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@super_soldierxii said:

Me too.

Opinions are like @$$holes. Everyone's got one. I'll leave them to it (unless they overtly try to piss in my cornflakes like a certain atheist who is far, FAR, less knowledgeable on all things than he would care to believe).

I prefer to remain EXTREMELY pleased at the prospect of seeing both Batman & Superman on the big screen, in a big budget movie that is taken seriously, for the first time.

Something I've wanted since sporting my first pair of Superman underroos. Keep looking forward to it bud. It's a great time to be a comic book fan.

this amounts to "i'm a 13yo who has wanted to see superman and batman fight since i put on underroos. i don't care if they shouldn't fight or don't have a good reason to."

but like you said, "opinions are like .... "

i prefer substance and being informed, personally.

Marvel fans are laughing their asses off for this one.

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huge DC comics fan. huge SM fan. have been really looking forward to this movie.

it's basically what i expected. DC is trying too hard to be dark, gritty and "edgy". i'm waiting for Superman's costume redesign with him in a hoodie. the whole thing stinks of "design by committee".

not a fan of this. and have very low expectations of this now. the reviews will mirror what Man of Steels reviews said.

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the episode was awesome. more corrigan.

the manny bit was totally predictable though. saw it coming from episode 3 or something.

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these neighbourhood brawls are dumb as shit. if they do anymore they're going to become part of the show's drinking game rules.

i really hated most of this episode. the only parts i liked were Arsenal, Black Canary and Wildcat. and i didn't really like how pwnd Wildcat got.

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this was a definite 4 stars. don't know why the reviewer had a problem with it.

i thought for sure the medium would give a Xanadu cameo but that turned out just fine.

Faust is one of my all time fav mystical antagonists in the DCU and i wasn't expecting him here at all this soon into the show. i loved the actor's performance too. his voice was incredible. and seeing these events that will lead to his future incarnation and provide him with his origin and motivation when dealing with Constantine, all in this seemingly simple episode, was really fantastic.

the pace of the show is a little cerebral and laid back so i can see action junkies having an issue getting into this show. a little more action wouldn't hurt it at all because of this. i desperately hope this show continues. i love everything about it. everyone i know watching it is loving it too.

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i hated most of War so i wasn't looking forward to this. i was surprised. it's not amazing but it's much better than War. if it wasn't tied to the mistakes War made, it probably would have been better.

going from angst bar room brawler to royalty wasn't believable though. and Atlaneans just accepting him as King after just seeing him for the first time was silly too.

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@perfect_10 said:

you forgot to mention that cisco said there were TWO flashes the night barry's mom died. so there is reverse flash (eddie) and professor zoom (wells, cause you know doctor aka professor) thats why reverse flash didnt hit eddie, also it takes off any suspect on wells by having his butt kicked by the bad guy

no one forgot that. it's the Flash and Reverse Flash in Barry's own memory. it's a FlashPoint Paradox story. The Flash goes back in time to prevent RF from killing his mother... sorta. That would explain the News Paper headlines of him disappearing. But the drama of it will be that (of course) he has to let it happen or the future will get screwed up.

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@hortondrawsawho said:

I still think Wells is Rip Hunter, and reverse flash is a future version of Thawne. I think the show is trying to throw off people with the Wells reveal. It's also very possible that reverse flash is a future version of Barry.

this is what i think too.

Harrison Wells = HG Wells. clever. i think it's Rip Hunter. Rip has to do some messed up villainous things (like make sure Reverse Flash gets to his own destiny too ... giving context for having access to that Reverse Flash suit) to preserve the timeline and avoid even worse fallout. His promise to Caitlin was too sincere for a villain. His speech about hating most of humanity but caring about Barry was too sincere also. He's probably trying to prevent some massive catastrophe like Crisis. But that said, it doesn't explain his modulated vocal chords when he spoke in front of the suit. :/

alternatively, that Tachyon harness is the time travel device. Wells could also be the villain Chronos.

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Shrewd move. Any involvement with Hamill is sure to make comic fans excited and supportive. :)

Hamill also played Trickster's voice in the JL cartoons.

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WW wins. Hulk is just more popular. not the same thing. :)