?"

Jamie pulled the images back "I think something bad is going to happen and I think you're connected to it."

A false innocent look fell on to Anna's face "Me? Why, all I did was kill one man."

Jamie nodded "I know, that's what you're telling them outside but you didn't kill just one man."

Anna's eyebrow raised in curiosity as Jamie continued "That was just a means of getting into jail and it wasn't just any jail it had to be here."

Anna stretched and let out a long yawn "It is rather cozy in here don't you think?"

Jamie clasped his hands "I'm not even sure your real name is Anna nor am I sure they know what your alias is."

Anna stroked her chin "And that would be?"

"Matchmaker, I know that you're the one that handles all of the notable assassins contracts."

Matchmaker shrugged "And you want me to confess to this why?"

Jamie shook his head "I'm not asking you to confess, I'm asking you who or what are you so afraid of? and what the hell is happening tomorrow?"

Jamie revealed multiple images of bodies with December 1st carved into them.


December 1st, Distrikt Hotel, New York City

Daken took a large gulp of wine after his long drive, the bartender was more than helpful after Daken had killed everyone else in the bar.

The bartender attempted to clean the blood that spattered on to the cups as Daken poured himself another glass of wine.

The bartender waddled around once he was done, trying his best not to look Daken in the eye.

Eventually Daken put his glass down after taking pity on the man and started to talk.

"Kids?" Daken questioned.

The bartender glanced over his shoulder and reluctantly revealed "Three"

Daken snarled "Impressive".

The bartender continued to rub the inside of the glass "Why?"

Daken got up and took the glass from the bartender and poured wine into it, despite the specks of blood remaining.

Daken shrugged "A man who serves others doesn't earn any rewards in this world usually."

The bartender looked back with an empty stare.

"You don't agree?" Daken inquired.

The bartender continued his empty stare.

Daken remotely chuckled "It's alright, I didn't get it at first either."

A woman snapped the bartender's neck from behind, his body wavered from side to side before eventually falling on top of the counter.

Daken sighed "I was going to do that."

The woman tossed the body with the others as she stood across from Daken "What's your decision?"


The woman smiled "Very well then, for one night only, welcome to the Six Pack and let the games begin."


November 30th (Yesterday), Seagate Prison, Georgia

Matchmaker crossed her legs "Is that a phone in your pocket Mr. Madrox?"

Jamie fumbled through his jacket and retrieved his smartphone that Siryn bought him as an early Christmas present "Yeah, why?"

Matchmaker grabbed the phone and started to type immensely "Here".

"What is it?" Jamie questioned.

"Your answer" she replied.

Matchmaker explained "No one truly knows the man behind what will happen tomorrow, only other than he wants to make the deadliest of games. I have spoken to him a few times but in our last meeting he revealed to me that December 1st was his birthday and the game would begin then."

Jamie's eyebrows started to fluctuate downward in confusion "Meaning?"

Matchmaker continued "There is a list of assassins all over the world, each with their own methods and tally of kills. The higher up the list they are the more fame and the more money they make. Up until now there was only one way of rising to the top, fulfil the contracts I give you and one day you could perhaps surpass those in front of you."

"And now?"

"Now, for one night only if you can kill the assassin above you, you can take their ranking, if a person ranked 301 kills the person ranked number 1 he will become number 1. What's more, while your kill was only registered before if you were given a contract and completed it, on this night if you kill anyone of your choosing it will register, no one is safe."

Jamie concluded "Which means if the assassins can't find those above them they'll kill everyone and anyone anyway."

Matchmaker nodded "Exactly and lets just say the top ten aren't the loudest of individuals".

Jamie ran towards the door before being stopped my Matchmaker.

"You can tell everyone, but I'm afraid it's too late, what will happen once that clock strikes midnight is inevitable, and no one can change it. But there is a way to stop this game from destroying the city, find the Gamesmaster."

"How can I do that if no one knows what he even looks like?" Jamie demanded.

Matchmaker pointed towards Jamie's phone "Find number one."

"He was once a former lover of your current, no?"

Jamie scrolled up the list to confirm his fears "Wade?"


