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Turtle Power!

Good for Raphael. And thanks for putting up my thoughts on the match!

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It's close, but I think that this fight goes to Raphael. He trumps Robin on physical stats (though I feel as though some people may be exaggerating his capabilities) and is at least on par with his skill, if not better. Robin is better equipped and likely smarter and a better tactician, but people are discounting some of Raph's gear. He's been shown to carry shuriken and other throwing weapons, making the separation they start at less of a factor. Can Raph hit Robin? Probably not. But, he can put enough pressure on him to close the distance, where he can hit him.

Both characters are used to fighting as a team, but both also have experience at lone combat particularly given that this is IDW Raphael who was separated from his brothers for a considerable amount of time in the beginning. I feel, in general, Damian fights lower-tier foes in terms of skill, while Raph is more used to fighting higher level combatants. Where Raph is fighting the Foot, Damian's beating up simple thugs, the likes of which the Foot have been shown to be able to stomp. This doesn't diminish Damian's capabilities, but it does make Raph more used to tougher foes.

So, as I said, Raphael takes this fight, but not easily. He'd probably start off going easy on Damian until the kid did something to prove that he shouldn't and then it would devolve into something of a brawl with Damian liking trying to break contact and Raphael doggedly pursuing.

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So, Kitsune is competing with her family in some game. We've been introduced to, aside from her, two members of her family: Rat King (from the TMNT series proper) and Chi You (from the Ghostbusters crossover). Now, unfortunately, I don't have the funds to include the former on my pull list, but I was flipping through it and saw Chi You turning into an ox/bull during a confrontation. And it got me thinking. What if Kitsune and her family are based off the Chinese Zodiac?

We've got Kitsune the Fox (a stand-in for the hound), Rat King the Rat (maybe just a touch on the nose), and Chi You the Ox (possibly. Like I said, I'm not reading the series so he might just be a shapeshifter). Anyway, I think that would be a pretty awesome idea and provide the Turtles with plenty of new antagonists in addition to the traditional array.

So, yeah. That's basically it. Don't really have any more thoughts on it until we get introduced to more of her family.

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I have to admit, I would've rather seen Emiko join, but that's because I've never read anything about this new Powergirl. Ah, well. Always fun to learn about new characters!

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Eh. I think I can hold off on this game for a bit. Although that forty characters to unlock does intrigue me.

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@ccraft: I know. I'd prefer it just being a guy in armor who relies on skill to kick shell. But, I guess if you're going to make the Turtles gigantic, you need to do something more for the villain. It kind of makes sense, it just sticks in my craw.

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So, I'm not going to make any knocks about the storyline or anything like that (obviously, because the story hasn't been revealed yet). I'm not going to gripe about any of the people involved.

However, and I'll admit that it is a rather meager 'however,' I am not a huge fan of these designs. I feel that the Turtles are overly cluttered, particularly Donatello. It seems like accessories were strapped onto them in a crude attempt to convey their personalities, but well-done character development could do that just as easily. They're abnormally huge, but I can get past that. Also, I like Shredder being a badass in a relatively simple suit of armor. Not some sort of mecha.

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It would be neat to see Pepperoni end up being somehow related to the Seri character from the Mirage comics.

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This might be a bit late, but I'll respond. Firstly, I think that they were talking about the Turtles and Splinter. However if they were not, I'd like to see an alligator (good way to introduce Leatherhead), maybe a snapping turtle and wolf (Tokka and Razhar), snake (it would just be interesting to see), and a scorpion (again, it would be neat to see).

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@dredeuced: Wonder Woman's skin tone is somewhat dependent upon the book's colorist. In her solo book, she has a darker skin tone, but she gets colored lighter when she's with the Justice League. Complain about that as much as you'd like.