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they may as well just show the flash. everyone's seen it by now. (and it's great).

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awful art. not a fan of romita jr and his style is totally not appropriate for this character's book.

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a completely awful redesign. who approved that garbage?

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Peter Nguyen has such a beautiful style. It's a shame though, because his artwork could be the next big thing like Larocca, Madureira or Jim Lee even, if he just practiced more to get solid structure and anatomy in line.

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I'm so glad Smallville is back on the air... I need a DC show that will string me along for years and never give me what I want to see from it. sigh.

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If they make Shazam even close to the new52 version or the version seen in Justice League War... I'm not interested. Like, at all. They've ruined the character completely.

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these are awful. poor blink. they couldn't even photoshop those fake looking contacts. sigh.

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he would be the perfect Black Adam.

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Yeah. The more I see, the more I'm not excited. This looks like X3 where it's just a big spectacle that cashes in on some superhero names that fans love, but has no honest connection with the source material.

I really just want Marvel properties to be taken back by Marvel. The big studio versions of these franchises are garbage -- especially compared to what Marvel Studios has been doing with their own properties. I want a Marvel Studios version of the X-men, F4 and Spider-man.

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@superguy1591: No, she wasn't. That's misinformation. She was constantly chained and bound so that she could be depicted as a woman breaking the oppression of men. It was imagery. It had nothing to do with bondage or S&M. That was negative PR created by special interest groups and the Comics Code at the time as ammo to shut down the book.

There are a number of great and informative WonderWoman documentaries and documentaries on female superheroes in general that you should check out. You could torrent the PBS docs even.

@scorpio_cassadine said:

^This. It's an okay story if you like a long-winded yarn with a lot of bad puns and inconsistent art, but it's not really Wonder Woman. It's a team book about mythology, that she's been forced into as a supporting character. After twenty-eight issues, there are still a lot more questions than answers and that's not at all satisfying for me. I'm glad it's almost over and I hope the next creative team focuses on Wonder Woman. She's had more action, feats and characterization in five issues of Superman/Wonder Woman than there's been in all of Azzarello's run.

Exactly. He's changed everything about the core character into something it's not because he's not a good enough writer to make the real character interesting. The current version only panders to a demographic that was put off by the character previously because of how it was protrayed over the last 20years. Bruce Timm gets the character and had no problem working with it and making her interesting to audiences without re-writing every fundamental core element to the character.

The real strength of this book is the unique character designs of Chang. If the character designs weren't so dramatically unique no one would be reading the book. The writing is mediocre and un-compelling. That said, making WW Sm's gf isn't a good thing either. Although how she was characterized in the last issue of Sm/WW was exactly on track and consistent with how most fans would like to see the character done and very alike to the Bruce Timm incarnation (kick ass + compassionate).