Next Chapter: Where Is Deadpool? (COMING SOON?)

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Request: Anyone have a good Wonder Woman series for me to read? (preferrably more focused on her Greek Mythology side than on earth)

Recommendation: Scourge Written By batkevin74 ("A really fun and mysterious story about a character I knew nothing about, but now love. It also has a great supporting cast.")

Let me know if there's any questions...

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Fan-Fic Recommendations Library:

Scourge Written By batkevin74 ("A really fun and mysterious story about a character I knew nothing about, but now love. It also has a great supporting cast.")

Wonder Woman: Daughter of The Stars Written by Delphic


No wishes yet.


Here you will able to both recommend and request Fan-Fics of your choosing.

How Does It Work?

For The Requester:

1) Leave a comment below with what you would like to read, be as specific as you like whether it be a genre, a character or a team. (See an example in the comments section below).

2) Try to keep the requests to a maximum of three at a time, we don't want to overload the thread just yet.

3) Once you've finished reading the story let me know if you liked it, if so, a star will go next to the series in the library in order to indicate it is verified in its awesomeness.

4) Help others out and recommend.

For The Recommender:

1) Try and read the request as carefully as possible.

2) Link the series if possible or at the very least give an exact title with the writer's name. Give a reason why you think the series would be good for the requester and you'll be quoted next to the series in the Fan-Fic Recommendations Library as a reason why others should click on it.

3) Try not to be too biased, it's okay to do so every now and then but don't simply recommend your own work.

4) You can throw out a recommendation that is not requested as well if you wish.

5) Request something too and keep the fun rolling.

Extra Info:

If your request isn't answered in a week it will be added to the Fan-Fic wishlist where a writer could possibly pick up the request and make it into a series.

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@joygirl: It turns out Comic Vine won't let you put images in spoiler blocks anymore so I had to rethink how I displayed it, let me know if you like it or not.

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@gordyman You could always just write a Fan-Fic on Black Panther, no?

There's a lot of great material to pull from and the ideas you have for your Black Eagle story could be added for a potentially great story.

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Despite not being my favourite game series I always liked Fallout (particularly 3, New Vegas was good too)

What I liked: You've definitely nailed the feel of fallout, if fallout was to be written as a novel I'm pretty sure this is what it would looked like.

I also like seeing the thoughts of the character which we obviously don't see in the fallout games.

What I disliked:

Not a whole lot, with setup chapters you're introducing the initial threat which would seem is this mysterious F person...

In hindsight not much happens but again its a setup ill be interested to see how you handle the "world" of Mojave and the characters he meets along the way.

Question: Where in the timeline of Fallout is this?

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@impurestcheese: Thank you very much and yeah when I wrote it down initially and saw the red underline I presumed it was spelled wrong but it wasn't, the programme just thought it was mein the German word (way more info than you needed but yeah xD)

@batkevin74: Fixed everything, thanks for the help.

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Chapter 6.5: The List

The pier, that's where he held Katie.

The crashing waves and howling winds made for a nice setting as well as a helpful muting of screams and gunfire.

Wade approached his only entry point into the shack at the end of the long stretching bridge and pushed open the heavy rusted door.

Katie sat on the man's lap as precisely unfixed as she possibly could as her wavering eyes expressed her paralysing fear to Wade who didn't feel like saying much to the man.

"I see you've been busy" Bullseye snarled.

Wade unsheathed his blade slowly "I see you attempted to blow up a city while beating up a God and dressing up snakes in little girls costumes."

Bullseye placed his knife across Katie's throat as a cold smile inclimented across Lester's face "We've both been busy then."

Wade routinely maneuvered his katana around the room as his actions reflected his words "What do you want?"

Bullseye gripped the girl closer "You know what I want."

A tear rolled down Katie's cheeks as she arced her eyes up towards Bullseye's mischievous grin who watched as Wade paused to hear the girl's words "Please....don't kill me."

Bullseye hushed Katie while refusing to move his sight from Wade's emotionless expression "Shhh...I'm not going to kill you...put the sword down Wade."

