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There's 6 DLC characters out and only 5 of them are shown on the cover. The character not on the cover is Scorpion. O:

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I don't know if it's just me but the art kinda reminds me of The Manhattan Projects.

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I won't mind if Wolfman becomes the Teen Titans writer.

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It kinda looks like John is giving the finger hahaha.

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I have a bunch that I'll be reading in store..

But, I'm picking up Bedlam.

I guess I'm one of the few who reads Bedlam. o:

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Also, I'm kinda new to forums and stuff. I'm sorry if the format of my replies look weird. xD

I'm still learning my way to navigate Comicvine.

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@jloneblackheart: Yeah. I plan to do that. I guess I'm just worrying too much about the credibility of the references within the wikis but I can always check other sites.

@Veshark: Yeah. Those printed encyclopedias seem hard to find but I guess I can still try. Also, I have some issues myself but not really a lot about the subject. I'm just very interested in the subject of Robins. But, being a broke college student, my budget on comics is pretty limited so I have to resort to other methods of obtaining/reading them unfortunately. I still make an effort to buying them though. Also, my audience is my peers and professor of my speech class.

@Timandm: I don't really have a lot but I can always go to a LCS to find some TPBs or a library or maybe online through scans or through Comicvine. Actually, the only "Robin" material I have are the Teen Titans. New 52 though (I know about the Lobdell stuff and bleh). Yeah. I always check the list of resources but I'm just worried about the credibility of those resources but it's a risk that I plan to take.

@RedQueen: Yeah. I plan to use Comicvine to back my cite up. Also ,@RedQueen said:

@jloneblackheart said:

Check multiple sites. Shouldn't be that hard, Robin is a pretty popular character.

Also, you can use your own comic books.

Personal knowledge is allowed in writing/speech, but you need to add as many sources to the material as you can. Common knowledge is common knowledge, but other than that, you should try to cite something.

^ This, for the second part of your question. You might not need to cite anything for Robin's background at all. If you know it, you know it. Well, that's what I did when I was giving an incredibly brief history of the golden age of comics.....

Hope that helps (in the slightest) :)

I'll keep that in mind on not needing to cite anything. I'm just scared of being accused of plagiarism lol xD

To all the responses/replies: Thank you so much for your input! I'll them all in mind! :D

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I'm not sure if this is on the right thread/forum or whatever so, sorry in advance.

I was wondering if there are credible sources/resources to use as research because I'm planning to do a speech about the Robin lineage but most of the information I can find about them is on Wikipedia and its references from various comic book issues.

For example, Wikipedia would say that Comic Book Series Issue #1 would have the first appearance of this Robin and I credit that issue. But, how do I let my speech audience know that Comic Book Series Issue #1 is actually a credible source because I got the information of that being a source from Wikipedia.

Sorry if it sounds like a complicated question. I just want to make sure my Works Cited List looks credible and all.

I'm also trying to find a way to explain the concept of Robin without using Wikipedia because it is really hard to find those actual articles/interviews/books that have the writers/creators talk about Robin such as his skills, powers, etc. but I know them from "common" knowledge (Since Batman is Robin's mentor, Robin's skillset and etc are similar to Batman's).

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I wonder if there'll be a green Beast Boy in one of the upcoming YJ titles...