Extreme power fluctuations

Rereading some of the DC ‘52’ issues the other day, one main question sticks in my head afterwards.
How much credibility can one give to extreme, ‘one off’ displays of power?
Case in point, Black Adam lifting and pitching an aircraft carrier an untold number of miles at NYC.

A current Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, unloaded, weighs in at around 100,000 tons.
The amount of force ( or would energy be more correct? ) necessary to do that is mind numbing.

At some point in my life perhaps I knew enough math to take a stab at that calculation, however those days are behind me.
In later issues he is shown to be slowed down, somewhat, by heroes who, granted, have enhanced strength themselves, however I find this hard to believe considering what they just demonstrated his strength at.  He could probably affect the Earth’s orbit if he tried.

I digress ...

So, can this be though of as credible continuity?

I think not.  I don’t see how it can be because of the incredible precedent it sets.


Thor ( film )

Gad this looks horrible.
The Asgard sets look ridiculous ... and what the heck is going on with their 'armor'?!?  Is it supposed to be metal? 
When did Asgard become made out of plastic?  Oh yea, when Fraction took over ... makes sense now.


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John Romita Jr.

I, for the love of all that is holy, can not understand how anyone finds John Romita Jr.'s 'art' work good, let alone seemingly praise worthy.
His lack of form and detail is staggering.  Sure he is known for the occasional dramatic frame, but that means we disregard all the rest of the mess?

An example?  Sure ... here is one of to many to list ..

I was so excited when I saw this ... on the outside.

But found THIS on the inside ...

wow.  what a master.  woo.  hoo.