Katie turned towards Wade's tensed hands, he wanted to shove the katana through the target that decorated Lester's skull more than anything in the world but Bullseye could kill the girl easily from where he sat with a swipe across her jugular. From that position Lester definitely didn't miss.

The katana fell to the ground as Bullseye half expected.

Bullseye reached into his pocket "This is why you don't get attached to things, all of a sudden you start dropping your weapon for a delusional fantasy written by some idiot who's never killed anyone."

The girl screamed profusely with fear of the mysterious object before opening her eyes to the dead silence "W...what is it?"

"A ticket" Bullseye stated.

"Go" Bullseye commanded with a shifting of his head as he removed the knife from her throat and placed it on the ground.

The girl wandered aimlessly towards the door, she wanted to hug Wade but she knew that he had to take the bad man away first and she didn't want to look at the bad man because he was not very huggable, so she simply left.

"Have a seat" Bullseye offered.

Wade reluctantly sat.

"How many people have you killed?" Bullseye bluntly asked.

There was no response.

Bullseye's finger shoved against Wade's chest "fifty? one hundred?"

Bullseye shrugged "Five hundred maybe?"

"Oh" Bullseye realised "I know, I know we'll check the list!"

Bullseye switched on his phone and scrolled through the list of names as Wade remained still "Let's see, no not the monkey, no not the skull guy OH HERE WE GO."

Bullseye read "It says here you've killed one thousand seven hundred and sixty two people and fun fact, only two of them were explosions...gotta say I'm impressed."

Wade refused to acknowledge Bullseye's taunts " There's no need to be emabarassed, it's a difficult question, it would take a mad man to count all the men and...little boys he's killed."

Wade stepped up from his chair and made his way towards the door.

Bullseye shouted after Wade "Here's an easier question, how many people want you dead?"

Deadpool halted.

Deadpool's first voice accepted Lester's challenge as it counted up Wade's past kills "Let's see there was random civilian one, two, four, five..."

"Don't forget random civilian number three" voice number two added.

Bullseye waved his hand in encouragement "No idea either?"

Deadpool turned and his arms folded as he awaited Bullseye's answer of "Everyone...six in particular."

Deadpool walked closer as Bullseye explained "I take it you have heard about the list?"

Deadpool nodded as Bullseye continued "Turns out you've got the high score of kills, which not only entitles you to higher rates of income but also a whole bunch of angry assassins who want your number one spot. I'm number four. But I'd like to help. For a favour of course. Do we have a deal or should I drowned you in the sea outside?"

"What's your favourite food?" Deadpool replied.

"What?" Bullseye asked dumbfounded.

"What's your favourite food?" Deadpool repeated.

Bullseye's calm demeanour slowly started to crack "What the f*#@ are you talkin' about?"

Deadpool remained silent as he awaited his answer eagerly.

Bullseye's eyes rolled in disgust as he answered "Chicken chow mein."

Deadpool gasped "Really? no wonder Mordo tortured you and made you have a fetish for snakes in dresses."

"He didn'...will you please just answer the damn question?" Bullseye begged.

Deadpool nodded "Okay but first it's time for an anecdote."

"Oh for the love of..." Bullseye groaned.

Deadpool picked up his sword and sheathed it into the holster "A mama hoopsnake and a daddy hoopsnake walk into a bar. Daddy hoopsnake, being the gentlemen that he is of course offers to pour mama hoopsnake a drink. Suddenly Daddy hoopsnake realises the bartender isn't moving, he's dead. Then he looks around and he sees everyone in the bar is dead except for one person. So daddy hoopsnake asks that one person what happened to everyone. Mama hoopsnake turns and she says why I killed them all of course. Now the ending is the tricky part y'see daddy hoopsnake says, well I guess I better get that drink then."

Deadpool turned his attention to Bullseye "To which mama hoopsnake replies."

Bullseye's eyes bulged at the answer as he picked up his knife "It's better to know the one with the knife aimed at your chest than to not know the hundreds aimed at your back."




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I'm a huge history nut (I actually did a history project on Josef Mengele) so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do next since I really enjoyed this.