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Eh. I think I can hold off on this game for a bit. Although that forty characters to unlock does intrigue me.

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@ccraft: I know. I'd prefer it just being a guy in armor who relies on skill to kick shell. But, I guess if you're going to make the Turtles gigantic, you need to do something more for the villain. It kind of makes sense, it just sticks in my craw.

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So, I'm not going to make any knocks about the storyline or anything like that (obviously, because the story hasn't been revealed yet). I'm not going to gripe about any of the people involved.

However, and I'll admit that it is a rather meager 'however,' I am not a huge fan of these designs. I feel that the Turtles are overly cluttered, particularly Donatello. It seems like accessories were strapped onto them in a crude attempt to convey their personalities, but well-done character development could do that just as easily. They're abnormally huge, but I can get past that. Also, I like Shredder being a badass in a relatively simple suit of armor. Not some sort of mecha.

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It would be neat to see Pepperoni end up being somehow related to the Seri character from the Mirage comics.

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This might be a bit late, but I'll respond. Firstly, I think that they were talking about the Turtles and Splinter. However if they were not, I'd like to see an alligator (good way to introduce Leatherhead), maybe a snapping turtle and wolf (Tokka and Razhar), snake (it would just be interesting to see), and a scorpion (again, it would be neat to see).

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@dredeuced: Wonder Woman's skin tone is somewhat dependent upon the book's colorist. In her solo book, she has a darker skin tone, but she gets colored lighter when she's with the Justice League. Complain about that as much as you'd like.

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So, if I'm regularly reading Swamp Thing, is this necessary to pick up to follow what's going on in there or was it just a tiny encounter?

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Aquaman 31: Going to see what's going on with this Swamp Thing crossover

Batman 31: I'm enjoying this, but I'm not going to miss Zero Year once it's over

Deadly Class 5: Just got into this series, and I'm really enjoying it

Deadpool 29: No real comment here. Just keep them coming

The Flash 31: I'm interested to see what they do with Wally. I never read the Flash much, so as far as I'm concerned, Barry is The Flash. Therefore, I'm not throwing a huge fit like everybody else who has ever read Wally

Inhuman 2: It feels like it's been forever since the first issue of it came out

Superman 31: DOOMED! I'm gonna sing the 'Doom Song' now. Doom, doom, doom-doom, doom, doom-doom-doom . . .

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  • · Multiversity 1: The Vampire League? Superdemon? Dino-Cop? How can I not pick this up? It sounds awesome, and is probably going to replace Earth 2 for me since that book seems to be turning into another Batman/Superman title.
  • · Justice League 34: That’s an . . . interesting costume.
  • · The Flash 34: Huh. Some of those dudes kinda look like the Rogues. The Captain Cold and Weather Wizard ones are obvious.
  • · Secret Origins 4: Well, at least they’re starting to focus on less prominent characters.
  • · Teen Titans 2: Really hoping that this goes better than the last run. Never read any of Pfeifer’s previous work, so I’m just going to have high hopes. I do generally like Rocafort’s art.
  • · Infinity Man and the Forever People 3: Did this get pushed back? Coulda sworn that I’d seen this one already.
  • · Wonder Woman 34: Gah. Wish I had gotten into this sooner. Now I’m just waiting for the next trade.
  • · Superboy 34: This reminds me of Invincible War. Especially that Superboy with the Mohawk.
  • · Batman 34: Okay, I’ve been enjoying Zero Year, but I’m not going to mind seeing it come to an end.
  • · Detective Comics 34: I’m really enjoying the new teams’ work on this title and can’t wait to see more from them.
  • · Batwing 34: I’ll admit, I only picked this up when Luke took over as Batwing and dropped it after the Gothtopia crossover, but I have mixed feelings about its ending. On one hand, maybe we can actually get a non-Bat book (Hah! I made a funny). On the other foot, I liked the character. He wasn’t as grim as everything else is.
  • · Red Lanterns 34: Not reading this, but I’m rooting for Atrocitus.
  • · Swamp Thing 34: Sigh. I knew they were bad news.
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I first started reading comics when my dad moved his boxes of them into my closet, and some of the first ones I ever read were Spider-Man. I am incredibly excited for all this, and will probably end up emptying my accounts, but, hey - I'll have Spider-Man comics.